Sibelius: Songs 2

Sibelius: Songs 2

by Hannu Jurmu

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  1. Finlandia, tone poem for orchestra, Op. 26: Finlandia-hymni (Finlandia Hymn)
  2. Jager March (Jääkärien marssi), for male chorus & piano (or brass septet or orchestra), Op. 91a
  3. In the Morning Mist (Aamusumussa), for children's chorus
  4. Song of the Athenians (Atenarnes sång), for boys' chorus, male chorus, winds & percussion (or orchestra), Op. 31/3
  5. The Broken Voice (Sortunut ääni), partsong for (or mixed) male chorus, Op. 18/7
  6. To the Fatherland (Isänmaalle), for partsong for male chorus, Op. 18/1
  7. Karelia's Fate (Karjalan osa), patriotic march for male chorus & piano
  8. The Bridge Guard (Siltavahti), for male chorus
  9. The Song of the People of Uusimaa (Uusmaalaisten laula), for chorus
  10. The Fool's Song of the Spider, song for voice & piano (arranged from King Christian II), Op. 27/4
  11. Kullervo's Lament (Kullervon valitus), song for voice & piano (or orchestra)
  12. Les trois soeurs aveugles (The Three Blind Sisters), song for voice & piano
  13. Come my Sweetheart (Tule, tule, kultani), folksong arrangement for voice & piano (incomplete)
  14. Rakastava (The Lover), for male chorus (with or without string orchestra): Miss' on kussa minum hyväni (Where is my beloved?)
  15. Birthday Song for Grandmother (Mummonsyntymäpäivänä), song for voice & piano
  16. Scout March (Partiolaisten marssi), for chorus & piano (or orchestra), Op. 91b
  17. The Way to School (Koulutie), for children's chorus
  18. The Wind Rocks (Tuule tuudittele), for vocal soloists & chorus, Op. 23/2
  19. The Song of my Heart (Sydämeni laulu), partsong for male chorus, Op. 18/6
  20. The Bells of Kallio Church (Kellosävel Kallion kirkossa), partsong for chorus (or piano), Op. 65/2
  21. God's Blessing (Herran siunaus), sacred song for voice & piano, JS 95
  22. We praise Thee, Our Creator (Soi kunniaksi Luojan), for chorus, Op. 23/6a

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