Siberia, Vol. 10: Song of the Golden Mountains

Siberia, Vol. 10: Song of the Golden Mountains

by Music From the World

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Buda Records


  1. In the Sky There Is a Star
  2. The Trunk of a Powerful Tree
  3. A Golden Ring
  4. Pondering on the Paths of Life
  5. Riding on the Sorrel Steed
  6. Baï Baï Baï
  7. All Around the Taïga
  8. On the Field Bathed in Sunshine
  9. Our Songs
  10. Oïym Oïyim Oïoïym
  11. Until We Have Stamped
  12. On the Altaï's White Summits
  13. The Fields Covered with Greenery
  14. Komurgai
  15. In the Past Centuries
  16. The Sound of a Heart
  17. From the Young Pine
  18. Sunu
  19. Homus
  20. Suur
  21. On the White Grass
  22. Like the Head of a Horse
  23. From the Throat No Air Comes Out
  24. Our Leader's Opening
  25. Eré-Cuj
  26. Crossing the Stormy River
  27. The Rays of Rising Sun
  28. On the Bare Field He Was Walking
  29. From the Sun and the Moon

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