Signs on the Earth: Deciphering the Message of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles

Signs on the Earth: Deciphering the Message of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles

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by Richard Leviton

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Virgin Mary Apparitions. UFO Sightings. Crop Circles.

What do these have in common? Earth-energies expert Richard Leviton is convinced that these three seemingly distinct phenomena are all interconnected. And, he insists, the signs indicate something very real and very important is happening: we're fast approaching the end of the world as we know


Virgin Mary Apparitions. UFO Sightings. Crop Circles.

What do these have in common? Earth-energies expert Richard Leviton is convinced that these three seemingly distinct phenomena are all interconnected. And, he insists, the signs indicate something very real and very important is happening: we're fast approaching the end of the world as we know it—and that might not be such a bad thing.

In Signs on the Earth, Leviton combines newspaper and firsthand accounts with his own intuitive research to examine the exploding number of such reports from around the world. He focuses his study by selecting a handful of Marian apparition sites, including Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, and others, as well as UFO hot spots such as California's Topanga Canyon and the Hudson River Valley. For his investigation of the crop circle phenomenon, Leviton takes you Wiltshire, England, an area he calls the crop circle mecca.

Encouraging you to think of the Earth as a cosmic bulletin board, Leviton believes that these phenomena are messages from the galaxy and the spiritual worlds offering us an unprecedented opportunity to enter the next level of reality. Signs on the Earth shows that these signs are literally directions to a 3-step process for looking within as well as beyond yourself, and unlocking your vast spiritual potential.

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Deciphering the Message of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles


Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

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The Earth's Big Secret—Our Planet's Visionary Geography as a Cosmic Message Board

To make sense of these three signs on the Earth, maybe we need a deeper understanding of the Earth itself. Maybe we need a new view of our planet. Perhaps the signs have as much to do with the Earth's own life as with ours.

Here is a vision of the Earth as seen from a distance: Picture the Earth as the lovely blue-white planet in perfect equipoise in the midst of vast cosmic space. We've all seen the NASA photographs, so this image should come easily to mind. Now picture a single, vast motherly face wrapped benevolently around the globe, just one face, yet somehow wherever you look, there are the face, the eyes, the compassion. There is a susurrus of wings, behind the eyes and around the cheeks.

A third component, a layer between the face and the planet, is like an onion with nine layers, each enveloping the planet. Yet it is also a geometric space, filled with complex shapes edged in light, filled with colors, structures—temples, perhaps—mythical beasts and animals, angels, spirits, stars.

You're looking at a celestial being, possibly a magnificent angel, whose pale rose-tinted form envelops the planet as if it were her body. It is not your typical angel, standing erect, humanlike, with fanning wings, diaphanous form. This one is planet-shaped, and she has nine layers. It's like looking psychically at a person, seeing the layers of their aura like onion folds, each layer filled, even packed, with things—pictures, lights, spirits, toxicity, pain.

Wherever you are on the planet, you are walking through her, in a lovely rosy mist of her soul wrapped around the physical orb we call Earth. She is a very tolerant mother, patient, indulgent, yet sensing the need to become firm. Everything that has ever happened on Earth is in her fields, in one of the nine layers. They comprise a vast library; memory banks recording wars, violence, nastiness, destruction, love, good deeds, epiphanies.

All of humanity's history was a blank slate, since we arrived on this fresh, virginal planet, when its landscape angel, whom we know somewhat uncertainly as Gaia, primed by the Supreme Being for the task. It has been written upon—stained even—and the layers teem with the phantasmagoria of our doings over the eons. It's all there as a vast time tableau, a time-lapse photo archive where past is livingly present. And it is not just our past presented timelessly as the contents of the vast now of the present, but Gaia's past and present, her long life among the spirits and stars. That too.

We could step into that realm, which seems a little scary, heady perhaps. We might ratchet our cognition up a notch from third to fourth. We are immured in three-dimensional reality; this is our world, immutable, we think. But already Gaia holds the fourth onion skin open for us; it teems.

Inside Gaia's planetary form, inside the face and the wings, you may see thousands more like her, but smaller, like an angelic fractal. Some reside in valleys, some in mountains, lakes, ponds, hills, entire nations or landmasses. Think of these as Gaia's handmaidens, or as Earth's legion of landscape angels, maintaining the energy and consciousness and intent for a given area, for us.

Things are happening within Gaia. She's pushing up new flowers, except they are growing from the middle layer, the one with all the lights and geometry, down onto the Earth's surface. They pop through with the insistence and resilience of grass growing through cracks in the concrete, and in fact these flowers—they're not really flowers, of course—are growing energetically through the concrete of our fixed views.

What are these flowers that are not really flowers? They are signs on the Earth, secrets Gaia is letting us become aware of at last. Images of the Virgin Mary light up around the globe as a form of adoration from the spiritual hierarchies Gaia comes from—her people. Spacecraft circulate and star beings walk the Earth in bodies of light, evidence of Gaia's other family—progeny of her first marriage, you might say, now let out in the open for us. And marvelous, short-lived forms, light up quickly, then disappear like fireflies across the grainfields, a strange hierophantic picture language, Gaia talking in tongues and somebody writing it down for us to decipher.

From a certain viewpoint, it looks like our planet is going to hell.

From a certain perspective, this reminds one of the Victorian madwoman in the attic. Too crazy to let down to the ground floor. Crazy Granny upstairs. Is Gaia going a little nuts? No, but it might seem that way. She's just upgrading her dialogue with us. Enriching the syntax. Sharing long-withheld, shocking secrets.

Mama Gaia is going through a momentous transfiguration, a life change. Maybe she's talking to herself a bit, mumbling, gesticulating, but it's not like we've even given her an ear for so many years. She's changing, yes, but it's structured, well planned, orchestrated, organic. And like a compassionate mother, she's concerned for how we'll cope with that change, for it will be a transfiguration of every atom of our physical reality.

She's breaking up the concrete; discharging toxicity; eradicating old pictures. Just conceive of it: Everything humanity has ever thought, felt, done here is in Gaia. Can you imagine yourself containing all that? And most of it done under a false impression, a limited view, a minimal and often distorted perception of reality. We've done all these things, killed so many, poisoned so much, despaired ceaselessly, without knowing it all or seeing the full picture. Without understanding where all this human life finally gets deposited.

Now that's all changing. Word of Gaia's transfiguration is moving down the chain of her handmaidens, the legion of landscape angels around Earth. And even we are getting wind of it, catching a few words about it, and noticing it with intrigue or fear, excitement or trepidation, or pretending not to notice or punishing or marginalizing those who do.

Gaia—Earth's Ultimate Landscape Angel

So what is a landscape angel? To explain, we must take one step back to a statement about Gaia. In the 1970s, British atmospheric scientist James Lovelock stimulated world scientific thinking by proposing his Gaia Hypothesis. He said that when you contemplate meteorological, climatological, geological, and botanical factors, the planet exhibits clear signs of being a unified, automatically self-regulating, homeostatic organism.

Lovelock used the ancient Greek name for the planet, Gaia (from Ge, "Earth") to signify the planet seen at this holistic level of understanding. He further coined the term "geophysiology" to denote the new science that encompasses Gaia as a self-regulating planet, and geophysiologists as the planetary physicians who deliver planetary medicine. He observed: "If we can think of ourselves as part of a giant living organism and perhaps even a cause of its indigestion, then we may be guided to live within Gaia in a way that is seemly and healthy."

When Lovelock said Gaia as a planetary ecosystem is alive, he meant as a tree is alive or in the way an engineer says a mechanical system is alive when switched on. Although Lovelock did not wish to extend his model to credit Gaia with being sentient, self-aware—or, Heaven forbid, a goddess—many enthusiasts outside the strictures of science did, and thanked Lovelock for the validation of their presumption that the planet is, indeed, alive and aware.

I'd like to thank Lovelock as well, and take his Gaia Hypothesis well beyond his comfort zone, and possibly beyond even that of those enthusiasts. Gaia is not only a goddess, but, more precisely, the landscape angel for the entire planet. The self-regulating planetary ecosystem, including the interlocking domains of the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, comprise Gaia's physical body. But Gaia as an angelic being is the planet's singular genius loci, the spirit of place who holds our geomantic space.

"Landscape angel" is one of many possible terms that refer to a class of angelic beings assigned to maintain the energy, consciousness, and evolutionary intent of a given locality. This can be on any scale, from a garden to a lake to a mountain or city—or even larger landmasses, like states or even continents. A landscape angel animates and even broods over a given area. It is extremely alert and observant, and dispenses fine, enlivening auric forces to its physical landscape, stimulating the circulation of life forces by movements of its arms or wings, and often draping an extensive area with, as one psychic said, a "wonderful ovoid of brilliant hues." One landscape angel for a half-acre wood was situated 150 feet above it, enveloping, even insulating, the entire wood with its aura, which radiated and scintillated like the aurora borealis.

Think of these many thousand landscape angels as part of a nested hierarchy, so that the landscape angel for a mountain might be subsumed by the larger scope of activity of the one for the province, and that by the national angel, all the way up to Gaia, who includes them all.

If you want to know about a given locality—say the San Luis Valley of Colorado, a UFO hotspot—you might inquire of that area's landscape angel. Obviously, this is a psychic or visionary inquiry, but the locality's landscape angel is well equipped to know. Later in the book, I report on some geomantic observations of these and other areas, and much of the information came through my exchanges with the particular area's landscape angel who acted as guide, mentor, and informant.

According to well-known Theosophist writer and clairvoyant Geoffrey Hodson, the landscape angel of a valley, for example, is likely to be aware of every birth and death within its domain, and its aura likely includes memory thought-forms of past deeds in the valley. As a creative intelligence, it is charged with overseeing the evolutionary processes in the mineral and plant kingdom within its purview, and of being empathetic to human needs and sufferings—"and happy are those who live within its care," Hodson says.

Hodson interacted with a landscape angel in a secluded valley in England in 1926. He described it as beautiful, with dazzling eyes, about 20 feet tall, with a many-colored, brilliant aura whose colors constantly changed "as the auric forces flow in waves and vortices outward from the central form." It would move down the valley, touching everything with its extended aura; dispensing joy, exaltation, and well-being; and quickening impulses to all the nature spirits. This Guardian Angel of the valley, Hodson wrote, imparts a distinctive quality and charm to the valley's psychic atmosphere that potentially affects everyone in its midst, "particularly those who are born and live within the angel's consciousness and the continual play of its aura."

This gives us some vivid impressions of landscape angels. But my vision of Gaia as Earth's ultimate landscape angel included the complex nine-layered geometric middle space between the planet and the angel. Let's consider this "onion" next.

The Name of the Onion Skins: Earth's Visionary Geography

Despite all our sciences and scientific studies, have we seen the Earth?

Let's start with the blue-white planet again. See it before you. Now bring to mind some of the sacred sites you have probably heard of: Stonehenge, the stone heads of Easter Island, Chartres Cathedral, the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Fuji, Mount Shasta. Holy sites are distributed copiously across the Earth, and have been recognized and sometimes still maintained by local cultures for millennia. Most visitors to such places affirm that somehow holy sites have a beneficial effect on consciousness; they uplift, inspire, or energize us. They sometimes put us in a creative, philosophical, even mystical state of mind.

To a clairvoyant surveying the planet as a whole, the many thousands of sacred sites can appear as brilliant beacons of light dotting the Earth's surface. Such a viewing may also reveal the intriguing fact that inside the light are structures that resemble temples, palaces, castles, star wheels, star patterns. On this insight alone, we can draw an important observation: Sacred sites have an outer physical aspect, such as a mountain, cathedral, pyramid, or standing stone, and also an inner aspect, a light-englobed celestial temple.

For instance, you might look at Montsegur, a craggy prominence in the French Pyrenees that now has only the ruins of a castle but was once the headquarters of Catharism, a divergent Christian sect. That's the outer part. The inner part is that above the five-hundred-foot-high sheer rock is a temple of light.

Take Mount Etna, a massive volcano that dominates the island of Sicily in Italy. Its inner aspect was well described by Homer and Virgil: It is the forge and smithy of Hephaistos, Olympian fire god, assisted in his work by the Cyclopes. Or take Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico: Its outer aspect is a long canyon with many ruins of the long-departed Anasazi Native Americans. Its inner aspect is a massive star wheel, a dome of light extending for miles, and a formidable coiled dragon several hundred yards across guarding the canyon.

Often to make sense of what you see in the inner aspect of a sacred site, you need to check into world mythology for references. I have found that if you take myths seriously as accurate descriptions of a psychic reality, you often gain a valuable map and many clues to a sacred site's inner aspects.

The place of the inner aspects of the planet's numerous visible, physical sacred sites is the nine-layered onion described previously. This is the realm of visionary geography, also known as the Earth grid, geomantic terrain, or the galaxy on Earth. We could say it is the planet's energy body or Gaia's array of auric layers, chakras, and energy lines. Our planet has subtle aspects to its being, just as humans have.

Visionary geography is an elegant term that indicates that everywhere you look with psychically attuned eyes you see celestial temples, galactic apparitions, angelic epiphanies, and revelations of the Spirit. Adjusting Lovelock's language, we might say this is Earth's secret anatomy and physiology. We learn that, as the great Southwest writer Frank Waters aptly put it, "We have not yet comprehended, as have the Indians, the existence of a psychical ecology underlying physical ecology." All living things, including us, have not only outer form, but "an inner spiritual component."

The multiplicity of physical sacred sites, with all the types of ancient megalithic engineering we find strewn about the Earth, marks the spot, grounds the energy, and holds the door open. All of these are tangible markers for our planet's inner spiritual components. We walk through a megalithic enclosure or Gothic cathedral right into this next dimension, the fourth onion skin, the world of Earth's visionary geography.

It's important to realize that the door is held open for us: The Earth's visionary geography is here for us. It was designed to be interactive and was designed for us to participate in its maintenance.

As I have detailed in The Galaxy on Earth and The Emerald Modem, we walk through sacred sites into a galactic landscape. We find all the structures, places, dimensions, intelligences, and processes of the galaxy and spiritual worlds relevant to our potential evolution as embodied humans on a physical Earth. This array of subtle galactic features has been holographically copied and distributed across the Earth's surface and through many of its onion skin layers for our edification. Interacting with them, we continually encounter ourselves. How? It is ourselves as cosmic beings, spiritual beings, wakeful residents of the galaxy before we became inhabitants of planet Earth.

I modify the classical Hermetic axiom to express this: As above, so below, and in the middle too. The above is the galaxy and spiritual worlds and all their wonders, sublimities, and opportunities for initiation; the below is us, for humans, according to most metaphysical traditions, are a miniature of the cosmos, a microcosmos (hence the relevance of astrology). The in the middle too is the forgotten mediator between cosmic and microcosmic: Earth and its onion.


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Signs on the Earth: Deciphering the Message of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Michaelf123 More than 1 year ago
For those seeking an enlightening synthesis of apocalyptic apparitions this book is both comprehensive and intellectually satisfying. Few others have attempted to put the pieces of this mysterious puzzle together. But it is not channeled. Leviton demonstrated his objectivity and carefully detailed research with numerous books and articles on alternative medicine. Now, after over 20 years of work with the angelic hierarchy, the Ofanim, he brings us a perspective that is liberating, clear, and radical. He states that Marian apparitions, aliens among us, and crop circle symbols have a role in upgrading humanity's consciousness. Leviton has done his homework, both scholarly and visionary. In what is a new field of human endeavor, his clairvoyant research reveals how each of these apparently disparate phenomena are gateways to earth's visionary geography. At specific places on our planet beings from hidden dimensions can more easily manifest. He states that it is not a question of whether or not the phenomena are real, but of how to interpret their significance. Leviton introduces us to the multi-dimensional reality that is our brave new world!