Silences / Edition 1

Silences / Edition 1

by Tillie Olsen

Special 25th anniversary edition of the landmark survey that revolutionized the view of literary history.See more details below


Special 25th anniversary edition of the landmark survey that revolutionized the view of literary history.

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Feminist Press at CUNY, The
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic: The Lessons Silences Has Taught Us
Silences in Literature - 19625
One Out of Twelve: Writers Who Are Women in Our Century - 197122
Rebecca Harding Davis - 1971, 197247
Silences of the Great in Achievement122
Silences - Its Varieties142
The Work of Creation and the Circumstances It Demands for Full Functioning152
Subterranean Forces - And the Work of Creation in Circumstances Enabling Full Function159
When the Claims of Creation Cannot Be Primary163
The Literary Situation (1976)167
Blight - Its Earliest Expression178
A Sense of Wrong Voiced179
One Out of Twelve - The Figures186
The Baby; the Girl-Child; the Girl; the Young Writer-Woman194
The Damnation of Women199
The Angel in the House213
Freeing the Essential Angel217
Wives, Mothers, Enablers218
Blight. The Hidden Silencer - Breakdown224
Hidden Blight - Professional Circumstances228
Hidden Blight - Some Effects of Having to Counter and Encounter Harmful Treatment and Circumstances248
Other Obstacles, Balks, Encumbrances in Coming to One's Own
Voice, Vision, Circumference256
Creativity; Potentiality. First Generation261
Excerpts from Life in the Iron Mills265
Excerpts from My Heart Laid Bare287
Tillie Olsen's Reading Lists291
Permissions Acknowledgments303

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