Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to the Monks

Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to the Monks


The Monks were a band out of time. While they were later embraced by fans of 's garage rock, their brittle, discordant sound and ranting lyrical stance had little if anything to do with what teenage fuzztone wranglers were up to during the band's lifespan, and with the possible exception of the Velvet Underground, it would beSee more details below


The Monks were a band out of time. While they were later embraced by fans of 's garage rock, their brittle, discordant sound and ranting lyrical stance had little if anything to do with what teenage fuzztone wranglers were up to during the band's lifespan, and with the possible exception of the Velvet Underground, it would be hard to name a band of any note who strayed farther from the template of what was acceptable in rock music than the Monks before they broke up in 1967. Given how few bands followed the Monks' musical path, even after they developed a cult following in the '90s after decades of obscurity, it should come as no surprise that Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to the Monks sets some sort of record among tribute albums in how few of the 29 performances sound much like the band being honored. While the primitive stomp of the Monks was decidedly low tech, Silver Monk Time is dominated by electronic artists (especially on disc one), who substitute the steady pound of Roger Johnston's drumming with the streamlined pulse of a sequencer, and while Mense Reents, Alec Empire, 27/11 and Mouse on Mars emulate the herky-jerky melodic structures of the original performances, the final product has a clear sheen that was missing in the originals, and Michaela Melián's version of "Blaster" is pretty in a way the Monks never were. While longtime fans like the Fall, Jon Spencer, the Raincoats, Barbara Manning, the Silver Apples and Alan Vega (the latter two appear together) bring a more organic approach to their selections, they each seem to view the songs in a different way, and take a different sonic path that manages to bow to the Monks' originals without sounding like slavish imitations -- cue up the's playful version of "Cuckoo" or the organ-fueled menace of the Gossip's "Drunken Maria" for evidence. Also, given that the Monks recorded only one album during their lifetime, several songs are performed by more than one artist, and hearing both Jon Spencer with Solex and Die Goldenen Zitronen tackle "Complication," or Alec Empire, Mouse on Mars and Charles Wilp all offering different variations on "Monk Time" confirms the Monks were an aural Rorschach test, and that everyone who heard them walked away with a different impression. The diversity of the performances also leads to a certain inconsistency, and Silver Monk Time is a difficult listen to in one sitting, but at its best the musicians paying tribute to the Monks use their songs as a stepping stone to create iconoclastic music of their own, and it's a more fitting tribute than an hour of soundalike covers would be. (Fans should note that original Monks members Gary Burger and Dave Day both appear on this album; Burger collaborates with Alec Empire and Faust, while Day sits in with the Havletones.)

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Disc 1

  1. Minimal Monk
  2. Monk Time
  3. Momks No Time
  4. Monk Chat
  5. Were Ever
  6. Monk Hop
  7. Blast Off
  8. We Do Wie Du
  9. Drunken Maria  -  Gossip
  10. Complication  -  Solex
  11. Silver Monk Time
  12. Shut Up
  13. Tumbling Monks  - Gudrun Gut
  14. Kuchhuche

Disc 2

  1. The Transatlantic Feedback
  2. Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy
  3. Komplikation
  4. I Can't Get Over You  - Barbara Manning
  5. Boys Are Girls and Girls Are Boys
  6. Sei Still
  7. Oh, How to Do Now
  8. I Hate You
  9. Shut Up
  10. Cuckoo
  11. That's My Girl
  12. I Hate You
  13. Blaster
  14. It Is Charles Time
  15. Beware (The Transatlantic Feedback)  - Gary Burger

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barbara Manning   Organ,Vocals
Alan Vega   Vocals
Gina Birch   Guitar,Vocals,screams
Gary Burger   Vocals
Ana Da Silva   Vocals,Chant
Alexander Hacke   Guitar,Vocals
David Harvey   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Hein   Vocals
Hans-Joachim Irmler   Organ
David Lowery   Vocals
Mark E. Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Verta-Ray   Bass,Vocals
Jon Spencer   Guitar,Vocals
Edvard Graham Lewis   Track Performer
Carl Oesterhelt   Synthesizer,Drums
Thomas Meinecke   Guitar
Wilfried Petzi   Guitar
Mike "Machine Gun" Edison   Trap Kit
Ted Gaier   Guitar,Double Bass
Schorsch Kamerun   Vocals
Justin Hoffmann   Guitar
Spencer Birtwhistle   Drums
Julius Block   Electric Piano,Background Vocals
Doc Schoko   Guitar,Vocals
Elisabeth Esselink   Vocals
Steven Wray Lobdell   Guitar
Melissa Logan   Vocals
Alex Murray-Leslie   Background Vocals
Dave Day   Banjo,Vocals,Sampling
Christina Campanella   Organ,Vocals
Dennis Lyxzén   Vocals
Ludwig Dahlberg   Percussion,Drums
Brace Paine   Guitar
Lars Paukstat   Percussion
Inge Johansson   Bass,Percussion,Vocals
Henrik Björnsson   Guitar,Piano,Vocals,fender rhodes
Beth Ditto   Vocals
Lars Strömberg   Guitar,Vocals
Michaela Melián   Bass,Guitar,Cello
Scott Seckington   Organ,Vocals
Mense Reents   Electric Bass,Background Vocals
Michael Stoll   Bass
Uwe Jahnke   Guitar
Hákon Adalsteinsson   Guitar
Bibi Asgeirdóttir   Bass
Dominik Benzler   Bass,Vocals
Sabine Blödorn   Organ,Banjo,Vocals
Matt Buscher   Bass,Vocals
Captain Mabo   Piano,Steel Guitar
Simeon Coxe   Background Vocals
Kris Cunningham   Drums,Vocals
Cyclope   Vocals
Kai Drewitz   Vocals
Morrison Edley   Percussion,Drums
Charles F   Guitar
Alice Genes   Bass
Werner Harscheid   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Dave "Day" Havlicek   Banjo,Vocals
Sugarpie Jones   Bass
S.V. Klitzing   Drums
Kurt Kreikenborm   Drums,Vocals
Deke Logan   Background Vocals
Alex Maslansky   Guitar,Vocals
David Maxxx   Guitar
Thomas Öbergm   Track Performer
Screaming Ohmo   Bass,Vocals
Martin Osti   Guitar,Bass Drums,Vocals
LaChina Patino   Vocals
Markus Aurelius Cirkus Maximus Fabulous Persson   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Andrija Pusic   Organ
Harry Rag   Vocals,Vocoder
Fujiyama Ronnie   Guitar,Vocals
Sachiko the Geisha   Drums,Vocals
Fantas Schimun   Vocals
Iggy Sniff   Maracas
Einer Sonic   Guitar
Fabrizio Steinbach   Bass,Guitar
Björn Viktorsson   Drums
Gordon W   Percussion
Ash Wednesday   Keyboards
Jan Friede Wohlbrandt   Drums
Jojo Wolfer   Bass,Fuzz Bass
Stephan Rath   Drums,Background Vocals
Hannah Blilie   Drums

Technical Credits

Barbara Manning   Liner Notes
FSK   Liner Notes's   Producer
Gary Burger   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Ana Da Silva   Programming
Chris Eckman   Engineer
Genesis P-Orridge   Liner Notes
Alexander Hacke   Liner Notes
Hans-Joachim Irmler   Producer,Liner Notes,Mastering,Concept
Mark E. Smith   Producer,Liner Notes
Matt Verta-Ray   Engineer
Mouse on Mars   Producer
Rebecca Harris   Composer
Andi Toma   Composer
Jon Spencer   Liner Notes
Alec Empire   Producer,Liner Notes
Edvard Graham Lewis   Liner Notes
Carl Oesterhelt   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Janie Jones   Liner Notes
Gudrun Gut   Composer,Liner Notes
Schorsch Kamerun   Liner Notes
Jan St. Werner   Composer
Nick Kramer   Engineer
Charles Wilp   Composer,Liner Notes
Doc Schoko   Liner Notes
Elisabeth Esselink   Contributor,beats
Jason Forrest   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Melissa Logan   Composer
Lucia Palacios   Producer,Artwork,Concept
Dietmar Post   Producer,Artwork,Concept
Brace Paine   Liner Notes
Christian Edgren   Contributor
Thomas Öberg   Liner Notes
Michaela Melián   Producer
Mense Reents   Composer,Programming,Producer
Nista Nije Nista   Liner Notes
11   Contributor
Floating Di Morel   Producer
Michaela Melián   Composer
Simeon Coxe   Composer,Liner Notes
Kris Cunningham   Liner Notes
Werner Harscheid   Engineer
Hoffe   Mastering
David Kano   Producer,Mastering
Mister Nakamura   Producer,Mastering
Screaming Ohmo   Liner Notes
Harry Rag   Contributor,Liner Notes
Flavio Steinbach   drum programming
Jojo Wolfer   Programming

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