Simple Perfection (Rosemary Beach Series)

Simple Perfection (Rosemary Beach Series)

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by Abbi Glines

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Abbi Glines concludes the irresistible story of Woods and Della in the #1 New York Times bestselling Rosemary Beach series.

Woods had his perfect life mapped out for him. Rise up the ranks of the family business. Marry the rich girl of his parents’ dreams. Pretend that wealth and privilege was all he’d ever wanted. Then a girl named Della


Abbi Glines concludes the irresistible story of Woods and Della in the #1 New York Times bestselling Rosemary Beach series.

Woods had his perfect life mapped out for him. Rise up the ranks of the family business. Marry the rich girl of his parents’ dreams. Pretend that wealth and privilege was all he’d ever wanted. Then a girl named Della breezed into town, a beautifully imperfect stranger who captured his heart and opened his eyes to a new kind of future. Woods is ready and willing to sacrifice everything for her when the sudden death of his father leaves him with his mother to care for and a business to manage.

Della is determined to be strong for Woods, even as she’s quietly falling to pieces. No matter how far from home she’s run, the ghosts of her past have never stopped haunting her. Struggling to hide her true feelings from Woods, Della fears she can’t be his rock without dragging him down into the darkness with her. But is she strong enough to let go of the last thing holding her together?

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Simple Perfection

  • My mother hadn’t spoken to me during my father’s funeral. I had gone to comfort her but she turned from me and walked away. There were a lot of things I expected in life, but that hadn’t been one of them. Ever. Nothing that I’d done had affected my mother’s life. However, she’d helped my father as he had tried to destroy mine.

    Seeing him lying there cold and still in the casket hadn’t struck me the way I imagined. Everything was too fresh. I hadn’t had time to forgive him. He had hurt Della. I could never forgive that. Even with him dead and buried in the ground I couldn’t forgive what he’d done to her. She was the center of my world.

    My mother had been able to see the lack of emotion in my eyes. I wasn’t one for pretending. At least not anymore. A week ago I had walked away from this life I’d been born into without one ounce of remorse. It hadn’t been hard to let it all go. My focus had been on finding Della. The woman who had walked into my life and changed everything. Della Sloane had become my addiction when I hadn’t been available. In all her twisted perfection she had made me fall helplessly in love with her. A life without her in it seemed pointless. I often wondered how people found joy in life without knowing her.

    With the sudden death of my father, the life I had just washed my hands of and been so ready to walk away from was now being placed completely on my shoulders. Della had stood beside me quietly from the moment I’d stepped foot back in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Her small hand tucked into mine, she knew when I needed her without my saying anything. A squeeze from her hand would remind me that she was there beside me and I could do this.

    Except at this moment she wasn’t with me. She was at my house. I hadn’t wanted to bring her here, to my mother’s house. My mother might have wanted to pretend that I didn’t exist but I now owned everything in her life, including the house she lived in. It came with the country club, and my grandfather had made sure that when my father passed away this would all become mine.

    Not once had my father thought this might be something I needed to know. He held it over my head that he controlled my life. If I wanted this world, then I had to bend to his will. Yet all along it would become mine on my twenty-fifth birthday or in the event of my father’s death. Whichever came first. There was no running from this now.

    I thought about knocking and changed my mind. My mother needed to stop acting like a child. I was all she had left. It was time she accepted Della in my life, because I was getting a ring on her finger as soon as I could convince her of it. I knew Della well enough to know that it wouldn’t be easy to get her to marry me. With my world completely morphing into something I hadn’t expected, I wanted the security of knowing that when I came home Della would be there.

    I started to reach for the doorknob when the door swung open. My eyes lifted to see Angelina Greystone standing in the doorway of my parents’ house with an innocent smile on her face. The evil twinkle in her eye couldn’t be masked by her attempt to appear nice. I had almost married this woman so that I could get the club that was going to become mine anyway. My father had made me believe I had to marry Angelina to get the promotion and future I deserved.

    What my dad hadn’t banked on was Della walking into my life and showing me there was more for me than a loveless marriage to a heartless bitch.

    “We were expecting you. Your mother is in the sitting room with some chamomile tea I made for her. She needs to see you, Woods. I’m glad you took her feelings into consideration and didn’t bring that girl.”

    The one thing I did know, despite what the witch had just said, was she knew Della’s name. She might have wanted to pretend like she had never heard of her and didn’t know her, but she did. She was just being spiteful. What I didn’t know was why the fuck she was at my mother’s house.

    I pushed past her and walked into the house without responding to her. I knew where my mother was without her help. The sitting room was the place my mother always went to be alone. She would sit on the white velvet chaise lounge that had once been my grandmother’s and she would stare out at the water through the large picture windows that lined the room.

    I ignored the click of Angelina’s heels as she followed behind me. Everything about her grated on my nerves. Her being here in the middle of a family situation on the day of my father’s funeral only added to my disgust. Why was she doing this? What did she think this would win her? I owned it all now. Me. Not my father. And certainly not my mother. I was now the Kerrington in control.

    “Mother,” I said as I walked into the sitting room without knocking. She didn’t need a chance to send me away. Not that I would go without having this conversation. As wrong as she had been, I loved her. She was my mom, even though she had always stood beside my father and never once thought of me. It had always been about what they wanted for me. But it didn’t make me love her less.

    She didn’t turn her attention from the gulf view outside. “Woods, I was expecting you.” Nothing more. It hurt. We had both lost a part of our lives with my father’s death. She didn’t see it that way. She never would.

    I walked over to stand in her line of view. “We need to talk,” I replied simply.

    She shifted her eyes to look up at me. “Yes, we do.”

    I could have let her control this conversation but I wasn’t going to. It was time I set some boundaries. Especially now that I had Della with me and we were back in Rosemary.

    “At least he came alone.” Angelina’s voice came from the door and I jerked my head to glare at her intrusion. She wasn’t a part of this.

    “This doesn’t concern you. You may leave,” I replied in a cold tone.

    She flinched.

    “She is a part of this. She’s going to stay with me. I need someone here so I’m not alone and Angelina understands that. She’s a good girl. She would have made an excellent daughter-in-law.”

    I understood my mother’s pain at losing my father was fresh—and she was in pain. But I wouldn’t let her control this. It was time I made some things very clear for both of them. “She would have been a selfish spoiled bitch of a daughter-in-law. I was lucky enough to realize it before it was too late and I ruined my life.” I heard both of their sharp intakes of breath but I wasn’t about to let them speak. “I control everything now, Mother. I will take care of you. I will make sure you want for nothing. However, I will not accept or acknowledge Angelina in my life. More importantly, I will not allow anyone to hurt Della. I will protect her from both of you. She is my perfection. She holds my heart in her hands. When she hurts it brings me to my knees. There is no way to explain to you the way I feel about her. Just understand that I will not allow anyone to hurt her again. I won’t forgive that. I lose a piece of my soul when I see her in pain.”

    The tight line of my mother’s mouth was the only answer I needed. She wasn’t accepting this. Today wasn’t the day to try to convince her about my feelings for Della. She was mourning and I was still angry with the man she was mourning. “If you need anything, call me. When you’re ready to talk to me without resentment toward Della, then call me. We will talk. You’re my mother and I love you. But I won’t let you near Della, nor will I put you before her. Understand that if you make me choose, I will choose her without a second thought.”

    I walked over and placed a kiss on the top of my mother’s head before walking past Angelina without a word. It was time I got back home. Della didn’t do well alone. I was always anxious when I left her.

  • Meet the Author

    Abbi Glines is the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Field Party, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted book lover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. She maintains a Twitter addiction at @AbbiGlines and can also be found at and

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    Simple Perfection 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 172 reviews.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Overall, it was a good story but it kind of dragged and too many loose ends, especially with Woods' mother and Angelina. Woods was a little too needy and sappy. And that ending?! W.T.F?! I'm not sure why that was necessary. I did like the last few pages the best
    karen309 More than 1 year ago
    Omg! I absolutely loved the book. I don't want to give anything away... but you must read it. #NanHater :)
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I loved it , I cried when they cried ,and u shocked me with tripp. Keep them coming I can't until the next book.
    AaminahNisa1 More than 1 year ago
    OH MT GOSH!!! This was AMAZING. The twist that i'm sure non of us saw coming made me want to bawl by eyes out. It was another stunner from Abbi and I cannot wait to see waht she comes up with next. A must read.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Please do not give away information in the reviews. It ruins the book. Reviews are for opinions not for spoiling the book for other people. Thanks.
    Emily-SBDR More than 1 year ago
    To put it lightly, this book completely wrecked me. Yes, I've read an Abbi Glines book before and I know she is known for her angst, and heartbreak. But this was that on a whole new level for me. And it wasn't all just Woods and Della causing my heart to constrict. Now, because I'm a HUGE Abbi Glines fan I have watched most of her ustreams and I heard her say that there were twist and turns in Simple Perfection that no one saw coming. So me, being the cocky reader that I am thought "oh it's nothing I haven't read before." Ummm... wrong. I didn't see any of her twists and turns coming and at the end I was left feeling a bit flabbergasted. I literally had no clue that she was going to take the series where she did. And while I understood it, it kinda broke my heart. But no worries, the heartbreak feeling wasn't towards Woods and Della... at least not at the end. "She is my perfection. She holds my heart in her hands. When she hurts it brings me to my knees." ~Woods We pick up almost right where Twisted Perfection left off. Woods is now head of the company and the house since his father has passed away and he an enormous amount of new responsibilities. His only stabilizer is Della. A little ironic, since she believes that she is the one upending his life and being a burden. Throughout the whole book, the love between Della and Woods is so palpable. Despite their ups and downs I didn't for a second believe their feelings ever wavered. But a misunderstanding causes Della to begin a journey of self-discovery, away from Rosemary Beach. This book was all about growth. Della finally breaks out on her own, and finds the person she was always meant to be, a strong, willful young woman. And Woods, despite his wants, lets her break out of her sheltered character on her own. I was really surprised at Woods' journey through this. Yes, it was mostly about Della finding herself, but Woods experienced a lot of trials as well. But, I think if they hadn't found a way to break free of their demons they would have come to a stalemate in their relationship, as well as their lives in general. "What if I was strong after all? What if, underneath all that fear, I had buried someone deep inside who was brave and could take on life without someone to lean on?" ~Della Woods is such a magnificent character. I want to go up to all the guys I know and make them read these books and say "hey, this is how a guy is supposed to act." Also, can I just say that despite the deeper, more meaningful parts of this book, the chemistry between Della and Woods is disgustingly hot, and magnetic. Like, if there were ever a book that I wanted to be my life... this might be the one. Granted, these two have gone through hell but, they also found each other and personally I think that is karma's works at its best. As for the other characters in the Rosemary Beach world. We get glimpses of fan faves Rush and Blair :D as well as the rest of the crew. One of the aforementioned, heartbreaking parts is a major upset in the group. I won't spoil it but, I seriously didn't think Ms. Glines was going to go through with what she started. I could not breath while reading the scene, and once it was over I had to set down my e-reader and take the rest of the day off from reading. It has its purpose, but it still sucked... big time. All in all, Abbi Glines has written another masterpiece. She delivers a superior story that both melted my heart and made me outright cry. And this is definitely a must read for 2013! Happy Reading!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I absolutely loved Simple Perfection!! I love this whole series and cannot wait for more!! Abbi Glines is definitely becoming one of my favorite authors!!
    mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
    Abbi Glines is the master at creating thought provoking and heart wrenching reads! Love this series so much!!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
    Simple Perfection is a book that really tests our main characters. Change is a-comin' in Rosemary Beach and the foundation upon which it sits will be seriously shaken before the end of the novel. While Della and Woods may have gotten their happy for now ending in Twisted Perfection, Woods' father's sudden death really throws a lot of change into motion. On top of dealing with his mother and his seriously crazy ex, Woods is definitely feeling the pressure lately. He refuses to acknowledge any kind of feelings for his parents, instead placing his sole focus on Della and her happiness. For the majority of the book Della feels she is a burden to Woods because of her nightmares and her constant worries that she's going to end up like her mother. She feels she is holding him back and that he needs someone strong beside him, not someone who is likely to fall apart one day. Della's constant stress of this really brings a 'woe is me' vibe to the book and I didn't care for that at all. Della isn't the only one to blame though. Woods coddles her too much. He sees it as his unfailing love, but really he's just adding to the problem. She starts to feel suffocated by his hovering and their relationship is not what I'd consider a healthy one for the good first half of the novel. We have the dreaded miscommunication arc early in on in the book, and while I get irritated by those, I do feel it ended up serving a greater purpose. Della has some soul searching to do and she can't do it while feeling the way she has been in Rosemary Beach. After a horrific childhood, she has to find her own self-worth and be able to find her strength as an individual before truly giving herself over to the love of another person. I do like that we got a lot more time with the other Rosemary Beach characters. Woods really needs his friends to lean on during such an unstable time and I liked seeing him interact with Rush, Grant, and Jace. Della also really depends on Braden and Tripp to get her through and I'm glad they were both there to support her. Revelations about her past come to light in this book that really play a large role in her reshaping who she is and how she's going to approach life. Overall, Simple Perfection wasn't a bad read, but it didn't wow me either. I still have issues with Glines' somewhat simplistic writing style and I felt so much was overdramatized and made into a bigger deal than it needed to be. I am pleased with how Woods and Della's story ended and I feel they are a much stronger duo as the book came to a close because of everything they had learned and endured along the way.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    This book took me by surprise. I didn't think I would enjoy these two characters from the series. They weren't important in any of the other books. Boy was I wrong! Great book!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I was a little disappointed with Woods & Della's second book. It was lacking the usual dynamics of an Abbi Glines for me. All in all, though, this RB novel was a good read if you're a fan of the series. JLR
    JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
    This is the second book in The Perfection series and we have to watch Woods and Della handle life after his father’s death. This is a terrifically written book and right from the acknowledgments you know you’re in for some unexpected twists and turns. Woods inherits everything from his father and stands up to his family about his relationship with Della. Della is worried about him because he is not grieving his father’s death and starts to worry that their relationship is becoming unhealthy. After another devastating loss, Della must be the strong one and pull Woods out of the darkness. After the twist is revealed I know a lot of people were angry with Abbi’s decisions but IMO it had to be done and was the only way to advance their story and set up Grant’s books. I’m looking forward to those books and I MAY actually like this series more than Rosemary Beach.
    celesteworld More than 1 year ago
    I enjoyed to the conclusion to Woods and Della' love story.   If you have read The Fallen to Far Series you will want to read this one too.  If you haven't I suggest you stop and read those first.  This is a continuation in that series. I love Abbi Glines and have enjoyed every one of her books.  I highly recommend any of her books to anyone who enjoys a story with good characters, good story and sexy scenes.  ENJOY!!!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago