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Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

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by Bryant McGill
Read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling writings that have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world, becoming a new media publishing phenomenon among the most shared content in Facebook history. As a prolific author published in hundreds of books by the world’s major publishers, Bryant McGill delivers an impassioned


Read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling writings that have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world, becoming a new media publishing phenomenon among the most shared content in Facebook history. As a prolific author published in hundreds of books by the world’s major publishers, Bryant McGill delivers an impassioned voice of spiritual teachings in Simple Reminders, a book of real-talk and action for recovery, healing, transformation, and thriving! Enjoy beautiful original art, photography, and written contributions by Jenni Young. With over 60 million readers, discover why people around the world are proclaiming that these simple writings have positively changed their lives forever. Learn the tools and patterns of thinking to cultivate more beauty in your life, build confidence, escape from toxic relationships, move through pain and conflict, forgive people who have hurt you, and uncover your highest purpose in life.

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Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
TinaDonovan More than 1 year ago
If you want an inspirational, uplifting book then this is the book for you. BUT if you are looking for an inspirational, uplifting book that nudges at your heart, expands your thoughts and moves your spirit, then look no further! As a licensed professional counselor, I highly recommended Simple Reminders both professionally and personally as it is an excellent read and resource!
KatieMaslin More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutely amazing. It was life-changing actually. I have been following the website for over a year now and Bryant McGill has become my favorite author of all time. I follow his facebook page and the Simple Reminders facebook page daily. There are so many positive affirmations and so much wisdom packed in this book. I feel like I need to read it several more times, although it was clear and concise. It was uplifting. It was packed with many perspectives from many different religions and many different points of view, yet it flowed like a calm river. I was amazed at how easily I could understand some of the complicated material. I have always wanted to learn about meditation and ways to find inner peace and basically that is what I have found in Simple Reminders. It has given me work to do on myself (which I need) ways to improve myself that I can easily do over time. I am just so excited about starting my new life! Thank you Bryant McGill and Jenni Young. This is going to be a wonderful journey for me :) Katie Maslin
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is such a wonderful book. It hits all the major life challenges and is like a go-to guide when you're experiencing something, or need wisdom and encouragement on such challenges. The advice and inspiration from the authors and other new thought leaders is full of depth, but realistic. Words you can understand and apply to your real, everyday life. I highly recommend it as it is a book you will go back to again and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good information to help a person.
JulieAnneP More than 1 year ago
A wonderful collection of insightful, inspirational and thought provoking wisdom! A great way to start my day and keep me moving forward, deepening my awareness and understanding! I have followed Bryant McGill and Jenni Young through their Facebook page: Simple Reminders for sometime, and am always astounded by their simple, succinct thoughts, notes and quotes - this book takes these thoughts and deepens the conversation. What a gift for all of us! If you are looking for daily inspiration and wisdom, with the opportunity for contemplation and reflection, then this is the book for you!
Jillmab More than 1 year ago
Sometimes you just need things to be broken down to straight forward ideas and thoughts. I was fortunate to find, and have been a fan of simplereminders for quite some time now. With this new book, Bryant McGill and Jenni Young give us more of their insightful simple reminder gems, urging us to look at life’s challenges and complexities with a positive and transformative perspective. A great resource and guide for anyone seeking inspiration to live their best life indeed!
Di_Riseborough More than 1 year ago
Bryant McGill & Jenni Young are truly inspirational. There are lots of people creating change in the world as politicians and bureaucrats fight over who has the better policy instead of listening to the people. They have lost touch with what is going on at grass roots level. Bryant and Jenni have not. Their writings, posters, art, and original photography have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world including mine. As inspiring thought leaders their spiritual and real life teachings are inspiring and the real deal, not the lip service we often see in the self help genre. People’s lives including mine are changing for the better because of this book. Their empowering and healing messages are a must for anyone looking to improve their lives. Each day I look forward to their writings and posts and because of them I am a better person for it. As we all have challenges to face in life I know their lessons will be a simple reminder that I am not alone on this journey and that we all have the power to change & empower ourselves. Love this book and I know you will too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this busy fast-paced world it is very difficult to really get to the source of what is really important. When we fade out all the noise, complications, dilemmas of daily life, we are left with what is really important...simplicity, honesty, purity...that is the true essence of life, where we can experience love, joy, peace ...and the words of "Simple Reminders" bring me home to that, speaking the words of my soul...they are my daily simple reminders of what life is really all about. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been going threw a lot of mental stress in the past 10 years and this book helps me to feel better. I have an alcoholic husband and two sons that I worry about following in their fathers footsteps. this book gives me hope.
SherriBishop More than 1 year ago
I have been following Simple Reminders on Facebook for some time and became an avid fan of their beautiful messages which are always just what I need to lift me up, so I was very excited to learn that Bryant McGill and Jenni Young were going to put together a book of their wonderful and inspiring bits of wisdom.  I love connecting with all that motivates and inspires me on a daily basis. Simple Reminders is the embodiment of what I can turn to when I need a dose of simple wisdom, clarity, support and encouragement. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been a devoted fan of Simple Reminders, Jenni Young and Bryant McGill for a few years now.  I honor and treasure them and their teachings and regard them as brilliant fellow human beings, role models who are kind and generous making a real difference for mankind.  I consider them true inspirational leaders who have a great passion for serving and guiding others.  As Bryant defines: “Real leadership is less about leading and more about service. Real leadership is about giving, and carrying the dreams and hopes of others in your heart every step of the way. The distinguishing characteristics of a true leader is pure elation in seeing others prosper."  Again, McGill and Young ~ true leaders!   Once I began reading, I couldn’t put it down or in this case, turn it off.   It’s clear that Bryant is a gifted writer and born leader ~ a modern day Buddha, if you will. Touching upon everyday life challenges, walking our talk especially in today’s world and shining light on loving and peaceful solutions…   Full of refreshing insight and spiritual truths that dive deep and explore the core of existence and purpose: A kick~ass blueprint and resource of master teachings for discovering our real purpose, manifesting our dreams and living a life of abundance ~ love, joy and success!  Pages of sterling brilliance were woven together and highlighted with pearls of wisdom from the Brilliant Jenni Young, whose heartfelt and uplifting writings served as the sweet icing on the cake, creating an entire symphony of pure inspiration.   I especially love the “33 Meditations”, as well as the “vow of total abundance” ~ and I am especially looking forward to implementing this!  As far as I’m concerned, this book is a timeless classic ~ a bible of self~exploration and enlightenment and should be a companion to every nightstand. I will wrap up with one more quote from this masterpiece, “The master creators are masters of love. They inject, infuse and imbue everything they touch with the perfecting magic and miracle of love.” Bryant and Jenni embody this! And we are all truly blessed because of it. :) Mary Fabrykiewicz McTeague
EleanorBrownn More than 1 year ago
As a longtime fan on social media, I find Simple Reminders a very helpful addition to my daily meditation practice. The writing and images provoke a heartfelt starting point for deep reflection. Bryant McGill has an amazing ability to distill profound concepts into just a few memorable sentences, and Jenni Young’s nature photography provides a serene backdrop for his words. Together, they have created an empowering book filled with meaning and beauty. More important, Simple Reminders keeps it simple — something to treasure in today’s over-busy world.
T_T3 More than 1 year ago
Bryant McGill and Jenny Young are such a dynamic duo of inspirational life-changers. I have been motivated on a very personal level by their work. Simple Reminders and its beautiful content have changed my life. I have been a member of both Bryant's facebook page and Simplereminders facebook page for a long time. Bryant and Jenny speak from their heart. Simple Reminders is the "GO TO BOOK" for top inspiring quotes and vivid illustrations, taken personally by Bryant and Jenny. Simple Reminders Book teaches values and that everyone in this world matters. This book will be a treasure to have in your library collection. I will be purchasing copies for friends and family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago