Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams: The 15 Power Secrets of the World's Most Successful People

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Here are the keys to turnings all your dreams into reality.
Whether your dreams are to start a business, lose twenty pounds, or build better relationships, they are all within your grasp. The keys are in the "Power Secrets," a set of specific strategies and techniques that enabled Steve Scott to fulfill his impossible dreams, not only in business, but in every other area of life. Along the way, he discovered that the world's most successful women and men — such as Oprah Winfrey,...

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Here are the keys to turnings all your dreams into reality.
Whether your dreams are to start a business, lose twenty pounds, or build better relationships, they are all within your grasp. The keys are in the "Power Secrets," a set of specific strategies and techniques that enabled Steve Scott to fulfill his impossible dreams, not only in business, but in every other area of life. Along the way, he discovered that the world's most successful women and men — such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Gates — use these same techniques, including:

  • Overcoming a fear of failure
  • Turning critics from foes into friends
  • Gaining a clear and precise vision
  • Recruiting the partners and mentors of your dreams
  • Communicating effectively and persuasively
  • Taking control of your life one minute at a time
  • Igniting the fuel of passion

With stories, advice, and plenty of interactive material to help you create your own personal plan, Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams doesn't just motivate you to fulfill your dreams, it gives you the step-by-step directions to do it!
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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Stephen R. Covey author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Steve Scott effectively brings a superb blend of experience, example, and encouragement to his latest book....His insight on criticism alone is worth the read.

Stedman Graham author of You Can Make It Happen Steven Scott provides a practical guide to help you focus on your own success plan, fine-tune your vision of your own possibilities — and achieve your dreams.

Kathie Lee Gifford Steve Scott writes about what he knows about. His own personal secrets for success are thankfully no longer a secret.

Ken Blanchard coauthor of The One Minute Manager Living your dreams will make your life worth living. In his book, Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams, Steven Scott shows you HOW!

Hyrum W. Smith Chairman of the Board, The Franklin Covey Company In the pages of his new book, Steve Scott has captured a very simple but powerful formula for translating one's dreams into reality. The reason this book has so much credibility for me is that I have seen him implement these principles to tremendous success — professionally, with his family, and in all aspects of his life. This is a must-read book.

Connie Sellecca and John Tesh What a tragedy that most adults give up on their dreams early in life. Steve Scott's new book inspires us to dream bigger dreams than ever.

Cheryl Ladd I need another copy immediately! It was such important information I sent my first copy to my best friend before I finished it. It's EXTRAORDINARY!

Christie Brinkley In his book, Steve Scott gives us the specific strategies and techniques that we need to learn and use to achieve our most valued dreams. He not only shows us how to make our most impossible dreams possible, he shows us how to make them probable!

Sandie Tillotson cofounder and Vice President, Nu Skin International In our business, we provide the opportunity for helping make people's impossible dreams come true. In his book, Steve Scott now gives the perfect tool, a step-by-step guide for turning even the most impossible dreams into reality. If you read this book it will forever change your outlook. If you live this book, it will forever change your life.

Henry Marsh four-time Olympian, author of The Breakthrough Factor If you are "stuck" in a job, career, or relationship that's not everything you want it to be, Steve Scott gives you more "Breakthrough Techniques" in each chapter than most people discover in an entire lifetime.

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  • ISBN-13: 9780684848693
  • Publisher: Touchstone
  • Publication date: 4/28/1999
  • Pages: 272
  • Sales rank: 440,839
  • Product dimensions: 5.50 (w) x 8.43 (h) x 0.80 (d)

Meet the Author

Steven K. Scott is the cofounder of the American Telecast Corporation and its group of consumer-goods companies. He has also coauthored two bestselling books with relationships expert Dr. Gary Smalley. Scott's previous book, A Millionaire's Notebook, was published in 1996 by Simon & Schuster.

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Chapter One
"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
Dream Conversion can make dreams come true in any area of your life.
Who can forget the opening line from the love theme in Cinderella — "A dream is a wish your heart makes." Even though Cinderella was singing about the kind of dreams you have in your sleep, her description is also true about the dreams we long for as we walk through every stage of our lives. As a boy, I dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot, a cowboy, a fireman, a policeman, a soldier, and a sailor. In college, I dreamed of romance, marriage, and a successful career. Now, I dream of more time and intimacy with my family; more varied and greater achievements, both personal and professional; and greater intimacy with God. Chances are, you're not much different from me. Our dreams may be totally different, and yet, we are alike in that no matter what we have achieved, we still have dreams that have eluded us.
Dreams Still Come True...for an Elite Few
Dreams do come true for people like Steven Spielberg, Lee Iacocca, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jane Fonda, and many other "dream achievers" whom I have come to know during my forty-eight years on this planet. People who achieve their dreams tend to be in a tiny minority...perhaps one in a million or even one in ten million. On the other hand, the vast majority of American adults not only fail to achieve their dreams, they stop dreaming altogether. Why? Why do some people seem to achieve their dreams, no matter how incredible their dreams may be, while others almost never achieve theirs? Is it simply a matter of luck? Of course not! And guess what — it's not a matter of IQ either. Neither is it a matter of education, money, or experience. So what is it?
Are You Ready for Some Great News?
So the critical question is, "How" do these dream achievers fulfill their dreams? The great news is it's not a mystery; it's an art that they have learned. Why is that great news? Because it means that you, too, regardless of your age, inexperience, IQ, education, or financial standing, can achieve your dreams. Incredible dreams...wonderful dreams! You can begin to have dreams grander than you have ever had, and see many of them come true. All you have to do is learn and use the same skills that are used by those who do achieve their dreams.
I call these skills the "Art of Dream Conversion." An art is simply a skill that enables someone to take a concept, vision, or dream and convert it into reality. Some artists are born with an innate gift that they develop; the art of Dream Conversion, however, is a set of learnable skills (strategies and techniques) that anyone can master. For a tiny minority, discovering and utilizing these skills came somewhat naturally and fairly early in life. But the vast majority of adults never even discover these skills, much less use them. Unless...unless they are taught by someone who has not only discovered them but, more important; has habitually used them and experienced their awesome power and results, I didn't begin to discover these skills until six years after I graduated from college. While those first six years were full of failure and discouragement, the years that followed the implementation of these Dream Conversion skills have been filled with phenomenal success beyond my wildest dreams.
An Important Distinction
Throughout this book I will be referring to the art of Dream Conversion or Dream Conversion and the Dream Conversion Process. When I speak of Dream Conversion or the art of Dream Conversion, I am referring to all of the strategies and techniques contained in this book. When I speak of the Dream Conversion Process, I am talking about a single strategy or technique that takes a wish or dream, defines it in writing, and creates a specific plan that gives a precise and detailed road map to achieve that wish or dream. This Dream Conversion Process is explained in detail in Chapter 10.
The Big If...and Two Promises
When people first hear my story and the impossible dreams I've seen fulfilled, they often say, "That's you...but I'm me." They think "You don't know my background" or "You don't know my circumstances" or "Nothing like that ever works for me." If I looked you in the eye right now and told you, "Your most incredible dreams can come true," what would be your first thought? Stop reading and give me your first response right now. And please give it out loud.
Was your response "Great, I can't wait to start seeing my wonderful dreams come true"? Or did you answer with a little more skepticism? Do any of the following responses capture the essence of your response?
"I don't believe you!"
"Give me a break!"
"What dreams?"
"I can't even make ends meet...much less achieve my dreams."
"You don't know my husband."
"You don't know my wife."
"You don't know how lonely I am."
"You don't know my situation."
"I'm too old."
"It's too late."
"I'm too tired."
"I don't have time to dream."
"I can't keep up."
Whether you answered with any of these, or gave any other answer, I'm going to make you two promises.
Promise #1: If you read this book, and let these skills and techniques simply remain on these pages and never incorporate them into your life...whatever you achieve in your life will only be a tiny fraction of what you could have achieved.
Promise #2: If you read this book, learn the few skills that I'm going to show you, and begin to practice them in your daily routine...I promise you will begin to dream bigger dreams and achieve more of those dreams than you would ever have imagined possible.
So, the choice is yours...leave these skills on the pages of this book and continue to achieve only a tiny fraction of the dreams you're capable of achieving, or lift the skills from the pages of this book and bring them into your life, and begin to achieve dreams you haven't yet dared to dream.
Copyright © 1998 by Steven K. Scott

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Gary Smalley
You've Got the Power...But You're Stuck on the Launching Pad!

1. "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
Dream Conversion can make dreams come true in any area of your life.
2. If My Dreams Came True, Anyone's Can!
How did a corporate failure become a multimillionaire? A nonmusician direct a symphony? An ignorant, insensitive husband achieve a happy marriage?
3. What Prevents Most Women and Men from Achieving Their Dreams?
You're like a rocket stuck on the launching pad and your dreams seem as unreachable as the moon.
Cutting the Six Chains

4. Chain #1: Your Programming for Mediocrity!
You've been programmed for mediocrity from your youth.
Power Secret #1: Reprogramming Your On-Board Computer
5. Chain #2: Your Fear of Failure
Conscious or subconscious fear of failure short-circuits your ability to achieve your dreams in every area of your life.
Power Secret #2: Overcoming Fear of Failure
6. Chain #3: Your Avoidance of Criticism
Your conscious or subconscious efforts to avoid criticism subvert and suffocate your creative thinking and sabotage your launch before you even attempt to achieve your dreams.
Power Secret #3: Turning Criticism from Foe to Friend
7. Chain #4: Your Lack of Clear and Precise Vision
If you don't have a clear picture of your destination and a precise map to get there, you won't even begin the trip.
Power Secret #4: Gaining a clear and Precise Vision
8. Chain #5: Your Lack of Know-How
You can't fly your rocket to the moon if you don't know how to fly! Discover a flight plan that gives you everything you need to know to achieve your dreams.
Power Secret #5: Overcoming Your Lack of Know-How
9. Chain #6: Your Lack of Resources
You can't launch your rocket all by yourself. Failure to recruit the right outside resources makes getting off the ground totally impossible.
Power Secret #6: Overcoming Your Lack of Resources
Igniting Your Seven Booster Engines

10. Engine #1: "Henry Ford Productivity" — An Awesome Habit Anyone Can Acquire
Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, he did something far more ingenious!
Power Secret #7: Achieving Infinitely More in a Fraction of the Time
11. Engine #2: "Babe Ruth Power" — A Tremendous Strength Anyone Can Gain
Turn your hits into home runs.
Power Secret #8: Dreaming and Achieving Impossible Dreams
12. Engine #3: "Steven Spielberg Partnering" — A Multiplying Skill That Anyone Can Develop
Remove the limits of your limited resources and multiply your potential — infinitely!
Power Secret #9: Recruiting the Partners and Mentors of Your Dreams
13. Engine #4: "Helen Keller Positiveness" — Speeding Up Your Happiness and Success!
Take control of the factor that determines your happiness and impacts the lives of everyone you meet.
Power Secret #10: Igniting the Engine of Positiveness
14. Engine #5: "Earthquake Persuasiveness" — A Learnable Art Anyone Can Master
The single key that unlocks more doors to your dreams than any other.
Power Secret #11: Effectively and Persuasively Communicating
15. Engine #6: "Pit Bull Persistence" — An Easy Discipline Anyone Can Learn
The secret of winning 90 percent of the time.
Power Secret #12: Acquiring the Discipline of Winning Most of the Time
16. Engine #7: "Laser-Accurate Priority Planning" — A Dream-Achieving Routine Anyone Can Adopt
The key to achieving more, in less time with less stress.
Power Secret #13: Taking Control of Your Life, One Minute at a Time
Blasting Off! Destination — Your Impossible Dream

17. The Fuel For All Seven Engines: "Oprah Winfrey Passion" — A Life-Changing Choice Anyone Can Make
Passion fuels all seven engines.
Power Secret #14: Acquiring the Fuel of Passion
18. Igniting Your Engines
All the power of your seven booster engines is meaningless if you don't ignite them. A single switch hidden in your heart can instantly ignite each engine!
Power Secret #15: Flipping the Switch

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First Chapter


If My Dreams Came True, Anyone's Can!

How could a corporate failure become a multimillionaire? How could a high school student with no money for flying lessons become a licensed pilot without spending a penny? How could a nonmusician create successful music groups and even direct a symphony? And how could an ignorant, insensitive husband achieve a loving and fulfilling marriage?

Now, maybe these statements sound a little far out, or even impossible. And yet, these "impossible" dreams all came true as a result of utilizing the art of Dream Conversion. My high school dream of getting my pilot's license came true even though I had no money for flying lessons. At the time, flying lessons cost $40 an hour, and I didn't have a dime in savings. And yet the Dream Conversion skills enabled me to receive those lessons and achieve a private pilot's license without spending a single penny.

My college dream of creating two successful music groups came true, even though I knew nothing about music. My dream of directing the "William Tell Overture" with a great symphony came true in the summer of 1994, even though I still knew nothing about music. My dreams of succeeding in business and making millions of dollars came true, even though I failed at nine jobs in my first six years after college. And most important, my dream of a loving and fulfilling marriage came true, even though I used to be an insensitive husband who was totally ignorant when it came to knowing how to meet the deepest emotional needs of my wife.

"Yeah, but that's you, not me...we're a lot different" might by your first reply. Well, we are different, but you arnged. At that moment I felt a kind of love I had never felt before; not simply more of the love I had felt for my wife or my parents, but a completely different kind of love. You see, at that precise moment I looked into the beautiful blue eyes of my first child, a brand-new baby girl, As I looked into those eyes, and they looked back at me, I was overcome by a wave of love unlike any I had ever felt before, I wanted to tell my little girl how much Daddy loved her. I wanted to tell her that I would always take care of her, that whatever she needed, Daddy would provide.

But as I began my three-hour drive home from the hospital that night, reality began to set in. How could I even begin to think that I could meet any of my daughter's material needs. I had only been out of college for a little over a year and I was already on my third job. In fact, I had lost my second only four days before my daughter's birth. At the time, my income was less than half the national average. As a college graduate with a degree in marketing, I was failing miserably in my chosen field.

About nine months later I was driving to work from the tiny apartment where we lived. As I passed a neighborhood of small homes and saw the backyards with their swing sets and sandboxes, I felt a lump in my throat and tears began to well up in my eyes. I realized that my little girl would never have her own backyard. She would never play on her own swing set. I was sure she would be spending the rest of her life growing up in apartment courtyards because no matter how hard I worked, I simply could not "get ahead." The bills were always bigger than the paychecks, and it seemed as if I couldn't hold a job for more tha n a few months.

I walked into my office that morning more discouraged than ever. Unfortunately, things only got worse as the day wore on. After lunch my boss called me into his office. He was the senior vice president and the number-two man in the company. He had a beautiful office, and because he was head of marketing, I had tremendous respect for him.

As I entered his office, he looked at me very gravely and I knew I was in trouble. "Steve, you are the single greatest disappointment in my entire career," he said. "You will never succeed in marketing and I've decided to let you go. You have twenty minutes to clean out your desk."

As I walked back to my desk I saw that everyone around was pretending not to notice me. My boss had told the entire department that he was going to fire me after lunch. As I cleaned out my desk, I began to cry. Everyone was sneaking peeks but saying nothing. The last item on my desk was the one that hit me the hardest. It was the picture of my precious little newborn with those great big blue eyes wide open and looking up at me. Daddy had failed again, failed his company, failed himself, and failed his little girl.

Little did I know that I had six more jobs to lose in the next four years. I was mastering the art of failing, an art no one likes to dabble in, much less master. Every failure I went through was gut-wrenching, though I later discovered that my dismal failures would become the very foundation for my ultimate success. As you'll see, my story didn't always remain discouraging. In 1996, Simon and Schuster published my first book, A Millionaire's Notebook, and they would not have selected that title had my daughter spent her whole life playing in apartment courtyards.

But it's the subtitle of that book, How Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary Success, that truly defines what the book was all about. This subtitle confronts one of the most commonly held, achievement-crippling misconceptions in our society today, that people who achieve extraordinary success are in a completely different "league" or "class" from the rest of us! That simply isn't true. In fact, many have risen from far worse circumstances and backgrounds than you have likely experienced. Let me give you three examples.

A Man Named Gene

Gene Orowitz was raised in Collingswood, New Jersey. Because he was a bedwetter into his adolescence, his mother regularly humiliated him by hanging his wet sheets out of his bedroom window for all his friends to see. She told him he would never amount to anything, and his failure in high school seemed to bear her words out -- he graduated 299th out of a class of 301. He later told me that the two students who graduated lower than he could barely read and write.

Things didn't get much better for Gene after high school. Because he excelled in track, he was awarded a track scholarship to the University of Southern California, but he lost that scholarship during his freshman year because of a disappointing track season. He had no money to return home, and he ended up sleeping on park benches in Santa Monica, California. His first job was selling blankets door-to-door. And yet, in terms of success rate, Gene went on to become the most successful television writer, director, and producer in television history. I say that because his success batting average was 1,000. In other words, 100 percent of the shows he created wer e successful. To my knowledge, no other producer in Hollywood history can claim that high a success rate. I knew him as one of the truest and most wonderful friends a man could ever have; you knew him as Michael Landon.

Two Stevens

As part of my high school's color guard, I had the privilege of raising the American flag at every home football game. The reward for this duty was a free ticket to each game and a reserved seat with the school's marching band. At many of the games I sat next to a clarinetist who was a lot like me. I didn't know his last name, but his first name was Steven, too. He was skinny, shy, and totally unknown to me and to most of the other students at our high school.

Now, back in the sixties, the last place you really wanted to be at a football game was in the band or the color guard. But with both of us weighing around 120 pounds, the other Steven and I had no chance of making the football team. (Even if we had weighed more, our lack of athletic prowess would have kept us from making any of the sports teams.) Like me, the other Steven never dated anyone from our high school, and neither of us was a great student. In fact, he was a C-minus student in a good semester. This other Steven was totally unknown to most of the students and teachers at my high school; you, however, know him because his name has appeared on five of the top ten grossing films of all time. In fact, who in America, or the world for that matter, doesn't know the name Steven Spielberg?

Twenty years after I graduated, my mother phoned me one day and told me that Steven Spielberg was a classmate of mine at Arcadia High School. I told her that was impossible; I knew nearly everyone at Arcadi a, and there was no way I wouldn't have known Steven Spielberg. Mom told me to get out my high school annual and look up his name. Sure enough, his name was in the index. When I finally reached the page with his picture, I was shocked. It was the same Steven I had sat next to at nearly every football game. When we ran into each other a few months later, I said, "Steven, if only I had known," and he replied, "Steven, if only I had known!"

As for me, I graduated from high school slightly above the middle of my class. In high school, I excelled in nothing "significant." In the first six years after graduating from college in 1970, I flunked out of nine jobs. My income between my second and eighth job rose from only $1,000 per month to $1,100 per month. This was less than half the average income per married household in America. My average length of employment was six months per job. Put it all together and I wasn't even "ordinary," I was "subordinary"!

However, on my tenth job, which has lasted twenty years, I have sold over $1 billion worth of goods, and along with my six partners, I have created numerous multimillion-dollar companies from scratch, creating more than forty millionaires. After I lost my eighth job there was no way you could have convinced me that on my tenth job I would one day earn as much as $500,000 per month. And yet it happened.

So What Happened?

What took Eugene Orowitz from failure in high school and turned him into Michael Landon? What took Steven Spielberg from unknown, below-average student and turned him into one of Hollywood's all-time greatest directors? And what took Steve Scott from corporate and financial failure and turned him into a successful bu siness builder and multimillionaire? Or, to put it another way: What enabled these three "underachievers" to become achievers beyond their wildest dreams?

The answer is fairly simple. We all learned some critical strategies, skills, and techniques that enabled us to begin to dream bigger than we had ever imagined, and convert our dreams into reality. As I've come to know many other men and women who have achieved incredible dreams, I've discovered that like Steven, Michael, and me, they've all employed many of the same strategies and skills that we have. Strategies and skills that are learnable and can be used by anyone.

More Than Business Success and Money

These dream-achieving strategies and techniques can be applied to any important area of life. They can enable you to capture your dreams in your relationships, in your hobbies and passions, as well as in your careers, businesses, and personal finances. I have used them to reach my dreams in my relationship with my wife, my relationships with my six children, and my relationships with my friends. I have used them to achieve my dreams in my writing and television directing, my marketing, and in every facet of my business and financial life. I continue to use them every single day.

So why did I bother to tell you the stories of Michael Landon and the two Stevens? To prove to you that ordinary people can achieve their highest dreams. Remember, in many ways, we were way "below average." Right now, you've probably got a much better start on achieving your dreams than Michael Landon, Steven Spielberg, and Steven Scott had on achieving theirs.

"Wait," you say, "that may be true for you three, but that's certainly not true o f others." Au contraire! As Zig Ziglar points out in his studies of over three hundred historic and contemporary world-renowned men and women, more than 75 percent rose to the heights of human achievement from the depths of disheartening and discouraging circumstances and backgrounds. Almost none rose from an advantageous background or set of circumstances. Thomas Edison had only three months of formal education. By the time he was twelve, he was working full-time on the railroad. He never had a class in calculus or physics, and yet we all enjoy electric lights, movies, and recorded sound because he learned the art of Dream Conversion. Bill Lear dropped out of school in sixth grade, and yet he gave us car radios when high school physics books said "small radios were physically impossible." He also gave us the first airplane "autopilot" and the first business jet, even though the greatest aircraft companies of his time said such advances were impossible because of economic constraints. Oprah Winfrey not only had poverty going against her, she was the "wrong color" in a region of the country where the wrong color created almost impossible odds for any achievement. We could fill volumes with the names of men and women who, through the ages, have achieved their dreams despite their backgrounds and circumstances.

So no matter how you rate yourself, your talents, and your abilities, starting right now, you can begin to embark on a pathway that will lead you into the extraordinary -- extraordinary relationships and extraordinary accomplishments, both personal and professional. Whether your dream is to lose fifty pounds, to have the most fulfilling marriage you know of, or to enjoy a rewarding care er and income far beyond your wildest imagination, you can have it all by learning and utilizing the art of Dream Conversion.

A Few People Who Brought Me Their "Impossible" Dreams

* A struggling makeup artist who dreamed of creating her own line of cosmetics.
* A marriage counselor who dreamed of helping millions of marriages instead of only hundreds.
* A college instructor who dreamed of teaching students of all ages how to learn more effectively.
* A hair stylist who dreamed of seeing her hair care products in stores all over America.
* A weight-loss expert who dreamed of helping discouraged overweight people lose their excess weight and regain their health and self-esteem.

These are a few of the people who brought me their dreams but had little or no hope of seeing them come true. And yet, by using the art of Dream Conversion, my partners and I were able to make all of their dreams come true, almost overnight, Makeup artist Victoria Jackson was able to create a cosmetic line with over a hundred products, one million customers, and over $300 million in sales. Marriage counselor Gary Smalley was able to write two best-selling books and create the best-selling video series ever distributed, helping millions of couples achieve their dreams of a more fulfilling relationship.

Dr. Claude Olney saw his little learning seminar turned into a video series, "Where There's a Will There's an 'A,'" that enabled millions of grade school, high school, and college students to learn far more effectively than they had ever imagined possible. Hair stylist Lori Davis saw her hair care products, which she had only been able to sell in her salon, transformed into a hair care line represented b y Cher. It is now sold in nearly every retail drug, grocery, and discount store in America. And Richard Simmons saw his "Deal-a-Meal" dream turned into a reality and has helped millions of men and women to lose weight and regain their fitness. And these are just a few of the men and women I have worked with, using the art of Dream Conversion to turn their impossible dreams into tangible realities.

Yes, dreams do come true if you know how to make them come true!

I love Zig Ziglar. He is not only a great motivator and teacher, he is a great person. He has made a dramatic difference in my life, and I quote him from time to time throughout this book. In his seminars, Zig leads his audience through a very simple, yet liberating and empowering exercise. I would like to do the same thing with you right now by asking you three questions.

1. Do you believe that there is something you could specifically do in the next two weeks that would make your personal life, your family life, or your business life worse? __Yes__No
2. Do you believe that there is something you could specifically do in the next two weeks that would make your personal life, your family life, or your business life better? __Yes__No
3. Do you believe that every choice has an end result? __Yes __No

If you answered yes to all three questions, you got a perfect score. More important, here's what you've agreed to. You just said: "I don't care how good or bad my past has been. I don't care how difficult my circumstances are at this precise moment, There's something I can do right now that will make my future either better or worse...and the choice is mine!"

Yes, the choice truly is yours! If you c hoose to learn the principles, techniques, and strategies that make up the art of Dream Conversion, and begin to incorporate them into your daily routine, you will begin to achieve your dreams like never before.

Copyright © 1998 by Steven K. Scott

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  • Posted April 14, 2014

    This is the most complete book I have ever read. I got it for so

    This is the most complete book I have ever read. I got it for some  business strategies, it ended with helping me with NY marriage, my children and my day to day life. I love it.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted October 24, 2004


    This book has changed the way I think and my approach towards life. I am trying to implement the steps given in the book, and I'm sure the results will show. I only wish I could somehow get the email address of Steve Scott. Great work, Steve! Thanks!!

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 28, 2000

    Why don't you read it??!!

    It maybe the best book of the same style/series. Once I read it, it start the fire in my heart again. The story of the writer himself and his friend let me know I am not the worst, and I really believe I can reach my dream if I follow the steps in the book.

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