Simple Views on Condensed Matter (Expanded Edition) / Edition 2

Simple Views on Condensed Matter (Expanded Edition) / Edition 2

by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Pierre-Gilles De Gennes

ISBN-10: 9810232713

ISBN-13: 9789810232719

Pub. Date: 07/28/1998

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date:
Series in Modern Condensed Matter Physics
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7.62(w) x 10.35(h) x 1.69(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword to the first edition
Foreword to the expanded edition
1Sur un exemple de propagation dans un milieu desordonne3
2Effects of double exchange in magnetic crystals13
3Nuclear magnetic resonance modes in magnetic material. I. Theory28
4Onset of superconductivity in decreasing fields39
5Boundary effects in superconductors43
6Soluble model for fibrous structures with steric constraints59
7Conjectures sur l'etat smectique62
8Dynamics of fluctuations in nematic liquid crystals70
9Note on the dynamics of prenematic fluids78
10An analogy between superconductors and smectics A81
11Hydrodynamic properties of fluid lamellar phases of lipid/water86
12Quasi-elastic scattering of neutrons by dilute polymer solutions: I. Free-draining limit111
13Quasi-elastic scattering by dilute, ideal, polymer solutions: II. Effects of hydrodynamic interactions120
14Minimum number of aminoacids required to build up a specific receptor with a folded polypeptide chain138
15Reptation of a polymer chain in the presence of fixed obstacles149
16Coil-stretch transition of dilute flexible polymers under ultrahigh velocity gradients158
17Solutions of flexible polymers. Neutron experiments and interpretation
18Theoretical methods of polymer statistics187
19Ecoulements viscometriques de polymeres enchevetres203
20Theory of long-range correlations in polymer melts206
21Tight knots215
22Viscosity at small scales in polymer melts218
23Un muscle artificiel semi-rapide223
24Weak segregation in molten statistical copolymers230
25Phenomenes aux parois dans un melange binaire critique237
26Suspensions colloidales dans une solution de polymeres242
27Conformations of polymers attached to an interface245
28Sur une regle de somme pour des chaines polymeriques semi-diluees pres d'une paroi253
29Microemulsions and the flexibility of oil/water interfaces255
30Transitions de monocouches a molecules polaires266
31Polymers at an interface; a simplified view270
32Shear-dependent slippage at a polymer/solid interface292
33Slippage of polymer melts on grafted surfaces297
34Injection threshold for a star polymer inside a nanopore304
35Injection threshold for a statistically branched polymer inside a nanopore311
36Mechanics of soft interfaces315
37Soft adhesives323
38Transient pores in stretched vesicles: role of leak-out327
39"Young" soap films347
40On fluid/wall slippage351
41Wetting: statics and dynamics357
42Dynamics of drying and film-thinnings395
43Tension superficielle des polymeres fondus405
44Etalement d'une goutte stratifiee incompressible410
45Dynamics of partial wetting417
46Fracture d'un adhesif faiblement reticule431
47Polymer-polymer welding and sliding437
48A model for contact angle hysteresis457
49Dynamics of wetting with nonideal surfaces. The single defect problem468
51Shocks in an inertial dewetting process482
52Dewetting of a water film between a solid and a rubber486
53Some remarks on coalescence in emulsions of foams491
54Two remarks on wetting and emulsions493
55Adhesion induced by mobile binders: dynamics497
56Sur l'impossibilite de certaines syntheses asymetriques505
57Pierre Curie et le role de la symetrie dans les lois physiques508
58Discrimination chirale dans une monocouche de Langmuir517
59Reflections on the mechamics of granular matter525
60Effect of topographic convergence on erosion processes553

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