Simply the Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Simply the Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber


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Disc 1

  1. With One Look
  2. Another Suitcase In Another Hall
  3. All I Ask Of You
  4. Heaven On Their Minds
  5. Half A Moment
  6. Whistle Down The Wind
  7. I Believe My Heart
  8. Only You
  9. Anything But Lonely
  10. Any Dream Will Do
  11. Starlight Express
  12. Buenos Aires
  13. The Point Of No Return
  14. Gethsamane

Disc 2

  1. Hosanna
  2. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
  3. Think Of Me
  4. All The Love I Have
  5. Seeing Is Believing
  6. Sunset Boulevard
  7. U-N-C-O-U-P-L-E-D
  8. High Flying Adored
  9. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  10. Starlight Express
  11. Tell Me On A Sunday
  12. There's Me
  13. Masquerade
  14. Love Changes Everything

Disc 3

  1. Evermore Without You
  2. Could We Start Again Please?
  3. Pie Jesu
  4. The First Man You Remember
  5. Rainbow High
  6. Angel Of Music
  7. Mr. Mistoffelees
  8. Unexpected Song
  9. Close Every Door
  10. Prima Donna
  11. The Last Man In My Life
  12. On This Night Of A Thousand Stars
  13. Pilate's Dream
  14. As If We Never Said Goodbye

Disc 4

  1. The Phantom Of The Opera
  2. Memory
  3. Oh What A Circus
  4. Music Of The Night
  5. The Perfect Year
  6. I Don't Know How To Love Him
  7. Too Much In Love To Care
  8. Macavity
  9. There Is More To Love
  10. King Herod's Sont
  11. Rolling Stock
  12. Our Kind Of Love
  13. Jesus Christ Superstar

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Walker   Conductor
Munich Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Kim Criswell   Vocals
Diane Langton   Vocals
Caroline O'Connor   Vocals
James Rainbird   Vocals
Sally Ann Triplett   Vocals
John Owen Edwards   Conductor
Dave Willetts   Vocals
John Barrowman   Vocals
Clive Carter   Vocals
Claire Moore   Vocals
Maria Friedman   Vocals
National Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Martin Yates   Conductor
Graham Bickley   Vocals
John Diedrich   Vocals
Andrew Halliday   Vocals
Karen Ziémba   Vocals
Janis Kelly   Vocals
Liz Robertson   Vocals
Andrew Newey   Vocals
Billy Hartman   Vocals
Katrina Murphy   Vocals
Jan Horvath   Vocals
Ethan Freeman   Vocals
Sean McDermott   Vocals
Jacqui Scott   Vocals
Simon Bowman   Vocals
Susan Egan   Vocals
David Shannon   Vocals
Megan Kelly   Vocals
Craig Barna   Conductor
Julian Kelly   Conductor
Christopher Biggins   Vocals
Clare Burt   Vocals
John Barrow   Vocals
Max Von Essen   Vocals
Shona Lindsay   Vocals
Clive Rowe   Vocals
Laurie Gayle Stephenson   Vocals
Phantom of the Opera Cast Ensemble   cast
Jacinta Whyte   Vocals
Ian McLarnon   Vocals
Oh What A Circus Chorus   cast
James Graeme   Vocals
Caroline O'Connor   Vocals
Carmen Cusack   Vocals
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Chorus   cast
Shona Lindsey   Vocals
Issy van Randwyck   Vocals
Cats Children's Choir   cast
Evita Cast Ensemble   cast
Jesus Christ Superstar Cast Ensemble   cast
Chris Walker   Conductor

Technical Credits

Jim Steinman   Lyricist
Don Black   Lyricist
Charles Hart   Lyricist
Richard Stilgoe   Lyricist
David Zippel   Lyricist
Tim Rice   Lyricist
John Yap   Producer
Alan Ayckbourn   Lyricist
Trevor Nunn   Lyricist
T.S. Eliot   Lyricist
Christopher Hampton   Lyricist
Andrew Wilkinson   Liner Notes
Ben Elton   Lyricist
John A. Yap   Producer

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