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Sinful Peck

Sinful Peck

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by Morgan Robertson
This Is A New Release Of The Original 1903 Edition.


This Is A New Release Of The Original 1903 Edition.

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McClure's Magazine and Metropolitan Magazine
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Barnes & Noble
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III , you're up against the real thing now," sang out the man in the rigging. " You won't mistreat Captain Jackson and Mr. Becker. Not much not while they've got guns, you pack o' wolves." " Now, Sinful, shut up," called the big giant; " and, Seldom " this to the Roman-nosed man in oil-skins " just lower that belayin'-pin. We'll talk this over with the skipper 'fore we take action. What does this mean, anyhow, Jackson ? " he said, looking up at the captain. " What does what mean ? " answered the captain, slowly, ignoring the insolence in the use of his name without his title. " Oh, you know us well enough. Why are we here, shanghaied in a bunch aboard your ship? Are you a party to it? Haven't you had enough o' this crowd? " " Candidly, I have. I know you all, though two or three appear to be missing in jail, I suppose. But you wouldn't have signed with me if I had been in the shipping-office, and as for being a party to shanghaiing you, if such is the case, why well, I'd go to a hotter region for a crew first. What do you want ? to live in the cabin ? " " We want you to turn back and put us ashore," said the spokesman, firmly. " We didn't sign your articles, and you've no earthly right " " Yes, they did, capt'n," interrupted the man in the rigging. " Yesterday afternoon they all signed. They were all drunk, but they signed. Get out your articles and you'll find their names, every one." The Roman-nosed man whirled in his tracks and sent the belaying-pin flying towards him, but it missed and went overboard. " I haven't seen the articles since they were returned to me," answered the captain, " and I don't know who signed. I merely paid a shipping-master for twenty-five men, and hesigned and delivered them mostly drunk. If you signed my articles I am wi...

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