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Sing A to Z

Sing A to Z

by Sharon, Lois & Bram

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Release Date:
Casablanca Kids

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sharon, Lois & Bram   Primary Artist
Nicole   Track Performer
Ken Bloom   Zither
Guido Basso   Harmonica,Trumpet,Flugelhorn
David Blamires   Voices,yodeling
Graham Townsend   Fiddle
Erik   Track Performer
Lois   Track Performer
Scott Alexander   Electric Bass,Electric Guitar,Acoustic Bass
Eugene Amaro   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone
Marie Berard   Violin
Casey   Track Performer
Arnie Chycoski   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Ron Dann   Pedal Steel Guitar
Michael Francis   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro,Electric Guitar
Jane Goodman   Vocals
David Hetherington   Cello
Bohdan Hluszko   Drums
Emily Howell   Vocals,Children's Voices
Chad Irschick   Bass
Scott Irvine   Tuba
Barry Keane   Drums
Brian Leonard   Percussion,Drums,Marimbas,Xylophone
Bob Livingston   Trombone
Paul Mills   Guitar,Ukulele,Vocals
Douglas Perry   Viola
Wendy Rose   Violin
Oliver Schroer   Fiddle,Hammered Dulcimer
Earl Seymour   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Tom Szczesniak   Synthesizer,Piano,Accordion
Vera Tarnowsky   Violin
Chris Whiteley   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Trumpet
Ted Quinlan   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Ken Whiteley   Banjo,Mandolin,Washboard,Jug,5-string Banjo
Bob McLaren   Drums
Sandi Miller   Children's Chorus
Grant Slater   Piano
Alexandra Sleightholm   Vocals,Children's Voices
Luke   Track Performer
Kim Brandt   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Arnie Chycowski   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Jacqueline Esler   Vocals
Luke Grogan   Vocals,Children's Voices
Petra Grutzmacher   Vocals
Sharon Hampson   Vocals
Cara Pifko   Vocals,Children's Voices
Jeff Rayman   Vocals
Tom Skublics   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Wendy Symister   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Garth Vogan   Electric Bass
Dave Zdrikuk   Acoustic Bass
Rick Whitelaw   Guitarron,Charango
Emma Taylor   Vocals,Children's Voices
Bram Morrison   Guitar,Vocals
Lindsey   Track Performer
Lois Lilienstein   Vocals
Jason Nelson   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Andrea Burton   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Alan Carlisle   Vocals
Andrew Cottrell   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Allison Howell   Vocals,Children's Voices
Adrienne McKenzie   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Bill Howell   Vocals
Sara Mills   Vocals
Julia Barrett   Children's Voices
Trisha Barrett   Vocals,Children's Voices
Kirk Elliott   Banjo,Mandolin,Accordion,Tenor Banjo
Guido Luciani   Guitar
Jassica Merek   Vocals,Children's Voices
Nicole Merek   Children's Voices
Erik Rayman   Children's Voices
Lindsay Rayman   Children's Voices
Londa Larmond   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Tamara Aedo-Rastillo   Vocals,Children's Voices
Diego   Track Performer
Jerry Johnson   Trombone
Tim Thornton Allan   Banjo,Tenor Banjo
Ciceal Levy   Children's Chorus
Ndija Anderson   Vocals,Children's Voices
Diego Barreda   Vocals,Children's Voices
Marlon Brown   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Samantha Burton   Children's Chorus
Caitlin Carlisle   Children's Voices
Chobi Liang   Vocals,Children's Voices
Craig Cottrell   Children's Chorus
Shawn Cottrell   Children's Chorus
Clara Berta Cuadra   Vocals,Children's Voices
Sarah Dunning   Vocals,Children's Voices
Fernanda Fuentes   Vocals,Children's Voices
Jack Goodman   Vocals
Susan Goodman   Vocals
Steve Irvine   Tuba
Wayne Larmond   Children's Chorus
Cileal Levy   Choir, Chorus
Pauline Levy   Choir Director
Janelle Morgan   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Ruth Morrison   Vocals
Tania Pacheco   Vocals,Children's Voices
Valeria Ratsch   Vocals,Children's Voices
Rita Rayman   Vocals
Nicole Raymond   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Casey Roberts   Vocals,Children's Voices
Christopher Roper   Vocals,Children's Voices
Tyler Roper   Vocals,Children's Voices
Evan Slinger   Vocals,Children's Voices
Victoria Slinger   Vocals,Children's Voices
Tania Toledo   Vocals,Children's Voices
Kids   Track Performer
Fernanda Villanueva   Vocals,Children's Voices
Dave Zdriluk   Slap Bass
Sandra Miller   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

David Blamires   Vocal Arrangements
Sharon, Lois & Bram   Vocal Arrangements,Concept
Shelly Berger   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Ron Dann   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Chad Irschick   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Instrument Arrangement
Brian Leonard   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Paul Mills   Arranger,Producer,Instrument Arrangement
Tom Szczesniak   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Andy Arntfield   Art Direction
Howard Cable   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Sharon Hampson   Vocal Arrangements,Concept
Kim Lafave   Illustrations
Tom Skublics   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Bram Morrison   Vocal Arrangements,Concept
Lois Lilienstein   Vocal Arrangements,Concept
Shirley Elliston   Composer
Joe Hampson   Vocal Arrangements
Guido Luciani   Instrument Arrangement
Traditional   Composer
Pauline Levy   Director
Issachar Miron   Composer

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