Sing Me a Love Song: 18 Country Hits

Sing Me a Love Song: 18 Country Hits

by Billy Walker

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  1. Funny How Time Slips Away  - Billy Walker
  2. Charlie's Shoes  - Billy Walker
  3. Cross the Brazos at Waco  - Billy Walker
  4. Circumstances  - Billy Walker
  5. When a Man Loves a Woman (The Way That I Love You)  - Billy Walker
  6. She Goes Walking Through My Mind  - Billy Walker
  7. I'm Gonna Keep on Keep on Loving You  - Billy Walker
  8. Sing Me a Love Song to Baby  - Billy Walker
  9. My Mind Hangs on to You  - Billy Walker
  10. Love Me Back to Heaven  - Billy Walker
  11. Let's Just Be Lovers (And Leave Love Alone)  - Billy Walker
  12. If You're Saving Part of You for Someone Else  - Billy Walker
  13. When You Lay Your Body Down  - Billy Walker
  14. Won't Somebody Tell Me Why I Ain't Got You  - Billy Walker
  15. Love Is Such a Sweet Surprise  - Billy Walker
  16. She Don't Make Me Cry  - Billy Walker
  17. Till I Drink Milwaukee Dry  - Billy Walker
  18. Honky Tonkitis  - Billy Walker

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