Singulier 81-89

Singulier 81-89

by Jean-Jacques Goldman

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Jean-Jacques Goldman's career as a French hitmaker is adequately detailed in this two-disc set, containing all of his singles -- both A-and-B sides -- as well as EP and live bonus cuts.See more details below


Jean-Jacques Goldman's career as a French hitmaker is adequately detailed in this two-disc set, containing all of his singles -- both A-and-B sides -- as well as EP and live bonus cuts.

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Disc 1

  1. Il Suffira d'Un Signe  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  2. Pas I'indifference  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  3. Quand la Musique Est Bonne  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  4. Comme Toi  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  5. Etre le Premier  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  6. Au Bout de Mes Reves  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  7. Je Ne Vous Parlerai Pas d'Elle  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  8. Si Tu M'Emmenes  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  9. Veiller Tard  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  10. Envole-Moi  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  11. Dors Bebe, Dors  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  12. Encore Un Matin  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  13. Long Is the Road  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  14. Nous Ne Nous Parlerons Pas  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  15. Petite Fille  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  16. Compte Pas Sur Moi  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  17. Je Te Donne  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  18. Confidentiel  - Jean-Jacques Goldman

Disc 2

  1. La Vie Par Procuration  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  2. Parler d'Ma Vie  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  3. Je Marche Seul  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  4. Famille
  5. Elle Attend  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  6. Pas Toi  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  7. Il Changeait la Vie  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  8. La-Bas  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  9. Elle a Fait Un Bebe Toute Seule  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  10. Puisque Tu Pars  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  11. C'Est Ta Chance  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  12. Reprendre C'Est Voler  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  13. Filles Faciles  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  14. Doux  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  15. Il y a  - Jean-Jacques Goldman
  16. peur de Rien Blues  - Jean-Jacques Goldman

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jean-Jacques Goldman   Primary Artist
Chet Baker   Musician
Jean-Jacques Milteau   Musician
Nonô   Musician
Clement Bailly   Musician
Michel Bernholc   Musician
Patrick Bourgoin   Musician
Marc Chantereau   Musician
Jean Yves d'Angelo   Musician
Pierre-Alain Dahan   Musician
Guy Delacroix   Musician
Lance Dixon   Musician
Claude Engel   Musician
Carole Fredericks   Musician
Joe Hammer   Musician
John Helliwell   Musician
Philippe Herpin   Musician
Joniece Jamison   Musician
Jean-Pierre Janiaud   Musician
Manu Katché   Musician
Max Middleton   Musician
Roland Romanelli   Musician
Patrice Tison   Musician
Alain Wisniak   Musician
Basil Leroux   Musician
Andy Scott's Sweet   Musician
Philippe Cerboneschi   Musician
Dominique Chalhoub   Musician
Thierry Durbet   Musician
Yves Jaget   Musician
Kamil Rustam   Musician
Georges Rodi   Musician
Alix Bailly   Musician
Antoine Dequi   Musician
Patrice Mondon   Musician
Jacky Mascarel   Musician
Ramon Roche   Musician
Alain Pewzner   Musician
Claude Samard   Musician
Bernard Ilous   Musician
Serge Devesvre   Musician
Dominique Poulain   Musician
Olivier do Espirito Santo   Musician
Jean Christophe Vareille   Musician
Michael Caton Jones   Musician
Jean Gauthier   Musician
Albane Alcalay   Musician
Guy Alcalay   Musician
Catherine Bonnevay   Musician
Manuela Brisson   Musician
Claude Le Peron   Musician
Luis Clos   Musician
J.L. Delest   Musician
Peter Graigie   Musician
Philippe Grandvoinet   Musician
G. Kawczynski   Musician
Bertin Meynard   Musician

Technical Credits

Michael Jones   Composer
Jean-Jacques Goldman   Composer,Producer,Digital Layout
Max Middleton   Contributor
Steve Parker   Producer
Andy Scott   Contributor
Marc Lumbroso   Producer,Digital Layout
Alexis Grosbois   Concept
Steve Parker   Digital Layout

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