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Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

4.6 3
by R. J. Palmer

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A minister losing touch with his faith...

A severely autistic child with no past, no present and no real future...

An evil older than time itself...

When the boy Lucian is thrown into Aaron's life with nowhere else to go all hell breaks loose and Aaron confronts things he never actually imagined could really exist in an effort to save one small, tortured


A minister losing touch with his faith...

A severely autistic child with no past, no present and no real future...

An evil older than time itself...

When the boy Lucian is thrown into Aaron's life with nowhere else to go all hell breaks loose and Aaron confronts things he never actually imagined could really exist in an effort to save one small, tortured child.

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Meet the Author

Hi there.

I'm R.J. Palmer and I'm told that I should write a little something about myself at which point I should probably tell you that if you slog through this I give you kudos, you've done very well. You see, there is nothing the least bit interesting about me and in truth sometimes I believe that I live vicariously through characters of my own creation in which case I should probably seek professional help straightaway.

I could bore you with dry facts recited by rote but that would be contra-indicative of my personality type which demands that I at least make this somewhat interesting regardless of the enormity of the task involved. Easier said than done I can assure you.

Good God, you guys want to know MORE about me? Okay, fine then. Here goes. My husband has longish brown hair and pretty hazel eyes. Ooohhhh, wait. That had nothing to do with me, did it? You can blame Wodke Hawkinson for this bio because you really got me onto having to think about the least related answer while tying it all together.

Should I get more serious now? Nah! Here's the 411 on the Head Wingnut in Charge...Or at least I am in my head. I'm an awesome writer and I buy in bulk whenever possible because the dozens of kids that I have eat a LOT! Okay, so that was a bit of an exaggeration but they seem like dozens when they all get going. Can I get an "Amen?" And why does it seem like all of them like to get an ornery attitude at the exact same time? Do they synchronize their watches and plan this stuff ahead of time? One of my favorite colors is that orangey yellow of the school bus even though it's a horrible eye sore.

Okay, now that you all know I'm a writer with a husband and children, I could let you know that I like to drink Guinness stout and I got mad when they took the widget out of the bottle. You know, that little plastic thingy that made noise when you were getting the stuff that looks like coffee grounds (Mmmm...coffee) out of the bottom of your beer bottle. I think people decided that the widget took up too much space that could've been better used for more beer. Not that I don't understand, I guess I just like crunchy beer or something like that. I like to chew that last swallow of my stout. I'm going to stop this bio before it gets any more idiotic.

You can find me at http://rjpalmer.blogspot.com

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Sins of the Father 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
raynefirewitch More than 1 year ago
Overall Feedback: To be fair from the start again I will state that this is a book written by my wife and my review may be skewed by this. For this reason I will take away one star from the start so it will be an even playing field. On to the review… After her first novel “Birthright” I knew I would be in for a good read and that overall I would enjoy the experience. I however had not expected to enjoy myself as much as I did. As all married couples know, we must be supportive of our spouse and the excursions into what makes them happy. I thought I would do just that and give the token husband “I Love It” speech and that would be that. “Birthright” has not been edited so RJ’s penchant for the overuse of words in her storytelling shined through unimpeded. This time though she went for broke and has had “Sins of the Father” edited and a professional cover created to reflect her growth in both her craft and her understanding of how to publish credible work. I was intrigued by the story and how it transformed throughout the pages. I was taken back when all the small details left in the pages became important in the end. To accurately sum it up, this is RJ’s “here I am” and “I have learned to better my writing” book and I am sure others will agree. I still believe she has more to give and I can only say that it can only get better when the author is still striving to learn more about their craft. Sins delivered far above my expectations of what RJ may have been capable of in writing even before it was edited. She took the reviews from “Birthright” and used that criticism to better her own skills instead of whining and pouting and then quitting. Now after reading the edited version of Sins I would have to say that she is serious about her chosen career and she is doing what she can to be the best. Sins is a great possibility to be her breakout work and I hope it does just that for her. Not because I am her husband but because I am an avid reader (300 books last year) and this has got to be the best I have read since “Indie Chicks”. After reading this book I was actually excited to talk to the author, in person, about what they wrote. I can not believe it but when I look back I was so acting like a fan. So go ahead and at least sample the book. After the sample (50 percent) I am sure you will agree. Point of View: The story is third person from Bowen/Lucian’s mind. Voice: In each story we find ourselves relating to the characters in our own way but I really feel that RJ was telling us a little about her feelings as a child in this one. It is only up to us to read between the lines. Character Development: You find yourself trying to protect Bowen/Lucian through your minds eye and trying to shake Aaron loose from his lost faith. Lena starts off brusk but ends up as your favorite busy body. Plot: There are things in this universe that defy explanation so this could be true or it could be myth but you will follow along with a dry mouth and panic in your heart for the black is always there. Dialogue: Seeing that this takes place in the “Midwest” I would have to say the dialogue was spot on for the present day characters. The Welsh dialogue was intriguing to see included as was seeing the author jump back in time and still manage to keep up with the dialogue used. Pacing: If you are looking for a coffee table read, move on, if not then pull up a comfy chair, blanket and good drink because you will not want to put it down. Setting: RJ was able to move in and out of past and present settings without disturbing the story. She also was able to keep the descriptions concise but leave room for the reader to imagine where they were without being handheld there. Continuity: No issues here. RJ was able to lead the reader along and give tidbits here and there but not give away the entire plot. She then ties everything off in the end superbly. The reader will have a moment of “wow” that was why they said this or did this and that is where that came from or that is why that happened. Impressive to the last period.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trisha Dawn Daffon for Readers' Favorite "Sins of the Father" tells the story of two people who are from different worlds. There is Bowen, a child who has had misfortune of the worst kind and there is Aaron who has lived a saintly life but is miserable over his own questionable belief of the Higher Power. Both of them eventually cross each other's paths and each has played an important role in both of their lives. However, what holds them connected is a darkness so poisonous that it has also the potential to destroy humankind. The situation that they have gotten themselves into needed a deeper understanding which did not come for a while. In this journey that Bowen and Aaron undertook, they found themselves in a race against time and evil. It is only a matter of realization with which they would find the most powerful tool that could be used to end this as soon as possible. I absolutely love this book. The details of the story are written very well. I can actually see the story unfold as I read each word. I admit though that there were a few moments where I had difficulties in understanding the tale but as I read further, I would just pick up an idea or two and everything would be clear right away. Then, the matter about the characters. I like the fact that they are realistic and a great representation of human beings and one of their greatest weaknesses. In general, I love how dark and mysterious the story is and in the end, light is valued greatly. I am very much satisfied about how the story ends. The book really deserves that kind of ending. Along with that, I have also picked some life lessons and realizations. For a dark-themed book, it is actually a light that can guide those who are at war with their human flaws.
MagnumOpus More than 1 year ago
Full of twists and turns. Gripping and edging. You won't be able to out it down. God knows I didn't.