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Sins of the Mother

Sins of the Mother

by Cheryl Saban

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Good intentions can't redeem the poor writing, clunky melodrama and cursory characterization in this preachy thriller. San Francisco's Alison Young, co-founder of a successful women's magazine, has kept her past secret from her husband of eight years and her 17-year-old daughter, Destiny. But the truth threatens to emerge when rapist Country Davis, Destiny's biological father, is released from Folsom Prison and threatens to reclaim Alison and reveal his identity to his daughter. Destiny, meanwhile, has hired PI Harvey Anderson to track down the MIA Vietnam vet to whom Alison has attributed her paternity. Harvey is led to recall Alison's rape, which happenedin a tidy coincidencewhen he was a rookie cop. Increasing mother-daughter tension, meanwhile, prompts Destiny to leave home and move in with her boyfriend. Having discovered that Destiny wants to be a singer, Country entices her to meet him by pretending to be a record promoter. The obligatory bloody showdown at the end is not nearly as deadly as Saban's prose ("Almost by instinct, Harvey patted his side, touching the lump that was his gun"). An epilogue gives a textbook definition of rape, the history of American rape laws and the phone number of the Rape/Sexual Abuse Hotline. Author tour; simultaneous Dove audio. (June)
Library Journal
Nearly 20 years ago, 18-year-old Alison Young was brutally raped and bore a child as a result. Today, Alison has a great lifea beloved teenage daughter named Destiny, a happy marriage with advertising executive Collin Archer, and a successful, challenging career as a magazine editor. Alison's fairy-tale existence shatters, however, when the man who attacked her comes back into her life. Country Davis has been in prison for the past 18 years and now has returned to claim his woman and his daughter. Posing as a music executive, he lays a clever plan to snare Destiny, a promising young singer. Alison has kept her secret locked tight, and she does not know where to turn for help. Complicating matters is the fact that Destiny, obsessed with finding out about her father, has hired a private investigator to dig into her mother's past. First novelist Saban, a TV scriptwriter and author of Miracle Child (New Horizon, 1993), carefully builds the tension as the members of this family struggle to handle the very real danger than threatens to destroy all they hold dear. For most fiction collections.Maria A. Perez-Stable, Western Michigan Univ. Libs., Kalamazoo, Mich.

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