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Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh

by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson

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Children's Literature
Walter Raleigh's life can be likened to a wave on the ever-changing ocean—constantly going from great heights to deep depths, shifting with the tides, and fighting to find a favorable placement among a multitude of similar others. Sir Walter Raleigh had an adventuresome streak that led him far from his English home to explore distant lands, facing many dangers along the way. Both before and after his many explorations, he sought favor with Queen Elizabeth of England, who kept him in and out of favor as suited her whim. Raleigh also explored the Americas and established colonies. When he returned from the colonies, he introduced smoking a pipe of tobacco to his English household. This resulted in a servant throwing a bucket of water in Raleigh's face, because he thought Raleigh was on fire. By the time he died, Raleigh had explored and studied more distant lands than many men combined. This is an engaging biography about an explorer who hungered for power and adventure. The book is well-written and aimed at an elementary-school audience. The paintings and maps lend authenticity to the story. The cartoonish drawings in each chapter are silly and detract from the story, but the book is well researched and thought provoking. Although it is doubtful children will pick it up to read for fun on their own, this title is an excellent source of information and would be a worthy addition to school libraries. 2005, Lerner Publications, Ages 10 up.
—Caitlyn Payne

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