Sir William Jones: Selected Poetical and Prose Works

Sir William Jones: Selected Poetical and Prose Works

by Michael John Franklin, Michael J. Franklin

ISBN-10: 0708312942

ISBN-13: 9780708312940

Pub. Date: 05/11/1993

Publisher: University of Wales Press

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University of Wales Press
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CYMRU-Contemporary German Writers Ser.
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Table of Contents

The Published Works of Sir William Jones
1Caissa, or, The Game at Chess (1763)3
2The Seven Fountains, An Eastern Allegory (1767)14
3Solima, an Arabian Eclogue (1768)31
4The Palace of Fortune, An Indian Tale (1769)36
5The Damsels of Cardigan52
6Kneel to the Goddess (1780)57
7On Seeing Miss * * * Ride by Him, Without Knowing Her (1780)62
8The Fountain Nymph (1781)66
9The Muse Recalled: An Ode on the Nuptials of Lord Viscount Althorp and Miss Lavinia Bingham (6 March 1781)69
10An Ode in Imitation of Alcaeus (31 March 1781)76
11The Enchanted Fruit; or, The Hindu Wife (1784)80
12A Hymn to Camdeo (1784)98
13A Hymn to Narayena (1785)104
14A Hymn to Sereswaty (1785)113
15A Hymn to Ganga (1785)123
16A Hymn to Indra (1785)133
17A Hymn to Surya (1786)143
18A Hymn to Lacshmi (1788): Two Hymns to Pracriti153
19The Hymn to Durga (1788)168
20The Hymn to Bhavani (1788)179
21A Persian Song of Hafiz (1771)185
22From The Moallakat; or Seven Arabian Poems (1782)189
23Sacontala; or, The Fatal Ring by Kalidasa (1789)213
24Gitagovinda by Jayadeva (1789)298
25Essay on the Poetry of the Eastern Nations (1772)319
26An Essay on the Arts, Commonly Called Imitative (1772)337
27From On the Gods of Greece, Italy, and India (1784)348
28The Third Anniversary Discourse, on the Hindus, delivered to the Asiatic Society, 2 February 1786355
Political Writings
29A Speech on the Nomination of Candidates to Represent the County of Middlesex, ix September MDCCLXXX371
30A Speech to the Assembled Inhabitants of the Counties of Middlesex and Surry, the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark (On the Reformation of Parliament) xxviii May MDCCLXXXII383
31The Principles of Government (1782)393
Textual Notes403
Select Bibliography411

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