Sisters of Valor

Sisters of Valor

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by Rosalie Turner

A perfect fit for book club or military history discussions; SISTERS OF VALOR reveals the sometimes-forgotten valor of the service wife during the Vietnam War years, told through four very different women who come together and find the support they need. The women grapple with what the Vietnam War meant to us as a country and to them personally. "This book evokes


A perfect fit for book club or military history discussions; SISTERS OF VALOR reveals the sometimes-forgotten valor of the service wife during the Vietnam War years, told through four very different women who come together and find the support they need. The women grapple with what the Vietnam War meant to us as a country and to them personally. "This book evokes poignant memories. 'They also serve who only stand and wait' these words from the 17th century English writer, John Milton, describe our lives as military wives. Our silent service to our country resonates through the years." — Alma Powell, wife of General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.), former Secretary of State.

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Sisters of Valor 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
usmchangout More than 1 year ago
This is a truly amazing book of the Military Wife sisterhood. It doesn't matter if you are a former spouse, current spouse, or what year you were a military spouse. You will find yourself captivated by the stories of these four woman who had to say good-bye to their husbands as they went off to the Vietnam War. As a military wife 50 years later, I found myself relating to every detail of these women's lives, as they learned to cope with learning how to deal with things on their own. Kids, House, Bills, Sadness, lonely nights, Holidays, and everything in between. I myself always wondered what it would have been like to be a military spouse in the past. I always assumed it would have been so much different than being a military spouse in todays world. But it's not. They faced the same fears, the same obstacles. Nothing has changed but time. This is a MUST read for any military spouse whether past or present. You will not be able to put this book down, and you may, as I did, also find comfort in knowing you are never alone.
ClaudiaP More than 1 year ago
"Sisters of Valor" is a unique and thought-provoking glimpse into the life, heart and mind of a soldier's wife, more specifically a Vietnam era soldier's wife. Having actually lived the experience of which she's writing lends author Rosalie Turner unimaginable insight into her characters . insight that would otherwise be impossible. This personal familiarity authenticates her story like nothing else could, shedding much deserved light on the silent sacrifices made by our nation's military wives. The reader is invited into the heart of the main character, Susan Mitchell, and her three fellow "sisters of valor", Rose Magda and Texanne. The story follows the lives of these four friends as they endure the hardships of maintaining their homes, raising their children, and sustaining normalcy as much as possible while their husbands are deployed to the jungles of Vietnam in service to their country . a country that is unabashedly vocal about protesting the war that these dedicated men are so valiantly fighting. As if being estranged from their husbands isn't bad enough, the wives have to deal with the social unrest and controversy over U.S. involvement in Vietnam, dissension that sometimes invades the confines of their very own families. All four of these wives have distinctively different personalities and varying ways of dealing with twelve months of deployment separation. As dissimilar as they are, they share a common thread . a bond of sisterhood. They share the loneliness, the fear, the void, the despair, and the ever-looming threat of the knock on the door that will deliver the devastating news that their husband won't be coming home. When that knock came for one of these four women in the story, my heart broke as surely as the character's did. I felt myself gasp as I read what she was hearing . that her husband had been killed in the Republic of South Vietnam. This is a deeply poignant reading experience. It honors military spouses of not only the Vietnam theatre, but all theatres of war. It's a great book for military lovers, and lovers of romance alike. Turner has a wonderful way with words, and a gift for sharing the character's emotion with her reader. This story will tug hard on the heart, tempt some tears, and rekindle poignant memories of the tumultuous era in American history that claimed the lives of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and 58,000 heroic American soldiers who paid the ultimate price for their service in Southeast Asia.
kepgeek More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wondered what I would be like having your husband deployed and in harm's way? Have you ever wondered what your wife is going through while you are doing your job as a member of the United States Armed Forces half a world away? Have you ever thought of what your mother went through when you dad was deployed? Sister's of Valor answers these and more questions. Rosaline T. Turner tells the the story of four women's experience as their husbands are serving in Viet-Nam. We meet Captain Paul Mitchell and his wife Susan, the story's main character. Paul is a United States Marine Corps company commander. They are from Iowa. We meet Gunnery Sergeant Louis Siconi and Rose. We meet Texanne and her husband Robert the S-1 in Saigon. We meet Magda Spencer from Pennsylvania and her husband Jerry the pilot. The author has crafted wonderful characters. It is through these characters she does a wonderful job of telling the story. And she is a very good story teller. We feel the pain of a country divided and the impact of antiwar protestors. We see the value of building a support group. We learn how to deal with visiting parents and pressures of parents to move back home. We see some turn to drink to cope. We experience the pressures from family from extended family for financial assistance. We feel the bitterness of extended activity duty due to a person's military occupational skill being deemed as critical. We share the joy of the birth of a child while marine husband is deployed. We experience the trials of traveling by ourselves with two small children to go home for Christmas and the holidays without our spouse. We feel the terror of the Tet Offensive and the support of our friends during this trying time. We see how some of the women feel guilty that their husband is in a safer job. We share the thrill of talking to a spouse half a world away via a HAM a radio link. We learn of the good and bad of R & R. We feel the loneliness: going out to bar without your spouse, loneliness and falling to temptation while on R & R in Australia. We deal with a potential major illness of a child without our spouse. We survive the craziness of the Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations. We have the dreaded official car drive to our house with the notification of the death of our husband. We experience a husband missing in action. And we have reflection a quarter of a century later. The book is excellent. It is a very interesting story told by a master story teller. I recommend it for persons' whose spouse or parents were deployed during the Viet-Nam War. The book's message is timeless. It would be a good read for a person whose spouse is in the Middle East today. My father was career military. He was in Viet-Nam in 1963-1964. I was 10 and 11 years old when he was deployed. Reading the book has given me a new appreciation of what my mother went through while he was gone. I am a former US Army officer. The book helped me have a better understanding of what my wife went through during my deployments as well. To Rosaline T. Turner - thank you for a needed book. I have several friends to whom I have already recommended the book. It will help them as they deal with what their daughters or daughters-in-law are facing today with their husbands in harm's way.