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Six Days in January

Six Days in January

4.5 9
by William Fredrick Cooper

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Just after midnight on a bitterly cold Thursday in January, William McCall is stumbling down an icy Manhattan street, wondering when things started to go wrong. As he makes his way to an empty subway station, he begins piecing together the events and relationships that have led him to this moment — alone, ashamed, and kicked out into the cold — and


Just after midnight on a bitterly cold Thursday in January, William McCall is stumbling down an icy Manhattan street, wondering when things started to go wrong. As he makes his way to an empty subway station, he begins piecing together the events and relationships that have led him to this moment — alone, ashamed, and kicked out into the cold — and suddenly realizes that he wants to become a better man. Over the next six days, William will examine the events that led to his downward spiral...and, if he can finally confront the feelings that he has kept buried, restore his faith in himself.

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"[A] testimonial to the fact that men do have real feelings.... Full of emotion [and] fiery sex scenes!"

— Zane

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William Fredrick Cooper is the author of Six Days in January and There’s Always a Reason.

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Six Days in January 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do yourself a favor and read this book! This book was almost too personal for me to read; in fact I stopped and started several times before I completed the journey. I can attest that Williams story is not at all unique only to William… many men have gone through that type of love and loss and as a result have shut down, shut up and closed off. The irony however is that One can never really close themselves off to love because we are all designed from God Agape love and our jobs here on earth is to give love and to know it in return... It is our birthright! My prayer is that this book will open the eyes of women to understand that Men indeed feel the same things we do, although it may be manifested and exhibited differently at its core REAL LOVE from a man is parallel to yours and he deserves it back from you. Men understand that WE NEED YOU JUST AS YOU NEED US! Prayerfully we will come to that understanding together and walk into the beautiful divine destiny that was designed for us all. There were no exceptions to this in God's plan, if You are at a place where YOU believe YOU/SHE/HE is an exception check the part you played or play in their coming to that decision. Blessings
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, so i'm a lil' backwards here. I read William F. Cooper's 2nd book 1rst and his 1rst book 2nd! Oh well!! LOL I'm sure my review would have been the same either way. While reading '6 Days in January' I saw a number of the same things going on in my life. Now I don't think I was ever a player, but I can relate to the William's character and his emotions. It's hard to be real person and show true emontions these days. William gave his ALL in hopes of winning his 'soulmate'. In the end it always seems the one 'just like him' ends up winning. I can truly relate to that feeling. It's crazy I know! Now I can't say I would have ever went as far as William did to try and win Andrea's heart. I guess I've just never felt love like that yet. I hated how Andera used William the way she did. It shows how weak some women are. Yet a the same time, it showed the true devotion from a male's point of view that is so rarely seen. I love to see a man who isn't afraid to show his true emotions and his love. Cooper showed a lot of emotions in his William character. He did an excllent job writing his debut novel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The title and cover alone, is so eye catching, that I was very intrigued to read it. After reading Six Days in January, it was great to know that MEN also go through the emotional strains and sprains of LOVE. William F. Cooper is an excellent and creative writer. Six Days In January showed that men have a sensitive side and women should be aware of it and embrace & nuture this side of the man. Six Days in January also, pointed out how a man's LOVE for a women can and will mold him, make him and can ultimately destroy him for other good and more deserving women. GREAT JOB
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Have you ever met a woman perfectly designed to tear a man¿¿s heart into pieces?' 6 Days In January by William Frederick Cooper, is a powerful modern day tale that lures the reader through a forbidden and candid journey into the mind of a Black man whose deepest, most compassionate and forbidden desires to fall in love, are scornfully tainted and toyed with by one women, and until the bitter end of this engaged-filled urban drama that will lend to controversy on today¿¿s Black relationships. William Mc Call, is the young, debonair and athletically built dream man. He¿s the man every woman would want, and the executive for a top New York firm. He¿s got it all. His mischievous prowess and unassuming charm has earned him many sexual, and dangerous encounters with women throughout this spin-of- the-tale- modern day shattered and dangerously twisted romance story set in the heart of New York City. Movie screen ready, 6 Days In January breeds an accurate depiction of New York familiarity scenic wise, and also, enchants the reader with nuances of melodic R& B songs that set the mood of this calculating drama that unfolds day by day, and minute by minute. However, Della is the lady with a female aura that men of today will blame for their hopelessness of finding true love as William cautiously attempts to win over her heart at 'The Game of Love.' Della tortures William Mc Call, and forbids his advances with touch- and- go, love- me- or- hate me, stay- or -leave me behavior that is enough to drive a man insanely mad. It is rather comical, but simultaneously sad and demeaning behavior on the part of Della, 'The Diva!' Meanwhile, Andrea, a forsaken soul who possesses the same chord of dissonance as Della, but William is able to weather a relationship with, becomes entangled in William¿s backlashes and transfer of failed emotions over Della¿s consistent rejection of his truest heartfelt emotions. She is rude and brash. William¿s conscious thoughts entertainingly talk aloud and becomes a mind bearing hunt to find the questions to the answers he does not know, and nor does the readers second guess until the very end. What will drive William to finally say that the hunt is over or will the hunt ever stop? Will he find the answers to Della¿s rejection? Will he fall out of love for Della, and finally fall in love with Angela Johnson? Will Della see in William what other women like Andrea see. There are many issues seeping below each character in 6 Days In January. The women will say, the rejected man is aggressive, overly confident, irresponsible, cocky, rude, not good enough in bed, a player, liar and cheat, but William is the anti-thesis of these stereotypical views. William buys flowers, acknowledges a woman¿s space, need for security, fluctuating and rampant emotions of jealousy, memories of a troubled upbringing, disappointing past relationships, and a need for wanting to be loved, nurtured and appreciated. His character is breathtaking and resembles a seasoned connoisseur of romance. The answers may lie in the one and only truth that a female reading this book will understand as she gets to know Della, 'The Perfectly Designed Heartbreak Woman,' and that men who read this book will only begin to learn the signs after the lesson is over. What is the lesson? ' The woman never loved you.' Every man should read this book to learn and celebrate the truth of William¿s reality and decide for oneself if it is a travesty or a triumphant reawakening from the female and male¿s perspective. Do not think you have discovered all of the answers by reading this review. What happens to William is earth shattering, but a powerful testament that the strength of a man¿s soul lies in his mind. Find out if William loses his mind in '6 Days in January?' 'One man¿s book, his soul, and thousands of methodical pressure points that haunt the single man¿s human incognita to the point of no return.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be great! I've never read a book written from this prospective. This young man is sensitive and not afraid to show that men have feelings also. A must read for women who think that all men are about one thing and only want to take advantage of them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Six Days In January... is a story that screams reality. Throughout this intelligent, thoughtful and deeply poignant novel the main character, William McCall, during his intense introspection, often declares 'sometimes love does these things to a Black man.' The product of a single parent home, William's mother taught him to respect women, to always be caring and tender and gentle. And he is, at first. Sadly, in displaying these very characteristics to the love of his life, he is repeatedly taken for granted, brushed aside and left with his heart in tiny pieces. When 'Six Days...' opens, the William we meet has turned off these natural characteristics and the result is a man whose only regard is for self. He has just been kicked to the curb by his girlfriend, Della, because she is tired of being taken for granted, brushed aside and left with her heart in tiny pieces. The novel takes you back in time as William reflects on what brought him to this point, and how he became the man of Della's past. Throughout the narrative, Fredrick Cooper takes you on a journey through life, through true, unconditional love and shows you in bold color one man's perserverence and pain. He shows you the side of a man, most men are not confident enough to reveal. He shows you that men are not very different from women. Their hearts break like ours, they love like we do, they cry, just like we do. What else can I say? Buy this book. Read this book. Open up your hearts and listen to Fredrick Cooper.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Cooper's book delves deep within the heart and mind of a black man struggling to come to terms with unrequited love, disappointment, and heartbreak. You will at times feel frustrated with the main character's reluctance to give up on his true love while at the same time understand how deep his love for her runs. Cooper has crafted a novel that weaves the story of a young man and his relationships interspersed with the music and happenings of the times against the dynamic backdrop of New York City and its boroughs. With keen insight, expressive narrative and frankness, Cooper has laid bare the soul of a black man who loved a woman hard and strong to show the pain and anguish that men often encounter in relationships.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Poignant, humorous, entertaining.....I loved it.