Six of the Best: a collection of spanking stories

Six of the Best: a collection of spanking stories

by C. Margery Kempe, Shashauna P. Thomas, Congressio, Simon Asquith

Six fabulous spanking stories by some of Xcite's favourite writers.

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Six fabulous spanking stories by some of Xcite's favourite writers.

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Six of the Best Spanking Stories
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‘What are you going to do? Spank me?’ I chuckled before the reality hit me that maybe taunting a dom like James wasn’t too smart.
‘Matter-of-fact I am. I know it’s what you want.’ 
I began to protest, shaking my head, telling him I wasn’t really into this stuff. James didn’t listen as he stood me up and walked me over to the two-way mirror. Placing my palms flat on the glass he whispered, ‘This way you can get your punishment, while watching your friend get her reward.’ 
Nervous about what James was about to do I hadn’t been paying attention to Maria. Apparently when she’d come she’d asked for permission and Evan now was rewarding her by spanking her ass with a leather paddle. I watched even though it was hard to pay attention as James pulled my thong down to my ankles then spread my legs as wide as possible while lifting up the skirt. 
He leaned over and whispered ‘Now don’t come without asking for permission.’ 
Before I could even reply his hand came down on my bare cheek. I squeaked at the stinging sensation, and before the sensation passed his hand came down on the other cheek. He alternated cheeks, caressing my heated flesh between swipes. My cheeks heated under his onslaught.
I didn’t think it was possible, but with each strike my arousal grew. Moisture began dripping down the inside of my legs. My fingers and toes began curling as I began sticking my butt out further, anticipating his next hit. Sometimes he’d break up the pattern by hitting further down, inches away from my dripping pussy. If the sensations wasn’t enough his naughty words of encouragement alone would’ve had me aroused, something I thought impossible so soon after my first orgasm. 
He kept telling me how beautiful my ass looked all red from a spanking, how he couldn’t wait to use a paddle on me next time, how he knew I was the one he’d been looking for, and all the fun he’d have training me, bringing out my true submissive nature. All this, while hearing Maria moan, and beg for more while watching Evan spank her with a black flogger. It was becoming too much and I felt my orgasm building once more. James must’ve sensed it. ‘If you come without asking the next punishment won’t be as much fun.’

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