Sixth Sense: Everyday Experiences and What They Reveal

Sixth Sense: Everyday Experiences and What They Reveal

by Sue Bishop

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From ghosts and premonitions to poltergeists and out of body experiences, everyday stories of sixth sense encounters, helping readers to discover the power of their own intuition

This remarkable collection reveals about life beyond the one we know and how to better use one's sixth sense. This latent talent is explored


From ghosts and premonitions to poltergeists and out of body experiences, everyday stories of sixth sense encounters, helping readers to discover the power of their own intuition

This remarkable collection reveals about life beyond the one we know and how to better use one's sixth sense. This latent talent is explored here, including tips developing one's own sixth sense to help guide in decision-making. This guide also discusses out-of-body experiences and deja-vu, and answers such questions as: If you glimpse the future, does this mean you can change your destiny? Where does fate come into play? Why are animals often able to sense things the rest of us find hard to pick up? Why are some places haunted, and others not? What causes poltergeists and how can you move them on? Where do lost souls go? What are doppelgangers, and are they cause for concern? Why does spirit activity often take place at night? These topics and more are covered in mesmerizing detail.

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Sixth Sense

Everyday Experiences and What They Reveal

By Sue Bishop

Allen & Unwin

Copyright © 2011 Sue Bishop
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-74269-343-9


Your Sixth Sense

Your sixth sense is your extraordinary sensory gift. It wins hands down over your other five senses, yet remains the most under-utilised. That's because we're not taught enough about our sixth sense and what it can do for us. While it's largely associated with the paranormal, the sixth sense can be used in so many ways in our everyday life. Most of us are held back by a lack of faith in our incredible gift. Why not place a little trust in your sixth sense and see what happens?

There are all kinds of ways you can experience your sixth sense — from seeing premonitions to having gut feelings about a situation or an event. Or you may be able to read other people and know what they are going to do or say before they do it. What a truly wonderful gift! Imagine being able to grab little snapshots of the future and then using these insights to make your life a whole lot easier.

Your sixth sense heightens your awareness of what's really going on inside you and around you. It's as if you are standing in the middle of a forest on a foggy winter morning and don't know which way to turn because everything is so hazy. Suddenly the fog lifts and you're able see everything around you with a crisp clearness. That's the beautiful thing about the sixth sense — it reveals things in their true light. But that's not all it can do. By expanding your perception, the sixth sense helps you to make better life choices by giving you an inner knowing of what is right for you.

Close your eyes for a moment and look back to a time in your life when you abandoned cold logic and followed your intuition. You made the right choice, didn't you? The voice of your soul is the one part of you that's never wrong! It doesn't make mistakes because it works with emotional intelligence.

Heartfelt choices come from your inner truth. Your rational mind understands practical matters but doesn't always have the bigger picture in its sight. If someone at work said to you, 'You're never going to get the promotion you want because you haven't got the talent,' would you believe them? Cold logic will naturally highlight all your faults, and you could easily talk yourself out of going for the promotion. But if your soul said, 'This is right for me, I know I can do the job,' then that instinct needs to be honoured because your soul knows your destiny. Trust that your soul will make the best choices for you, especially during life's critical moments.

Try this exercise if you find yourself unable to make important decisions because conflicting thoughts are bouncing through your mind.

Perhaps the greatest gift the sixth sense gives us is the means to reach across the veil of death and reconnect with our loved ones on the other side. Just because someone is in Spirit now doesn't mean they're completely out of the picture. Death doesn't seem so final when you can sit in your living room and reconnect with people you've missed for a very long time. Mediums can help you open the door to the other side. But I'll let you in on a little secret — you don't need to go to a medium to contact your loved ones. You can do this yourself by working with your sixth sense. Imagine making the dearly departed part of your life again. Wouldn't that be fantastic! And what a shame it would be to bury this part of us.


The Twilight Zone

Having recently had a close and unsettling encounter with a ghost I decided to get away for a lovely holiday and found myself on the party island of Ios, a tiny two-town island near Santorini in Greece. After a night of drinking too many cocktails I awoke to find many white, transparent, faceless beings standing in front of me. There they were, row after row of beings made out of light, with the wall clearly behind them. I couldn't discern any facial features, only the outline of human bodies. They didn't say anything. They didn't do anything. I woke up my room-mates and asked if they could see anything. No, they couldn't. This didn't help because I could still see the figures as plain as day.

Putting it down to too much partying, I picked up a book and went outside and sat in the small rocky garden to wake myself up. Every five minutes or so I looked up from my novel, and saw these beings still surrounding me. After an hour I crossed the road to a tavern and sat down with my room-mates and ordered breakfast, hoping that a good meal would ground me. Even as I struck up a conversation with the young Swedish couple sitting opposite me, everywhere I turned, everywhere I looked, there they were — row after row of white, faceless beings.

This went on all day. They followed me down the narrow whitewashed streets and into the small shops, silently watching me as I browsed through racks of colourful clothes. Nothing seemed to scare them off, not even the noisy crowd of tourists at the boisterous bar by the beach where I sat and sipped mineral water. I was desperately hoping my faceless army would eventually disappear into thin air. But they didn't. By the end of the day I felt traumatised. I remember walking down the hillside with the red-hued setting sun disappearing behind the sea, and thinking to myself, 'What if they never go away?' The next morning I woke up and they were gone. It had never crossed my mind to speak to them to find out what they wanted.

At the time I just left it as one of those 'twilight moments' and didn't think about it any more. Only the other day Diana, a lovely student of mine, emailed me and asked, 'Who do you think they were?' She surmised that perhaps they were the spirits of the fallen. Many battles had been fought on this tiny island, famous for being the place where the poet Homer spent his final years. Even as late as the sixteenth century countless lives were lost in pirate battles that raged around that part of the Aegean. I agree with Diana and now feel that the faceless souls I saw had all fallen in battle together. They were following me en masse in the hope that I could help them. Sadly, at the time I had no idea how to do so.

In all subsequent experiences with guides or other spirits I have never seen such an army of faceless beings. I believe they were following me because they knew I could see them, and it gave them an acknowledgement that someone knew they were real. I wish now I had stopped to listen to their story.

This experience in Greece was a turning point for me. After this, I became driven to find out how to work with my sixth sense, to get some peace of mind. I was tired of living in the twilight zone. No more ghosts-popping in my house; no more faceless beings closing in on me and freaking me out. I was going to learn about the paranormal. I was going to learn to work with my psychic abilities in the hope it would empower me. And it did.


Who's Hanging Around?

Anyone who has had a paranormal experience can appreciate how disturbing such an event can be, especially when you don't know what to expect or what to do. But it doesn't have to be this way. There is so much you can do to create a win-win situation for both you and your ethereal visitors. If you start working with your sixth sense, it will help you realise what is going on around you.

If you feel your home is haunted, it helps to recognise whether there is an actual presence, or whether you are feeling a projection of your own fear. There are different energies out there and they're not all spirits or lost souls. As you read this book you will learn about many different types of energies, what they are, what they mean, how some of them can help you, and how you can help some of them!

But let's say there is a Spirit in your house. How do you know? A lot of my clients talk about feeling a cold pocket of energy in the spot where they think there's some paranormal activity. I agree there is definitely a change in room temperature where lost souls lurk. Hold out your arms, palms up, and feel if there is a pocket of energy that's uncharacteristically cold (check for draughts and things like that first!). If you feel a cold area, the next thing to do is to tune in to the Spirit by letting your feeling-self guide you. Sense if there is a conscious life force present — that's right, lost souls still hold on to their earthly personality. Your ghost has thoughts and feelings, just like you do.

If the 'presence' feels heavy and negative stop what you're doing and call in an expert who knows how to deal with lost souls. Don't let things get out of hand.

A woman named Sarah called for my help only after her own attempts failed. I sat her down on the lounge and asked her to describe exactly what she was sensing.

'Something dark,' she said with trepidation. 'Can you feel it?'

There was no mistaking the heavy presence in the room.

'I thought I was imagining things,' she said. 'But I couldn't shake this feeling that something was watching me. I felt it following me around and it got to the point where it started freaking me out.'

'What have you done about it?' I asked.

'I smudged the house with sage. I read an article that said smudging sage clears negative vibes from a room.'

'It does,' I agreed. 'When you burn sage, an uplifting essence is released which makes it harder for negative energies to hang around. But that doesn't mean it removes everything, especially if the presence happens to be intelligent and mischievous. What happened after you smudged the house?'

'I presumed it had worked so I went to sleep. A few hours later I woke up and felt this invisible force pressing down hard on my chest and I couldn't breathe.'

Sarah's sixth sense had been spot on. There really was a dark presence there. I cleared it away by calling in my angelic helpers to open up a doorway to take the Spirit to its rightful home. Within minutes the atmosphere felt incredibly comfortable.

Trust that your sixth sense will show you what's really hanging around. It will show you the difference between the unsettling energies of a tormented lost soul and the lovely energies of a friendly ghost. Instead of allowing the unknown to push your fear button every time it appears, let your sixth sense tell you if, and when, you need to take action.

Once you understand that your sixth sense equips you to handle extra sensory events like paranormal activity, you're one step closer to mastering your environment.


Do You See What I See?

I had one of these moments when I woke up in the middle of the night about twenty-five years ago. I remember it was cold and raining outside as I made my way down the dark hallway towards the bathroom. Suddenly, I was stopped in my tracks. Out of nowhere I felt someone grip my shoulder. I spun around, knowing full well that no one could possibly be there, and froze. An unfathomable 'presence' surrounded me and I instinctively knew it wanted to throw me down the stairs. A raw fear gripped me and I ran back to the comfort of my bed where I huddled up close to my partner and tried to forget what had just happened.

'You're imagining things,' I told myself.

But it happened again the following night, and the night after that. Each night as I approached the small landing near the stairs I felt my invisible intruder waiting for me. I tried to convince myself I was hallucinating but the fear ripping through my body told me it was very real. As the days slipped into months I grew scared to cross that spot even in broad daylight.

Like most people faced with the unexplainable, I kept this secret to myself.

Then things started to get really strange. One day I was sitting alone, drawing in my bedroom when I looked up and saw a man standing on the other side of the room. He had a rough, deeply lined face framed with dark curly hair. He was dressed in old-fashioned clothes. I stared for a few minutes then blinked a few times. Suddenly he disappeared. Would you believe, once again I kept it to myself?

A few days later a watch on top of the dressing table fell to the floor. I stopped what I was doing and stared at where it had landed. There had to be a logical explanation. Ten minutes later a shoe went flying across the room. There was no wind, nothing that could make a shoe move like that. This time, instead of trying to rationalise the experience, I chose to ignore it altogether. Isn't it funny how we can ignore something that doesn't quite fit in with our picture of how things are meant to be?

A few minutes later another object moved. Then another. By now I could no longer ignore things. Something strange was definitely happening — something I couldn't understand and didn't want to understand. All I knew was that I wanted it to stop. A few more objects moved by themselves and then I ran out of the room, down the stairs and out of the house. I barged into the music shop where my partner worked. When he looked up at me all I could say was, 'Ghost!'

To calm me down my partner decided to ask his work colleague Tony for advice on dealing with the ghost. Tony looked him straight in the eye and smiled, 'You need to talk to my ex-wife. She's into all this sort of thing.'

If it hasn't happened to you, trust me — seeing a ghost in your room, feeling them trying to throw you down the stairs, and then watching objects flying around, kind of shakes you up. The hardest thing is fighting the fear and not having any control over the situation. You can imagine my relief when Tony's ex-wife Rhondda turned up on our doorstep.

Rhondda cleared the house by sending the ghost home. She did this by opening a portal to the Spirit world, then she invited angels, Spirit guides and members of this man's family, who were already in Spirit, to come to welcome him back. The spirits assured him that everything was fine and he was finally going home. While I was scared at the time, I've learned since that watching a tormented soul be liberated from the earth plane and find peace and happiness by being reunited with their loved ones is one of the most beautiful sights to watch. This poor man's nightmare had ended. He was no longer stuck in between worlds, lost and alone. He was free to begin the next chapter in his life on the other side with all the love and support he craved.

I was intrigued when Rhondda told me about the life of this man and how he had become a ghost. Apparently he was a dock worker who lived in my house in 1912. One day his little girl begged him for a special present for her birthday. He was too poor to buy her what she wanted but she wouldn't let up and eventually he lost his temper and chased her down the landing. She tripped at the top of the narrow stairs, fell and broke her neck. Hearing all the commotion, the mother came out of the kitchen and discovered her daughter dead on the stairs. Without thinking she ran up and started hitting her husband across the chest. He tried to pull her back so he could explain how the accident happened, but she lost her footing and then she too fell and met her death on the stairs. In that tragic moment the dock worker lost the only two people he had ever loved. And it was his fault. He never forgave himself for their deaths. When he died years later he refused to go to the light — the tunnel of light leading home to the Spirit world — because he thought the angels would send him to hell. Instead of crossing over to the other side, he entered into a nightmare place in the lower astral plane, having a silent existence between worlds where no one could see or hear him. Here he'd recreated his life on earth. In his world it was still 1912, but strangers kept moving into his house and totally ignoring him when he asked them to leave.


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Sue Bishop is a psychic intuitive who appears regularly in the Australian media, and at mind, body, spirit festivals.

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