Skater Rock, Vol. 1-3

Skater Rock, Vol. 1-3


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Disc 1

  1. Hellfire
  2. And the Cradle Will Rock
  3. Jukebox Junkie
  4. Candy
  5. Inside Out
  6. Another Day
  7. The Goat
  8. You're Not the Star
  9. Hate to See You
  10. Daniel
  11. True Rebellion
  12. No Regrets
  13. Difficult/Funny
  15. The World Loves a Tragedy
  16. Burn It Down
  17. Domino
  18. Addicted to Sin
  19. Litigator Snake
  20. The Beach
  21. Get Back to Your Soul
  22. Feelin' Rock 'N' Roll

Disc 2

  1. Flatline
  2. Edge of My Demise
  3. What's Wrong with You?
  4. Orange City
  5. Peace Dog
  6. Anaconda
  7. Push
  8. Vivisection
  9. Armed & Dangerous
  10. Harness All the Energy
  11. Loves My Mind
  12. Wasted Away
  13. Self-Destruction
  14. Play Loud
  15. What I Want
  16. Fear
  17. Escape
  18. Leaving Now
  19. American Heartbreak
  20. Can't Stop Us
  21. Blue

Disc 3

  1. 5 Black Skulls
  2. Threw It All Away
  3. Nymphomicon
  4. All in Vein
  5. Foolin' the Crowd
  6. The Drama
  7. Contact Burn
  8. Fight or Flight
  9. Cold Shower
  10. That's When Things Got Ugly
  11. The End
  12. I'm Ready, Let's Go
  13. Al-Queda Waltz
  14. Finish What Ya Started
  15. The Fire Inside
  16. Electric Man (Potentia)
  17. Väinämöinen
  18. I Am Revenge
  19. Despise You
  20. The Wild Side
  21. What Is True

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pat Donohue   Keyboards
Vinny Appice   Drums
Adam Hicks   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jason McMaster   Vocals,Background Vocals
Billy Rowe   Guitar
Michael Butler   Bass
Michael Hannon   Bass,Vocals
Phil Varone   Drums
Rowan Robertson   Guitar
Keith Carroll   Drums,Background Vocals
Jeff Martines   Drums
Janell Thomas   Bass
Johnny Enright   Bass
Lance Boone   Vocals
Erik Lannon   Drums
Brad Barnes   Vocals
Dan Butler   Drums
Steve Theado   Guitar
Keith Pickens   Drums
Rob Smith   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Will Moore   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Spinelli   Guitar,Vocals
Marko Pukkila   Bass
Costello Hautamki   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Janne Hurme   Vocals,Background Vocals
Ryan Serblowski   Bass
Casey Crenshaw   Rhythm Guitar
Roberto Agnelli   Drums
Andrew Santagata   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Pat Donohue   Composer
Veritas   Composer
Vince Neil   Composer
Ian Astbury   Composer
Kurt Bloch   Producer,Engineer
Randy Ross   Composer
Jeff Tomei   Producer,Engineer
Mick Mars   Composer
Nikki Sixx   Composer
Dave Pinsky   Engineer
Russ Stefanovich   Composer
Jake Brown   Executive Producer
Rich McCulley   Engineer
Jose Marcello & His Orchestra   Composer
Holger Münch   Producer
Brad Barnes   Composer
V.O. Pulver   Producer,Engineer
Rob Smith   Producer
Chip Karpells   Engineer
Phearus   Composer
Todd Ferkingstad   Composer
Eleonora Bianchini   Composer
Larry Brown   Composer
Karen Single   Composer,Producer
Squirrels from Hell   Composer
Todd Miller   Composer
Joetown   Composer
Edmund Allen Brown   Composer
Michael Vetter   Composer

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