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Sketching: Techniques and Tips for Successful Sketching

Sketching: Techniques and Tips for Successful Sketching

4.3 7
by Jackie Simmonds

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An essential little book – perfect for the pocket or art bag – covering all practical aspects of sketching and drawing. Sketching is a skill that every artist needs to master and this handy book shows you how in a very clear and simple way.Jackie starts by describing all the different media used for sketching, including pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils,


An essential little book – perfect for the pocket or art bag – covering all practical aspects of sketching and drawing. Sketching is a skill that every artist needs to master and this handy book shows you how in a very clear and simple way.Jackie starts by describing all the different media used for sketching, including pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils, pens, pastels, watercolours and gouache, as well as the different types of sketchbooks. She then looks at the basic techniques of sketching, emphasizing the importance of observation and showing how to make marks, use tone, create 3-D form and portray pattern.She then covers a wide range of subjects, such as plants and flowers, skies, animals, the urban landscape, and figures and portraits, explaining how to compose your sketches and giving useful tips about sketching on the move. There’s also a fascinating section on sketching from the Masters, to provide additional inspiration.The instruction is clear and concise throughout, providing an ideal resource for artists of all levels to dip into when sketching out on location.

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HarperCollins UK
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Collins Gem Series
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3.20(w) x 4.60(h) x 0.50(d)

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Jackie Simmonds started painting in her thirties, attending art school as a full-time 'mature student', and is now a busy and successful painter as well as an art instruction author. She exhibits her original works regularly in galleries in London and the UK, and reproductions of her work are sold worldwide. An excellent communicator, Jackie writes for The Artist magazine and runs occasional workshops and painting holidays. She is also the author of three other books and has made six art instruction videos.

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Sketching: Techniques and Tips for Successful Sketching 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"sws" all res.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"There." A deep voice of a dragon said, stabbing a claw in a spot on the map of the territorys. "There, is where we attack." Hundereds of murmers agreed, nodding. "Fyren! Get in here." The deep voice shouted. I opened my ice blue eyes and flew into the gathering chamber. It was a huge pit of obsidian. The hundereds of black eyes stared at me as I soared down. The black dragons looked back to King Obsidian. He was very large, very muscular, and very powerful. I bowed my black head to him, respectful of our king. "King Obsidian, Henrouy's army is closing in on the Northern Peak." I said, my voice ringing. I was a beautiful dragon, and was admired by almost all. I am Fyren, the royal lookout and messanger for my speed. Earlier, the ThunderScale army, led by Genral Henrouy. They are vicous, big, strong, and gold. King Obsidian lifted his head. "Genral Smoke! Prepare the DarkScale troops!" He boomed, as a smaller dragon flashed up to him and bowed, spmurmering something. At that, the king's eyes hardened. "Fyren, gather your most skilled messangers to send this message. "Henrouy and the Thunder has allied with Froazen and the Ice." He snapped. "Yes, your royal highness." I said, bowing, then shooting off as King Obsidian was shouting commands I was not able to hear. I dased through the Fortress of Night, spiraling up to the lookout. I soared up higher then my fellow lookouts and messangers. "Dakern! Deadnight! Onhith! To the Stars!" I souted, as the other pitch black dragons soared up. We were the fastest in the clan, and we winged away towards the Kingdom of Stars, Starscale territory. We eached the kingdom, remembering that the capital, Starworth, was in the sky. We soared even higher above the earth, searching for the palace. It was not hard to find. "Dakern, Onhith, to the elder." I called, as we neared. "Fyren, you and Deadnight will need help!" Dakern complained, trying to push me into taking him with. He was my age, and a perfect model of a Darkscale. I, on the other hand, am black, but my wings are larger then any other Darkscale. Messanger wings had to be large, but mine were exceptionaly so. My claws were ice blue, as were my eyes. Onhith, smaked her brother on the head with her wing. "No time for flirting now." My best friend said, diving down to the city. Dakern glanced back at me almost longingly. I turned to Deadnight. "Deadnight, can you go warn Princess Andromeda, in Steller City?" I asked. Deadnight nodded. "Yes Fyren." He said, diving down to the east, as the siblings Onhith and Dakern could be seen fighting to the east. I continued to the north. I spiraled down into the messanger tower, waiting. A tiny silver dragon burst out of a corridor, it's scales studded with black. "Message for King Leo of the Starscales, from Fyren of the Darkscales." I said confidently. The silver dragon darted away, and waited, gazing around. Soon enough, the handsome form of King Leo stepped towards me. "Fyren. What is the news." He asked in a low voice. "Henrouy and Thunder hav allied with Froazen and Ice." I repeated the message for him. The king nodded. "Tell King Obsidian that I'll send troops to help with the upcoming battle in the Dark territory." He told me. I nodded. "I will, your magesty." I said, then soared back towards my kingdom, soon joined by Onhith Dakern, and Deadnight. We flew back to our kingdom on silent wings. "Fyren, will you go on-" he was cut off by a scream, and I fell to earth, blacking out. <br> <br> ~D&alpha&omega&eta
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Children. They are so questioning, curious. They always want to understand. Some things, however, have no explanations.<br> Some questions cannot be answered.<p> We don't know why we feel war is necessary, why we feel killing other is the right response. Does humanity need conflict? Why don't people ever seem to learn, to understand that war, that killing creates a worse world? <p> Why does society insist that certain people are worth more than others? Why should race, age, gender, religion, IQ, weight have a factor in how people see others? Why do I have to be placed in a category that attempts to define me? <p> Why should I listen to those who judge me based on my appearance? Why does it sometimes seem that no one truly hears what I need to say? Why am I alive, when those far greater, braver, smarter deserve the chances I have?<p> Why are there so many things to remain afraid of?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Part One~ <p> I was used to darkness. Everyone was. It had been about a year since the sun burned out. It had become so cold outside, with warm sun to heat the earth. The oceans had frozen over, although we were told that some species survived. The world was so different without light, and how only 50% of the human race survived is incredible. <p> So this is our story. <p> Waking up to darkness was a custom for everyone. There were no more circuts for electricity to run through, so it was always night. My family was one of the lucky ones. We had been provided with a large floating capsule to live in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A silver-scaled minnow flicked at the surface of the still moonlit pond, sending an array of crystaline ripples over the reflected stars, making them dance like a wil-o-whisp. <p> A faint breeze fluttered through the dainty petals of a lavender-shaded four-o'-clock; the slightly-warm air smelled of rain and sweetgrass. <p> A slim blue creature slipped from the water and up the bank, golden eyes illuminated by small fireflies. It eyed the insect's silent beauty with an awed gaze before moving inland farther. <p> The creatures sapphire tail twitched lightly, the frilled end armed with deadly spines. <p> Its tufted ears shook water from their tips, settling down in a gentle fern dell, the furled bracken caressing its velvety scales with a motherly touch. <p> "Natura...?" It's voice fell from sharpened fangs like a small waterfall tinkling over a bed of pebbles, "Are you there...?" <p> A long-pelted stag stepped from an old oak, his antlers twisted with age, like the boughs of an ancient willow; his maple-bark coat shimmered with dew droplets and amber. He regarded the creature with a rich green glance, fondness and affection glistening in the depths of his eyes. <p> "Yes, Derein... What is it?" <p> Derein, the blue-scaled serpentine smiled wistfully. "Hello, Natura," Her smile faded when she remember the message she was to deliver, "Deorc has gone rogue. He twists the minds of men and elves alike, rampaging through the rebelious..." <p> Natura listened silently, his eyes darkening to the shade of a deadly holly. <p> "Sceo has sent me to gather the others whilst Bluot tries to hold off Deorc and his forces." Derein continues. <p> Natura nodded, glancing up at the night sky, searching for their mother. "I will get our children." He rumbled before rising. <p> Derein dipped her head. "I will seek out Jocalis and Leoht." <p> The great stag bound off into the night brush, leaving Derein alone once more in the clearing. <p> She slipped back to her pond, disappearing into a splash of opal-like bubbles...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In a land of four worlds, Night, Day, Fire, and Ice, lived a female Fire dragon named Flameala. She was an ordinary warrior of the Fire world. <br> The king, Valcanous, ordered all the creatures born on the continent of Flameu to fight in the War of the World. The war was started when Moonrar, king of the Night world, decided he owned the world. Sunohz, king of the Day world, disagreed greatly. Icicleo and Moonrar allied, where as Sunohz and Valcanous allied. <br> And that means Flameala has to fight a lot of people and dragons. She was on a trek to Skyluv, the continent where the sun never sets. It was night in Flameu, but definetely not here. <br> Sunohz was waiting for her message. She was supposed to say 'Moonrar is sending dragons and pegasi to attack you. Valcanous is sending lions, pixies, and some dragons to counterattack them. If they figure us out, we have dragons targetting Shadow City.' <br> Shadow City is the capital of Shadel. The capital of Flameu is Magma City. <br> She flew on towards Sunny City, the heart and capital of Skyluv. Soon she was at the palace where king Sunohz rushed out, he was so tan. He had flowing golden hair and blue eyes. He wore a golden silk cloak. <br> "I come with a message." Flameala said strongly. <br> "Good, good. Recite it." Said Sunohz in a cheerful, high pitched, childish voice. <br> "Moonrar is sending dragons and pegasi to attack you. Valcanous is sending lions, pixies, and some dragons to counterattack them. If they figure us out, we will burn down Shadow City, forever." She changed it a little. <br> "Oh. Well then, I shall prepare troops." He chuckled. <br> "I am needed back at Magma City." She took flight, her scales beautiful and fiery. <br> <br> THE NEXT DAY... <br> <br> She glided in an army of dragons. A group of red lions sat in a large metal boat below. Flame pixies flew in no formation to the destination. The sky was dawn orange, but they seemed to be flying where they would hit the sun. Suddenly the sky went black, they had crossed into the land where sun never shines. She had a buzzy dazed feeling and colors scattered across her vision. Then, without warning, voices rushed through her head: *oh, lost rainbow, the world is dull without your color. Child of forbodden mix to rise as king of Atlantoas, king RainbowSwirl. Of Ice and Fire, Flameala and Snowtronz. Draped in silk of all worlds, RainbowSwirl will bring to us peace. But war never ends, for evil lurks in these shadows.* She started to fall out of the sky, but a dragon named VictoriousLava dove down to save her. "Thanks...." she managed to whisper as the world went black. <br> <br> LATER... <br> <br> She woke up in the darkness, but the fiery light from her scales let her see. A glorious white glow of jet frost lay ahead. FROST!? She pondered the glow and realized it was a battle, then she remembered the prophecy Magicoid, king of the magic, gave her. She flew toward the beam and her heart stopped. A dragon with icy blue eyes looked straight into her fiery yellow eyes. His glorious white scales were only matched by her beautiful red ones. Dragons and pegasi and pixies died around the two, dazed dragons. <br> Love is love. No matter what world, it is custom that true love must marry on the spot. <br> But not in war, no. They couldn't. It was their duty to fight. She looked away. His icy wings brushed hers, the frost was only outdone by the blistering heat. <br> "My name is Snowtronz, what is yours?" He asked, flying away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Our lips touch, and I feel my heart and all its contents spill onto the floor for the world to see. It makes me feel alive; like Im more than that poor unwanted girl who thought nobody could love her because she was different. We part for only a moment, and he kisses me once more, passion and love eminating out with every second. We part again, and I lightly brush his cheek. He smiles and I die inside, melting with warm goodness. <p> "Hey," I say, blushing. <p> "What," he says and takes my hands. <p> "I l-" and the door slammed open. A well built caucasian with black hair in what looked like a blue jumpsuit barged in, and he made a disgusted face when he saw us. <p> "You know Tamal won't be happy if I tell him that you two were making out instead of getting ready," he said gruffly. <p> "Oh don't get your panties in a wad, Sam," he said as he held my hands. "We may noy have another chance after today." <p> "Oh funny. Would Tamal be laughing if he found that Kourtney, our best archer, was not ready for battle today because she was too busy hanging with you, stickboy?" <p> "It's a staff, and no, I guess you're right. Come on baby; lets get ready." He said and stood to his feet. He then grabbed me around the waist and lifted me to my feet, lightly kissing my forehead before letting me go. <p> "Gabriel, let's go! We don't have time to waste! We leave in five!" Sam said, looking frantically at his watch <p> Gabriel's blue eyes widened and he rushed toward Sam. "Ill see you afterwards! We can talk then!" And I watched him run down the hall, brown hair bouncing with every step. "I'm not so sure that you will, my love," I whispered as I watched him turn down the corner for the last time. <p> With the distraction gone, I grabbed my silver bow and tightened the string, testing it to ensure that an arrow would fly straight and true from this beautiful weapon. I then lay it carefully aside and grabbed my sheath of arrows. I sharpened every one, until even lightly touching the tips caused a cut to whomever the unlucky person was to touch it. As I sharpened, I pondered the upcoming battle, and the devious deed that would end the battle between our two clans forever. <p> Staland and Magina used to be great friends as far as clans go, ever since the first king of Magina, Greenala, and the first king of Staland, Feralik. And this reign of peace remained for many moons, until one day, a greedy and spiteful king rose to power in Magina: Tamal. He loved nothing and no one, and some say flesh heart was replace with one of ashes, though that is just a wives tale. He accused Staland of the horrible crimes he had commited, and threw us into a war. But there is one thing that he loves more than anything: his only son; Gabriel. He would die the moment his son breathes his last breath. So in order to stop these wars and restore peace, someone has to kill Gabriel, because Tamal never fights in any of the battles. He doesnt even watch them. So this is something I must do. He will never suspect an arrow from his own forces, and no one will be able to tell the difference because all arrows look the same. And I will carry out this execution but there is one problem... <p> Im thinking as I walk down the hall, bow and sheath of arrows on my back, anf my heart stops beating because... <p> Gabriel is the only thing in this world I love too... <p> (I will write the next part in the third result tommorow but read this first!) ~ Gwendolyn