Skin Infections: Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin Infections: Diagnosis and Treatment

by John C. Hall, Brian J. Hall

A complete and concise diagnosis and therapy for infectious diseases associated with skin disease.See more details below


A complete and concise diagnosis and therapy for infectious diseases associated with skin disease.

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Part I. Common Infections: 1. Common bacterial infections Tammie Ferringer; 2. Common viral infections Anne Marie Tremaine, Aron Gewirtzman, Brenda Bartlett, Natalia Mendoza, Alejandra Varela and Stephen K. Tyring; 3. Common fungal infections Elizabeth A. Cooper and Aditya K. Gupta; Part II. Less Common Infections: 4. Tuberculosis in the skin Sunil Dogra and Kumar Bhushan; 5. Leprosy Arturo P. Saavedra and Samuel L. Moschella; 6. Atypical mycobacteria Francesa Prignano, Caterina Fabroni and Torello Lotti; 7. Arthropod born infections Dirk M. Elston; 8. Deep fungal infections Paulo Ricardo Criado and Evandro Ararigboria Rivitti; 9. Parasitology Francisco G. Bravo; Part III. Infections in Selected Ecosystems: 10. Infections in the desert: eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere Joseph C. Pierson and David J. DiCaudo; 11. Infections in the tropics Paula Pereira Araujo, Sueli Coelho Carneiro and Marcia Ramos-e-Silva; 12. Aquatic dermatology Domenico Bonamonte and Gianni Angelini; Part IV. Infections in Selected Patient Populations: 13. Skin infections in HIV patients Joe Susa and Clay J. Cockerell; 14. Infections in organ transplant patients Daniela Kroshinsky, Jennifer Y. Lin and Richard Allen Johnson; 15. Cancer patients and skin infections John C. Hall; 16. Skin infections in pediatric patients Michelle R. Wanna and Jonathan A. Dyer; 17. Skin infections in the elderly Noah S. Scheinfeld; 18. Skin infections in the athlete Brian S. Adams; 19. Skin infections in diabetes mellitus Nawaf Al-Mutairi; Part V. Infections of Specific Skin-Associated Body Sites: 20. Infections of the scalp Shannon C. Harrison, Haydee Knott and Wilma Bergfeld; 21. Infections of the nail unit Claudine Pierard-Franchimont, Pascale Quatresooz and Gerald E. Peirard; 22. Infections of mucous membranes Alison J. Bruce, Julia S. Lehman and Roy S. Rogers; Part VI. Special Disease Categories: 23. Infections in skin surgery Jean-Michel Amic, Anne-Marie Rogues and Alain Taieb; 24. Venereal diseases Travis Vandergriff, Mandy Harting and Ted Rosen; 25. Life threatening skin infections Lisa A. Drage.

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