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Slave to Chaos

Slave to Chaos

by Nikki McCoy

Damaged by the lies of those who should have protected him, Shayne must find the courage to surrender to the love of his mates.

Bred by his mother, the Goddess of Night, to be a weapon against the pantheon of Gods, Shayne is more powerful than any of his kind. He is a broken outcast after being forced at the tender age of twelve to destroy his


Damaged by the lies of those who should have protected him, Shayne must find the courage to surrender to the love of his mates.

Bred by his mother, the Goddess of Night, to be a weapon against the pantheon of Gods, Shayne is more powerful than any of his kind. He is a broken outcast after being forced at the tender age of twelve to destroy his mother and one of his mates, the God of Chaos. Now, at age nineteen, the only person who can hold him together is his other mate, Collen. But Collen struggles with his own yearning to Master the troubled youth.

Chaos, brought back from the edge of oblivion by his brother, the God of Justice, wants nothing more than to reunite with his mates. A single act from his past, however, has all but made that impossible. Half-Gods that he gifted with magic millennia ago have discovered Shayne's power and will stop at nothing to use Shayne in their bid to take revenge on the pantheon of Gods who would have killed them out of fear. Now, in order to keep Shayne alive, Chaos must earn the trust of his mates and battle the very sorcerers he enabled.

Will he succeed and show Shayne the true meaning of submission, or will his past rise up to destroy his only chance at love and forgiveness?

Reader Advisory: This book contains M/M/M menage, BDSM scenes including explicit sex, graphic language, graphic violence and one scene of rape.

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Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date:
Keepers of the Gods , #4
Sold by:
Barnes & Noble
File size:
385 KB
Age Range:
18 Years

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Current day

"Tell me again...why we’re...doing this," Gianni panted.

Shayne looked over at his friend, a mischievous smirk curving his lips at the rhetorical question. Gianni’s irritation wasn’t fooling either of them considering the fact that rolling Collen’s car out of the driveway in the dead of night to sneak off to a club had been his idea. It was one of the things Shayne loved most about him. Behind his deceptively innocent, large grey eyes and timid nature was a man who wasn’t afraid to go against authority to help out a friend. Especially when that friend needed to test his own boundaries for reasons most people wouldn’t understand. And Shayne needed this, despite the consequences...or perhaps because of them.

Putting more muscle behind the dead weight of the car, he replied, "We’re delinquents. It’s what we do."

Gianni flashed white teeth a shade brighter than his bleached blond hair. "Collen is going to kill you if he finds out."

"He’s a regular champion of the law. It’s what he does," Shayne said with a shrug, though Gianni’s words did hold merit. A slight shiver coursed through his body at the thought of what Collen might do should he discover their plans, but it wasn’t born of fear. The older man would never hurt him, at least not where it could show. With a grin to hide the familiar ache in his chest, he added, "Besides, I’m not the only one who’ll die horribly if we get caught. Stop here, I think we’re good."

Shayne cast a quick glance over his shoulder to ensure the lights were still off in both houses roughly a hundred yards away, then walked around the car and slid behind the wheel.

"Hey, he’s your guardian," Gianni shot back teasingly from the passenger side. "I’m just the homeless freak he was guilted into taking in. I doubt he’ll care much that I’m involved."

Shayne turned to stare at his friend fully, allowing his concern to bleed through his expression. "You’re not homeless anymore, and we all care about you."

A blush crept over Gianni’s pale, youthful features and his mascara-coated lashes fanned out over high cheekbones as he looked to the car window then back. "Just a freak then. I can live with that."

Shayne chuckled at the dry humour and shook his head. It had only been six months since he’d found the eighteen-year-old sleeping beneath an overpass and had offered him more protection than the dirty clothes on his back. However, it felt like they’d known each other for years. Gianni shared his cynicism towards the world and understood his reasons for lashing out, even if he didn’t always agree with them. Forged by the pain of their pasts, they were alike in ways not even the differences between their races could drive a wedge through. To Gianni, they were equals, not human and half-God, and that was all that mattered.

Closing his eyes to concentrate, he sifted through the energy that constantly vibrated at a low hum within his body and found the sliver of current he’d absorbed from his unwitting brother earlier. It carried a tiny measure of Xilonen’s power that acted as a spark to any electrical conduit. Shayne hated using his ability to take in the energy of Gods and other halflings—and, as a result, a degree of their powers as well. It was a constant source of grief and the reason behind his enforced solitude, although it did have its advantages at times.

Tapping into his brother’s stolen power, he put a finger to the ignition slot and pushed the current through, smiling when the car purred to life with a low rumble. Anticipation slowly seeped into his veins as he turned it around on the loose gravel and hit the road leading to their destination. Their plan tonight was definitely one of the top ten most idiotic he’d ever put into action to rebel, but he refused to let it go untested. This was his life, and he was done waiting around for it to be acknowledged by the one person he would give it all up for.

"He loves you, you know," Gianni murmured softly after several minutes. "People don’t stick around without a reason."

Shayne gripped the steering wheel, tensing reflexively against the tide of emotions that the simple statement had induced. He knew that his friend was right, didn’t even try to counter Gianni’s irritating astuteness, but apparently love wasn’t always that simple. He was nineteen, for Gods’ sake! He’d thought that on his eighteenth birthday Collen would have seen him as a man, forge their bond as mates and take their relationship to the next level. Yet Collen still saw him only as a child—denying their bond at every turn and treating him as a responsibility instead of a lover. Never once, even after the day of his maturity, had Collen touched him in a sexual manner. At this point, after so many times of being lectured and not held, being reprimanded instead of dominated, Shayne could no longer ignore the obvious—Collen was disgusted with the cruel twist of fate he’d been dealt. To have been given a mate he was forced to protect out of obligation and deep-seated moral standards, a mate who’d killed his own mother and friend. Why else would the man shun him with disappointment shining from the depths of his sea-green eyes rather than embrace their connection? The love between them was tempered by events neither of them could change and a past, it seemed, neither could move on from.

Meet the Author

I have always been a lover of books, particularly those with the dichotomy of the strong alpha male and the weaker love of their life which they must rescue. After reading all I could find in M/F books, I decided to give M/M fiction a try and my addiction skyrocketed.

Hot, sexy men times two? No contest. Unfortunately, I was reading faster than the authors could produce. Eventually, I resorted to imagining my own stories and my mind took off from there.

I have to admit, though, I am a bit of a recluse. If not for the joy and humour my husband and four boys bring to me, I would never have ventured this far.

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