Slavery in the Development of the Americas

Slavery in the Development of the Americas

by David Eltis

This book contains perspectives from prominent historians of slavery in the Americas.See more details below


This book contains perspectives from prominent historians of slavery in the Americas.

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Appreciation: Stanley L. Engerman and slavery
Pt. IEstablishing the system
1White Atlantic? : the choice for African slave labor in the plantation Americas31
2The Dutch and the slave Americas70
Pt. IIPatterns of slave use
3Mercantile strategies, credit networks, and labor supply in the colonial Chesapeake in trans-Atlantic perspective89
4African slavery in the production of subsistence crops; the case of Sao Paulo in the nineteenth century120
5The transition from slavery to freedom through manumission : a life-cycle approach applied to the United States and Guadeloupe150
Pt. IIIProductivity change and its implications
6Prices of African slaves newly arrived in the Americas, 1673-1865 : new evidence on long-run trends and regional differentials181
7American slave markets during the 1850s : slave price rises in the United States, Cuba, and Brazil in comparative perspective219
8The relative efficiency of free and slave agriculture in the antebellum United States : a stochastic production frontier approach236
Pt. IVImplications for distribution and growth
9Wealth accumulation in Virginia in the century before the Civil War261
10The poor : slaves in early America288
11The North-South wage gap before and after the Civil War324
Writings of Stanley L. Engerman353

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