Slavery, the Civil Law, and the Supreme Court of Louisiana / Edition 1

Slavery, the Civil Law, and the Supreme Court of Louisiana / Edition 1

by Judith Kelleher Schafer

ISBN-10: 0807121657

ISBN-13: 9780807121658

Pub. Date: 03/28/1997

Publisher: Louisiana State University Press


LSU Press

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Louisiana State University Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1"Slaves Are Regarded as Persons and Property": Sources of Slave Law in American Louisiana1
2"Details Are of a Most Revolting Character": Cruelty to Slaves and Legal Intervention28
3"No Proceedings . . . Shall Be Annulled or Impeded by Any Error of Form": The Treatment of Slaves Accused of Crimes58
4"The Slave Who Absconds Steals Himself": Slave Stealers and Fugitive Slaves90
5"Guaranteed Against the Vices and Maladies Prescribed by Law": Warranties in Slave Sales127
6"Marked in a Manner Unusual Amongst Civilised People": The Foreign and Domestic Slave Trade in Louisiana149
7"Open and Notorious Concubinage": The Emancipation of Slave Mistresses by Will180
8"Letting Loose in Our Midst . . . Persons of Color": Further Difficulties in Freeing Slaves by Will201
9"An Emancipation, Once Perfected, Is Irrevocable": Suits for Freedom220
10"As She Was a Free Woman There, She Must Be Held So Every Where": Comity, Conflict of Laws, and Suits for Freedom250
11"To Cling to the Desperate Fortunes of the Confederacy": Appeals Concerning Slavery Heard After the Civil War289

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