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Sled Dog: Powerful Miracle

Sled Dog: Powerful Miracle

by Stephen Person

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Pat Trattles
On a sunny winter day in 2005, near the town of Churchill, Canada a team of dogs was training for a race when one of the dogs suddenly went blind and stopped running. Her life as an Arctic sled dog was over. Or was it? Part of the "Built for Cold: Arctic Animals" series from Bearport Publishing, young readers will learn how sled dogs, with their two coats of fur, are particularly adapted to life in the Arctic; how sled dogs have been used for thousands of years to carry people and supplies across the frozen tundra; how they played an important rescue role in the diphtheria outbreak of 1925 and again during World War II; and how even blindness can not prevent a sled dog from doing what she loves most: running. The layout of the book is such that lots of information is presented in a visually appealing manner. The text is minimal, presented in one paragraph accompanied by information packed sidebars and photo captions. Much of each page consists of full color photographs and graphics highlighting the text information. Behind the text, photos, and graphics, is a snowy background, further emphasizing the cold Arctic climate. Back matter includes a page of sled dog facts, short discussion of the snowshoe hare and snowy owl, two other arctic animals, a glossary of terms which have been bolded in the text, bibliography, suggestions for further reading, both online and in print, and a detailed index. A short about the author section is also included. It all adds up to a great package for the nine to twelve year old scientist and at only thirty-two pages is ideal for the reluctant reader. Reviewer: Pat Trattles

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Bearport Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date:
Built for Cold Series: Arctic Animals
Product dimensions:
8.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.30(d)
IG920L (what's this?)
Age Range:
7 - 10 Years

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