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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

4.3 89
by David Lubar

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Freaks and bullies, classes and crushes, this is high school.

Starting high school is never easy. Seniors take your lunch money. Girls you’ve known forever are suddenly beautiful and unattainable. And you can never get enough sleep. Could there be a worse time for Scott’s mother to announce she’s pregnant? Scott decides high school would


Freaks and bullies, classes and crushes, this is high school.

Starting high school is never easy. Seniors take your lunch money. Girls you’ve known forever are suddenly beautiful and unattainable. And you can never get enough sleep. Could there be a worse time for Scott’s mother to announce she’s pregnant? Scott decides high school would be a lot less overwhelming if it came with a survival manual, so he begins to write down tips for his new sibling. Meanwhile, he’s trying his best to capture the attention of Julia, the freshman goddess. In the process, Scott manages to become involved in nearly everything the school has to offer. So while he tries to find his place in the confusing world of high school, win Julia’s heart, and keep his sanity, Scott will be recording all the details for his sibling’s—and your—enjoyment.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Reviews and Accolades for Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

An ALA Best Book for Young Adults

A BCCB Blue Ribbon Book

[A] fresh, genuinely funny picture of an earnest yet hapless teen . . .A solidly enjoyable read sprinkled with laughs, puzzles, a few groans, some oh-I-get-it nods, and generally good geeky fun throughout."−BCCB

" . . . plenty of amusing, accurate observations about freshman life, from the insecurities of first dates to the dangers of walking the hall between classes."−Booklist

"Lessons are learned, humor mixed with sadness is prevalent, and the bittersweet year comes to a satisfying end for both the reader and Scott."−VOYA

". . . hilarious . . . Scott's character arc is extremely satisfying . . . Lubar's language use and writing style are deceptively simple. The teen's physical and emotional tumult is as clear, familiar, and complex as high school itself."−SLJ

Children's Literature - Mary Jo Edwards
Shortly after Scott Hudson begins his freshmen year in high school, his mother announces that she is pregnant. Scott vents his frustrations in an advice journal to his unborn sibling. One morning he notices how gorgeous his kindergarten friend Julia has become. Conversely, Scott's stomach turns when he sees Lee, the new girl with green hair and multiple facial piercings. But Scott slowly notices that he and Lee share similar interests. Scott invites Lee to the last dance of the year. When Scott picks her up, he does not recognize Lee without her weird hair and facial metal. Lee encourages Scott to ask Julia for a dance. After their dance, he realizes that Lee is the girl for him. Later that night, Scott meets his baby brother. This unabridged recording by Full Cast Audio is a touching, amusing, and professional production with many beneficial aspects. Listeners will sense how the Hudson family members truly care about one another. Even though Scott's journal includes insults, it is obvious that his intentions are good. Since Scott's favorite subject is Honors English, the listener will be entertained while learning about poetry, short stories versus novels, and the value of books. On the other hand, Lubar addresses illiteracy through the difficulties that Scott's older brother faces. Scott is a positive role model for young adult listeners because he is sensitive, intelligent, motivated, creative, and a good friend.
Scott Hudson's life is busy enough—avoiding lunch-money-stealing upperclassmen, finishing loads of homework on time, and impressing an old kindergarten pal turned hot; the last thing he has time to deal with is a baby. Unfortunately, there's not much he can do; his mother is expecting a child who will be fifteen years younger than Scott. How's a guy to deal? Scott takes the reader humorously through his freshman year of high school, recording his thoughts, fears, and wisdom in a “journal” he plans to give to his new sibling. Little does he know that in the process of trying to get by, he is learning what it means to be a friend, an honorable man, and a brother. Through an uplifting story, David Lubar shares a true teenager's perspective. The familiarity and honesty of the characters allows the narrative to unfold with startling realism. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is a recommended read for those searching for laughs and a genuine voice in young adult literature. 2005, Dutton Children's Books, 279 pp., Ages young adult.
—Rebecca Aicher
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up-Scott Hudson begins his freshman year of high school as a source of income to Wesley, the school shakedown artist. The girl he's known since kindergarten has blossomed into a goddess, but doesn't seem to know he's alive. He gets roped into writing the sports column for the school newspaper, even though he's not an athlete. On top of everything else, his mom is pregnant. As Scott maneuvers through a number of serious situations--bullying, a suicidal classmate, school dances--he still manages to be upbeat and true to himself. Overloaded with extracurricular activities and honors homework, he begins a journal filled with lists and tips for his expected sibling on how to survive freshman year. As the school year and his mom's pregnancy progress, Scott begins to find his niche at school in David Lubar's laugh-out-loud novel (Dutton, 2005). The main narration is more than capably done by Ryan MacConnell as Scott. The rest of the characters are voiced by a variety of actors, adding depth to Scott's experiences. Unobtrusive music throughout enhances the recording, including a lullaby whenever Scott writes in his journal for the baby. An excellent choice for public and school libraries.-Charli Osborne, Oxford Public Library, MI Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Scott's wacky life always plays out in totally unexpected ways. His excitement to be a freshman, finally, is overturned by the horrible reality where he's whacked on the head on the bus, his spare change is stolen, he's totally ignored by all females and he constantly suffers being the lowliest of the low. Even at home, things have turned upside down with older hunky brother's return to base and Mom's surprise announcement of a new sibling to come. Scott nicknames the new arrival Smelly-a combo of Sean and Emily appropriate for either gender, and writes a "NOT a diary" journal with advice and tips for the future. Lubar's gift is in his presentation of the horrors of daily life and the humor that sneaks in as real-life lessons are inadvertently learned. The mystery is who the true friends turn out to be, and the comedy is inherent in how hard it is to learn to go with the flow. Fresh, funny and perfectly plausible as a demonstration of various writing exercises for classroom use, but only if you like laughter. (Fiction. YA)

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12 - 17 Years

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher
"[A] solidly enjoyable read sprinkled with laughs, puzzles, a few groans, some oh-I-get-it nods, and generally good geeky fun throughout."

-Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, starred review

Meet the Author

David Lubar is the author of many popular novels for young readers, including Hidden Talents and Dunk. He has also published many short stories in young adult anthologies. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 89 reviews.
queen125 More than 1 year ago
I read this a while ago, while I was in high school, and I still remember this book. It was an incredible read, and it kept my attention. I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Scott. Scott was a great main character; I was connected with him and his journey through high school and family issues. Honestly, I never laughed out loud at a book so much. Defintitely worth checking out. You won't be disappointed.
avidreader10415 More than 1 year ago
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie: In David Lubar's Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, Scott Hudson is just an average kid. he has the same goal as any incoming Freshmen, to survive high school. While battling upper-classmen, mean teachers, and his ownfriends; Scott learns to cope with these new challenges and get a new aspect on life. Also with a new brother on the way, anything could go wrong in his once seemingly perfect life. I thought this book was great. Written in a way that middle schoolers can relate to, it was filled with everyday antics that most people just overlook in life. Lubar used simple words that showed his clever way of getting the point across. One of my favorite parts of the book was when Scott would write in his journal: Scott Hudson's Guide to Surviving High School. He wrote this to warn his soon to be brother about how not to get killed. In this journal there are insanely funny ways to avoid upperclassmen, not get made fun of, and how to NOT blend in with the crowd. I liked how Lubar chose such an interesting plot that everybody has, or will, experience. This wonderful book shows middle schoolers what high school is like and reminds adults what it was like. (High school can get really tricky.) Once again I think this was a phenomenal book and I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you are looking for a laugh.
BGRaquel More than 1 year ago
This book may be getting told by a young boy starting as a high school freshmen, but I'm an older girl starting as a college freshmen and I found it just as compelling, relatatble, and nostalgic as I would have if I had read it before my first day of high school. With a new baby coming, starting high school, keeping his friends close but his bullies far away, young Scott has a lot on his plate. When he finds himself overloading with extracurriculars to get close to his gorgeous classmate, sitting with the scariest guy in school at lunch, and standing up for the green-haired, freaky b***h, his freshmen year gets tossed into and unforgettable, life-changing adventure. This book also has some very interesting tidbits about certain books, poems, classic writing humor, etc. If English is your favorite subject, read it just for this! Funny and an excellent read... reccommend to all ages and genders.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Had to read this for summer reading, for school! I couldnt put ot down! It was soooo good! I felt soo bad fro Scott,as al lof his friemds start to ditch him, but i loved his creativity in the school newspaper. His desire to date Julia was a mix of desprate and passion, amd i can totaly realte, sorta. Solid book, great book. Great characters! Awesome, easy, enjoyable read!
booksreadbooks More than 1 year ago
Sleeping Freshman Never Lie is a great book for anyone who wants a good quick read that will make you laugh. This book is about a freshman in high school named Scott Hudson and a few of his friends and family members. The story starts out with Scott ready and excited for high school but after a few weeks his life turns upside down! His best friend from kindergarten, Julia, turns into a total cutie, his mother is pregnant, his best friend moves away, and Scott might like the new Goth girl, Lee, who is known to be freaky.Scott does everything he possibly can just to get close to Julia; from joining the school paper to doing the school play. The whole time he is in school Scott writes in a journal that he will give to his un-born brother. This book is perfect for ages 12 and up. Or mature 11 year olds. I loved this book from the first page to the last. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is about a boy named Scott who is coaping with life in the 9th grade and just after the start of his freshmen year he finds out his mother is pregnant. He also finds out that a girl he was friends with in kindergarten turned hot! So one day after the second day of highschool scott starts making a survival guide to give to his unborn brother. During his whole time in 9th grade he joins clubs like the school newspaper, Student council, and the school plays just to get to see julia (the girl who he was friends with in kindergarten) but soon he relizes that julia dropped out of those clubs he was pset but still stayed with the programs. Through half way towards the end scott is starting to loose friends but at the same time he is gaining them back. At the end of the story scott invites the new girl in the school to the last school dance. At the dance lee (The new girl) encourages scott to ask julia for a dance but after scott dances with julia he relizes that Lee is the girl for him. Shortly after the dance scott meets his new baby brother.
I thought this was an outstanding book for readers 13 and up and mature 11 to 12 year olds. I say that because there are a few cause words a terms that would be strong for younger readers. In my book I would rate this book a 9 out of 10.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was pretty good. I wouldnt say it was my favorite or really suggest it but it wasnt BAD. I guess it depends on theperson
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sleeping freshmen never lie is an amzing book. Lubar gives you insight on what its like to be an actual freshman. Overall the book is insanely funny. This is a must read for those who have not gone through high scholl yet and even those who have might enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is very interesting. I love that it included humor and small English lessons. I got so caught up in the little challenges. Overall, awesome book!
foreveryoung9 More than 1 year ago
i bought this book in the first place because it was my summer reading assignment. seeing as it was summer, & homework, i wasn't looking forward to it. but one i finally sat down and read it, i couldn't get up until i finished. Truly amazing. Want to know why? Buy it(: please! it amazing!
crzy4bookz47 More than 1 year ago
this book was actually not that bad. it is not one of my favorite books but it was a fun read. the book was very relatable but at some parts it got boring. scott is a funny dude and survived his first year of high school and i hope his tips will help me on my first day. if you want a quick fun read u should get this book.
Liddia More than 1 year ago
i loved this book!!! it was amazing& i just couldnt put it down. Sure, at times it's unrealistic, but it's still extremely interesting!!! i loved that i could related 2 the main character (the fact that he loved 2 read) & this book was funny too!! i would totally recommend it!! it was just plain awesome!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I borrowed this book from my school library a few months ago. It actually took me a few years to pick it up and give it a chance (i'm a senior now. And i guess you could say i was 'judging the book by it's cover') But i decided to give it a chance and after reading the first chapter, i was hooked. I think what i found most interesting was that Scott, the main character, kept a notebook in which he wrote down tips for his unborn brother. I like writing and i like reading books about kids that have the same interests as i do. In fact, i liked the book so much, i read it twice in a row! It's definitely relatable and holds your interest down to the very end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sleeping freshman never lie, is a book that all ages can enjoy. Scott, a new freshman, faces the challenges that every middle schooler fears. How will he ever survive? He worries about getting shoved in his locker, being beaten up, and hanging out with the wrong people. Everything is changing in this new, social world. His friends have either moved away, or left him for another clique. He misses out on getting a book review to write, his gym teacher is out to kill him, and he is practically forced to try for student council. On top of all the struggles of being a new freshman, the girl he likes, Julia, never seems to notice him, his mom's pregnant, and he faces total rejection from the school, for befriending Lee, an `emo¿ kid. Scott takes the reader through a journey, as he writes of his year in a diary he plans to give his unborn sibling. As his journey as a freshman finally ends, he walk¿s away learning more then he could ever imagine. The lonely boy in the beginning of the story ends up realizing how important the small things really are in life. As a middle schooler, I have never experienced being a freshman in high school, but after reading this light and funny book, high school doesn¿t seem so bad. It actually seems kinda funny. :)
Anonymous 12 months ago
Intriquing uses big words to keep your mind working
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, by David Lubar, is a very amusing book. Scott Hudson, the main character, is continuing to have hate on older kids who bully him. Now, being a freshman, Scott tries to find his way around getting beat up because he likes a girl. But things change as his mother announces that she is pregnant. This humorous book keeps reader reading and laughing. In the shock of a new sibling coming along the way, Scott decides that the sibling shouldn’t die during freshman year. Therefore, he makes “Survival Tips” such as, “If you're going to break something a nose is probably better than an arm, since it heals faster and it make you look tough.” There are plenty more jokes during the book. Reading the book, I found lots of ridiculously funny things. David Lubar is a very interesting writer in all of his books. Although this is a very good book;it is a little longer than most books. I would rate Sleeping Freshman Never Lie a 9/10 because it was a very easy going book where I understood what was going on. This book is great for all ages.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sleeping freshmen never lie is an awsome book to read. When I first started to read the book I was hooked into it. David Lubar does a good job on writing this book. The book is about a boy name scott that is a freshman in a new school for him. Also it goes through his whole first year of high school. If you like reading a book that is writing as a diary and not, if you do you should read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
David Lubar does a great job of drawing in the reader. I was hooked the moment I started reading. I really enjoyed the story line of this book and it was very well written. The main character, Scott, is trying to fit in as a freshman in high school and it isn’t working out at first. He cannot gain the courage to talk to the girl that he likes, his best friend moves to Texas, and to top it all off, his mom is pregnant taking all the attention that is his away. He goes through the many trials and tribulations that any freshman at any high school would, but he feels pretty alone. While reading I found myself chuckling and really relating my own high school experiences to the ones portrayed in this story. I recommend this book to any high school student or young adult that wants a good read along with a good laugh.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book, interesting story line, and a great narrator.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I never read yet but i hope that i will like it when/if i do but thanks yu guys for telling me if its great or not. I cant wait to try it becase of all the good reviews:)
Reader4000 More than 1 year ago
Please read!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago