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Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology

Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology

5.0 4
by Samantha Wilde
Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology includes seven wintry tales of romance, adventure and drama by award-winning women authors. Each short story includes a sleigh ride and is sure to put the reader in the mood for the most wonderful season of all.

In Samantha Wilde's "Monks and Musicians," a family sleigh ride turns a mother's life upside down, leaving her to


Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology includes seven wintry tales of romance, adventure and drama by award-winning women authors. Each short story includes a sleigh ride and is sure to put the reader in the mood for the most wonderful season of all.

In Samantha Wilde's "Monks and Musicians," a family sleigh ride turns a mother's life upside down, leaving her to decide the fate of her future and family.

In the romantic comedy "Noche Beuna," Maria Geraci shares what happens when a woman breaks tradition and takes the holidays into her own hands.

Jenny Peterson explores the powerful bond of sisters with a painful past in "Fairy Lights."

A phone call out of the blue from the former great love of her life causes a pharmacist to question her past and whether or not a second chance is worth the risk in Dani Stone's humorous, "No Place Like Home."

In Megan Barlog's story, "The Escape," a stable owner with a hover sleigh is drawn to a troubled young woman who needs his help to avoid the bleak future planned out for her.

When her dog jumps out of the car in a snowstorm in Vermont, the California girl has the wildest night of her life on her journey to find her dog and heal her heart in Maggie Marr's, "Dashing Through the Snow."

A grieving mother returns home at the holidays to face the family she walked away from after tragedy in Malena Lott's, "Snowflakes and Stones."

Called "beautiful" and "touching," this collection is a Good Read/Good Deed project with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the domestic violence prevention cause through the Alpha Chi Omega foundation.

Editorial Reviews

Chick Lit Central - Becky Gulc
"Well-written. The stories were dealing with very real and heartfelt issues yet each was ultimately positive and uplifting. I particularly enjoyed Malena Lott’s ‘Snowflakes and Stones’ story about a separated couple, Moira and Grayson. I don’t want to give anything away but this story was so moving. An ideal buy if you enjoy short stories and are looking for quick reads." - Becky Gulc, Chick Lit Central

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Meet the Author

Malena Lott is the author of several novels including "Fixer Upper" and "Dating da Vinci", and the novella, "Life’s a Beach" and the editor of "Sleigh Ride." The married Oklahoman mama-of-three is a brand strategist and co-founder of Buzz Books. www.malenalott.com

Samantha Wilde is the author of "This Little Mommy Stayed Home" and a graduate of Concord Academy, Smith College and Yale Divinity School. A yoga teacher and minister by training, and a stay-at-home mother by calling, she writes during nap times at her home in Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and three children. www.samanthawilde.com

Maggie Marr is the author of "Hollywood Girls Club" and "Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club." The writer/producer lives in Los Angeles with her husband, and is currently working on a contemporary romance and a new motion picture script. www.maggiemarr.com

Maria Geraci is the author of "The Boyfriend of the Month Club," "Bunco Babes Gone Wild" and "Bunco Babes Tell All." The married, mother-of-three lives in Florida, and is currently working on her next novel. www.mariageraci.com

Megan Barlog, 22, will graduate from California State University, Northridge, in December 2011 with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. Her short story “The Escape” is her first publication, and if she has anything to say about it, it won’t be her last. She lives in California with her parents, two sisters, two brothers, and a skittish dog named Casey.

Jenny Peterson was the lifestyles editor for the Oklahoma Gazette before she and her husband became new Coloradans in the fall of 2011. She writes young adult fiction in her spare time. www.jennycoonpeterson.com

Dani Stone is a freelance writer juggling assignments like a circus performer in sparkly red shoes. Currently, she’s contributing web content for MediaRefined.com and writing a charity spotlight series for the life-changing micro-giving site, Lovedrop.us. Dani lives with her husband and two children in the great flat state of Kansas. www.ihearlaughtracks.wordpress.com

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Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology by Malena Lott and others Wanted to read this particular book because it has a lot of authors I'm not familiar with, except one. Always find I have time for new authors and their works of words. The kindle version just started right up but I pulled up the contents and ran into Monkey Bread recipe so with Thanksgiving coming up and I'm hostessing it this year I was looking for something quick and easy to make and this is it! Love how there is magic with each sleigh story. Love the idea of all the recipes from the authors included. Now to the other parts of the book, the stories. Just even the names of the stories a calm has come over my mind and body as I sit back and relax to start reading them all. I hate to read books like this also because I never want them to end... ... Monks and Musicians by Samantha Wilde Rev. Jeff Winsted had sex with his church secretary and told his wife and sleeping daughter on the sleigh ride. She ousted him out of the house the day after...and she is pregnant. She works through it with her step mother as the days go by. Jeff has left with Lynn to go to Florida, left his family, job, everything til he thinks about it all... . Noche Buena by Maria Geraci Maggie Cartwright is the local welcomer from the Chamber of Commerce. She had given Nestor Vegas, a restaurant owner his annual fruitcake and they talk about past Christmases. Her favorite was the empty doll box that was turned into a sleigh. She talks about going back to TN to stay at her grandfathers cabin in the woods and just relaxing, reading, thinking of what to do with her life... Her sister comes over and they gossip and she finds out details about Nestor that she didn't know about... Laughed at the holiday sweaters they must wear. I used to make them for the family, but not holiday themed. Murals sound gorgeous. . Fairy Lights by Jenny Peterson Allison lives and works in Sweden and her sister is there to visit from Ohio and other parts in the US. While on a sleigh ride the memory of their brother comes up and she gets off the moving sleigh. Willow explains why she can't make her mother happy...she never met her brother nor does she know how he died... She wanted to be the twin to Allison after the brother died and she thought her mother was the one to kill him, til Allison learns the truth.. Love the folklore, just what needed to heal the two together again... . No Place Like Home by Dani Stone Brian had accepted a job 2 years ago and told Stacie without even asking for her opinion. That was one reason why they broke up. She confided in her friend Audrey about his phone call that they needed to talk. The women had spent a weekend at Las Vegas mourning her grandmother Jordan passing and the breakup of Brian. She thinks he might want to get together with her so she goes through the pictures they took as a couple and remembers how comfortable they were. She also looks at a picture of the sleigh ride her grandparents took together when they were dating. With the snow just falling her friend picks her up in a sleigh and has yet another surprise for her when they reach the bookstore..There is magic with the sleigh... . The Escape by Megan Barlog Hans is in charge of the animaltrons at the Stable. A girl with red hair is being chased by many men and he helps hide her. After some time has gone by she appears again and he hides her again and she tells him her story. Her father is forcing her to marry an old man, as in his age. He was just finishing welding the steel on the sleigh. it had instruments in it that would make it fly, like an airplane. Beka's father and her intended want a tracking chip implanted and she runs to the Stable for Hans to help her. He has an idea that involves the sleigh... She agreed to meet him on Friday night for their escape but soemthing went wrong. She used Morse code to contact him and he took it into his hands to solve the problem, with his sleigh... . Dashing Through the Snow by Maggie Marr Ella Brighton and her dog Bovis were far from LA, in the snow in Vermont when the dog jumped out the window. She went after him and after not finding him went back to the rental SUV where she had the keys locked inside, with her purse and watch. A man in a sleigh had her dog as she walked around for a bit... He was divorced also and they got to talking and laughing ... . Snowflakes and Stones by Malena Lott Moria was hand delivering the divorce papers to Grayson where he waited in the sleigh, all set with Dancer and Dasher... Her job used to be hot cocoa and Layla would handle the sugar cookies. She recalls the accident that took their daughter and I loved hearing how the one who was at fault spent their time telling others about it-in hopes nobody else would ever die from it. Love hearing of all the nature and just pristine setting of the family homestead... ISBN-10: 0615552331
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago