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Slicker Than Your Average

Slicker Than Your Average

4.6 24
by Craig David

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British pop star Craig David won over a skeptical U.S. audience with his 2-step drum-'n'-bass-infused debut, Born to Do It. This time, he hits American urban-music fans where they live, making good on his titular boast thanks to a silken tenor and skillful production. The disc -- penned entirely by David -- is evenly split


British pop star Craig David won over a skeptical U.S. audience with his 2-step drum-'n'-bass-infused debut, Born to Do It. This time, he hits American urban-music fans where they live, making good on his titular boast thanks to a silken tenor and skillful production. The disc -- penned entirely by David -- is evenly split between hip-hop-tinged, dance floor-ready tracks produced by newcomers the Ignorants that showcase the former DJ and rapper's trademark rapid-fire singing style, and heartstring-tugging ballads produced by Born collaborator Mark Hill and vets Soulshock & Karlin that reveal why Elton John once hailed this young man the best singer in the U.K. Of the gritty club tracks, standouts include the playful title track, with its ticklish guitar loop, turntable scratches, and funky horn riffs; "Eenie Meenie," which starts with cinematic violins and later transforms itself into a dizzying drum-'n'-bass track; and the mid-tempo "Hands Up in the Air," where David calls out to all the hot girls and boys, à la Missy Elliott's "Hot Boyz," over percolating strings. For all of his dance culture sensibilities, however, David shines on slow jams such as the Boyz II Men–reminiscent "You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til the Well Runs Dry)," the seductive, Prince-ly ballad "Personal," and the Grammy-worthy collaboration with Sting on "Rise and Fall." On the latter track, which samples Sting's "Shape of My Heart," the elder Brit forewarns David: "Superstar you finally made it/ But once your picture becomes tainted/ That's what they call the rise and fall." Fortunately for David, with youth and talent on his side, this shooting star is still rising.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Christina Fuoco
The former British teen sensation kicked off his singing career with the stellar Grammy-nominated Born to Do It, which blended 2-step, R&B, and pop. With his second release, Slicker Than Your Average, Craig David shows a different side. While Born to Do It was filled with romantic lyrics, Slicker Than Your Average shares David's feelings about fame, with a small dose of his trademark love songs. On the title track, David takes a stab at those who criticize his "squeaky clean" image and musical style: "Now they're telling me that I'm too R&B/How I turned my back on the whole UK garage scene/Now they're stressing me when/I know there's so much more to see." Broken hearts and playing the field are prominent topics as well. Musically, Slicker Than Your Average is a collage of styles -- dance ("What's Your Flava?," "Eenie Meenie," "Fast Cars") and 2-step ("2 Steps Back") as well as R&B/pop ballads ("World Filled With Love" and "Rise & Fall"). "Rise & Fall," a song featuring a guest vocal by Sting, is among the highlights on the album, as are "You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til the Well Runs Dry)," "What's Your Flava?," and the Beatlesque "World Filled With Love," which is filled with soaring harmonies. Slicker Than Your Average is stronger than the average sophomore effort, and it proves that Craig David's abilities are innate.
Rolling Stone - Pat Blashill
On Slicker Than Your Average, David is a pop singer who incorporates as much techno as Motown into his sound.

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Release Date:
Atlantic Mod Afw


  1. Slicker Than Your Average
  2. What's Your Flava?
  3. Fast Cars
  4. Hidden Agenda
  5. Eenie Meenie
  6. You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til The Well Runs Dry)
  7. Rise and Fall
  8. Personal
  9. Hands Up In The Air
  10. 2 Steps Back
  11. What's Changed?
  12. World Filled With Love

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Slicker Than Your Average 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the mix and feel to this album. Hidden Agenda and Spanish are my personal favorite. But if you don't like this album (I don't see the reason why.), try "Born to do it" which also contain various hits like Walking Away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love his new album as the first one did there're a lot singing R&B or whatever other rhythm are called the important is that his singing fill me in. Este nuevo album de David es excelente asi que lo recomiendo sin duda.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay this cd hasn't even dropped yet (i'm writing this the day before it does) but it's really good. it has a different vibe than the first one did...and no i didn't burn it u can listen to the whole cd on his website if u want. i'm glad craig's got a new cd, he's one of the few singers who's voice really gets to me ( and it doesn't hurt that he looks good too =) if u're a craig david fan than u won't be disappointed and if u're not then i dare u to try him out...u'll be surprised that u might actually like it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought the album the day it came out. "Born To Do It" was amazing, and I expected nothing less from the British cutie. The songs just flow. Put it on repeat and you won't realize you've listened to it 3 times in a row... it's THAT good.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well I love the Cd because there are no songs on there that sound like ones from BTDI. That's a hard thing to do. I think STYA is more emotional than BTDI. Like you said in an interview you have done a lot of living in the pass two years and I can tell in some of the songs. Rise & Fall and STYA are very personal to me. I knew people "hated" on you but didn't know it was that bad. I know that you probably would face situation in the music business that might comparmize your intergity. Most artist do. I love the way you wrote each song. It's like we listeners are there watching you live thought all the Drama in your life. Personal is one of my favorite songs on the CD(A true Baby Making Song) . I think it shows that you really can sing a classic R&B song. It reminded me of Keith Sweat and R.Kelly when they were at the top of their game. I sure hope that Urban radio get to put it on heavy rotation here in the US. Classic R&B song if ever I've heard one. Eeenie Meenie and Fast Cars are the types of songs that would make GREAT videos. I can just see you with the boys talking ish in the video. I might be one of the only persons to love Hidden Agenda. I always put it on repeat when it comes on. I got the UK single and I love the Detrimental Pirate Material Remix of What's Your Flava? That's what I call a remix. I wish ya'll had of put "Nobody has to Know" and Four Times A Lady on the CD. Those are great songs and I almost passed out when I found out They were on the US Cd. I think you did well and there willl not be any Sophmore Jinx's for Craig David. It will probably go 2X times platinum in the US with the right singles. Thanks for entertaining me.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Slicker Than Your Average is wonderful. I enjoyed every song on the CD. Usually I only like a few songs right off and I have to learn to like the rest but this CD was a major exception. I reccomend that everyone add this CD to their collection. Slicker Than Your Average has at least 1 song for everybody.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am so happy with this new album, I loved Born to do it and Slicker Than Your Average is unbelievable. My top three favorites are Hidden Agenda, You Don't Miss Your Water, and What's Changed. Craig Makes unbelievable albums, you can put them on and listen all the way through, and there's a song for everyone, for the party animal, the romantic, and the dancer. It's truly amazing and I recommend it to everyone! I LOVED IT!
Guest More than 1 year ago
YOU have to have this in you cd collection, the British superstar has once again given us a masterpiece, with not one song that will disapoint you! He is back with a more mature sound, STYA is a blend of r&b, hip hop, funky pop and uk garage!! it will make the perfect xmas pressie !!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think, that the album is worth buying! I got my copy already and I think that STYA will be loved by both males and females, the fans and people, who has never heard of Craig (is that possible??) It has RnB & 2-step, pop & soul. And plus the duo with Sting!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
What the deal Craig? On his first CD, all his tracks built off eachother, but on his new cd he builds off everyone elses songs. His originality is what brought me to him, but this cd is far from original. 5 of his tracks are obviously remakes or knock offs of other songs. He's a great vocalist and thats why i still have his cd, but hopefully next time he'll suprise me. Oh by the way, Jimmy Cozier's TWO STEPS is much better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's slick, it has style and flair and it's Craig David doing what he does best being Craig David- I loved his first CD and this CD - keep it coming:) Eschella Purvis
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just want to let everybody know that the album is hot all the songs are the da bomb and the most ones i think everyone will love is whats your flava, fast cars, personal for the ladies and spanish all those songs are hot. I think everyone should get this because it really show how much he as grown since his other ablum and it his ensational side to the ladies of out world and athats a good thing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are looking at this Album. Buy It! Thinking about it, Buy It! He proved to us all that he was definitely born to do this, but Slicker Than Your Average, is truely an example of what all artist attempt to do with their second album, it is better than a pheonominal first album and it clearly demonstrates his growth as an artist. All the complements you hear about him are true. And even my least favorite songs on the album are more preferable to me than my favorite songs on other albums. I honestly think this is the best Album I own. Atleast until Craig does it again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hi ya'll I'm writing to tell all the Craig David HATERS that he is BACK and still HOT and doing the damn thang! The CD is FULL of R&B flava! LOVE IT! My fave track is "Fast Cars"..BUY it!! If you truly love R&B..its a MUST have!! Peace n Luv Monique NYC
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is the best cd! Craig David is so talented and so great! He is my fav.! I love "what's changed,"what's your flava", and "you don't miss you water(til the well ruins dry)"!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album's fab! what else can i say.. the long awaited 2nd album of Craig David rocks! the 2 year wait was definitely worth it.. one question tho.. is the song Two Steps Back really penned by Craig? i've heard a very similar version of this song on the Dr. Dolittle 2 soundtrack.. it's called Two Steps by Jimmy Corzier.. so who's the original here? did Criag do a cover or something?
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really looked forward to hearing CD's new album and from the moment i put it on the player i knew that it wasnt gonna leave any time soon. With slicker Craig really has moved the game on. Recently bought Justin Timberlakes offering and on comparison it doesnt shine like Slicker. EEnie meenie has to be a number one, its just lyrically perfect. Add to that the fantastic melody and beutiful production by Marshell and trell and it's unstoppable.This is what garage should be about! Hip hop tinged tital track is a nice departure for Craig and his voice works briantly on it. Hill produced tracks are still 'Classic' David and his voice is used to best effect on songs such as the summary Hidden Agenda. Best song, Spanish, just wonderful 2 step tinged urban music.Who'd of thought Sting and Craig would blend so harmoniously on Rise and Fall, an amazing track, far better than the suga babes 'Shape'. Is there a low point on the album, well i cant find one.He may not be the new Michael jackson (a la Justin Timberlake) but thats because he's the one and only Craig David, unique, talented and British.
Guest More than 1 year ago
We heard Craig David do one song on the Regis Live show and we were very impressed. Certainly a new sound. Obviously Rap inspired but sung. He has a voice! Great guitarist also. (And by the way where are the credits for the players in your description? Our son is a musician and we are very sensitive to the reason singers can sound as good as they do being ignored.)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think this title is a master-p of CD.So I invite all the friends visiting this site, please hear it!!!You won't be disappointed.Guaranted!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
its a change from his debut album but in a good way...its very soulful and more R&B. i definately recommend it! my most favourite songs on the album are: hidden agenda, what's changed, you dont miss your water..., and spanish.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like this album a lot. It has something for everyone electro R&B, Slow jam R&B, pop tunes, and a little bit of latin flavor as well. Craig is showing a more mature ( see: Rise and Fall) and seductive ( Personal) side on this album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Craig indeed does prove that he is Slicker Than Your Average, adressing his haters in the title track."Ever since I frist stepped up they thought I wasn't good enough, no... They told me that i'd only last for one song..." This album is great for those who love R&B/Hip hop. Craig even has a guest appearance by Sting in "Rise and Fall". Definetly a must buy album! Go get it!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
What can i say, he's done it again. After a multi-platinum selling 'Born To Do It'album, Craig is back with his second serving of that smooth 2step sound. 'Slicker Than Your Average' is not exactly what fans will be expecting; "it would be too easy to make a BORN TO DO IT 2". This album presents a clear progression in his style, still maintaining the 2step sound and those mind blowing lyrics, but adding a little something something to it. Quite simply, he's a lyrical genius, and goes out to prove it by firstly answering back his critics on the first track, then moving on to what has made him so unique and successful, with tracks like 'Eenie Meenie' and 'Rise & Fall'. Go out and get this album, you will definitely not regret it. BO SELECTA!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Craig David has definately outdone himself. His second album could not have been any better. It is perfect. It is worth the money and it is just awesome. I do not think that words are enough to say how excellent this album is of Craig David. He just rocks!