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Slip Point

Slip Point

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by Karalynn Lee

From childhood, Shay had one dream—to join the Space Corps with her best friend and sweetheart, Jayce. When the Space Corps reveals that the father she thought was dead is actually an infamous pirate and rejects her application, the dream dies and she leaves the planet without saying a word to Jayce.

Ten years later, Shay is a pirate herself. She


From childhood, Shay had one dream—to join the Space Corps with her best friend and sweetheart, Jayce. When the Space Corps reveals that the father she thought was dead is actually an infamous pirate and rejects her application, the dream dies and she leaves the planet without saying a word to Jayce.

Ten years later, Shay is a pirate herself. She captains her own ship and has earned a reputation as one of the slipperiest pilots around. That's why she's recruited for a dangerous secret government mission. But the cargo she's assigned to smuggle turns out to be a woman with a government bodyguard—Jayce.

Jayce never thought he'd see Shay again, and when the mission forces them together on her ship, he isn't sure he can forgive her for deserting him; but their desire for each other is stronger than ever. Jayce knows he wants to be with Shay, but how can he trust a woman who's both a pirate and the girl who broke his heart?

35,000 words

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Atop a hill on Centuris, a girl and a boy eyed each other warily. He'd come prepared, a blanket rolled under his arm and binoculars dangling from his neck. The binoculars were still swaying with the force of his stop after he'd dashed up the hill and saw her at the same moment she'd spotted him.

Shayalin had run here, too, knowing her mother wouldn't approve but unable to stay away. This was the best hill from which to see ships descend to the spaceport, and they came to the colony only once a year.

"I'm watching the supply ships from here," she said, waiting for his reaction. The boys of her acquaintance liked ships, but when they played with their models they crashed them into each other in mock space battles. They never listened when she pointed out that ships used long-range weapons instead of brute collisions.

He fingered the strap of his binoculars. "So'm I."

Return to impasse. She knew the shadows were creeping longer and arrival was approaching.

"I guess we can both watch," he said, sounding resigned in the face of time slipping away.

She sat down on the grass and hugged her knees.

"You're going to stain your skirt."

She turned to stare at him, wondering if her mother had suddenly appeared in his place. But standing there still was the same boy with freckles and ruddy hair and no business telling her about the state of her clothes.

He looked abashed. "That's all the girls in school care about, not getting dirty."

"All the boys care about is fighting."

"I want to fight," he said. "But in a ship."

"My dad fought in a ship," she said.

He was suitably impressed. "A pilot?"

"A captain!"

But now he grew skeptical. "Of a scout ship?"

"Cargo," she admitted.

"And he fought?"

"Pirates attacked his ship. He died. Before I was born."

He was quiet.

She looked resolutely upward, although the stars were blurred through her tears. Shayalin had never known her father, but how many times had her mother said in exasperation that she took after him? He would have understood her and her longing to get off-planet, she was sure.

There was a soft rustle and then, "You can sit on it too." He'd spread out the blanket and sat on one side, leaving enough room for her.

She accepted his peace offering, scooting onto the nearest corner. "I had to come out when my mom wasn't looking. So I didn't have time to change."

"She doesn't like ships?"

"She doesn't like that I want to be on one. She wants me to stay on Centuris and take up her hearth and help the colony grow. But I want to go up there, just like my dad."

"Yeah, when I grow up I'm joining the Corps. I'm going to be a fighter pilot! I'll take care of those pirates." He aimed an imaginary blaster and pretended to blow pirates out of the air.

"I'll take care of them myself," she said.

"Not if I get to them first!"

They glared at each other.

She was wondering if she should get off the blanket when his gaze shifted and he threw an arm upward to point. "Look!"

It was a bright star at first, flaring against Centuris's atmosphere, but it grew swiftly to dwarf everything else in the evening sky. She knew it was headed for the spaceport, but for a moment she imagined it was coming toward her. It was a supply ship, all bulk and blank metal, but to her it couldn't have been more beautiful.

"Horizon-class," the boy said, binoculars glued to his face.

She ached to ask but bit her tongue. He sensed the question anyway. To her surprise, he lowered the binoculars and said diffidently, "Want to see?"

Meet the Author

Karalynn was born in Texas, raised in Korea and now lives in California. Despite having majored in English, she makes her living writing in programming languages instead. She enjoys early mornings, running, barley tea and watching football games in crowded pubs. More of her writing is available from Carina Press, Samhain Publishing, Drollerie Press and at her website, karalynnlee.com.

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Slip Point 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
JodyFL More than 1 year ago
Slip Point is a sweet love story set in the futuristic society of space. Shayalin and Jayce met as children on an outer 'homesteader' planet while watching the supply ships dock at the space port. They are drawn together by their love of space travel and their desire to join the Corps and become space pilots. They are in love and waiting to apply for the corps together as soon as Shay becomes of age. However, Shay isn't accepted into the corp because her long thought dead father is actually a very alive notorious space pirate. Shay is so shocked by the revelation that she runs off embarassed and stunned. Jayce is abandoned and left to go through his dreams alone. Shay cannot possibly return to her home planet and face her mother who has lied to her for 18 years. Instead she bargins her way on to a cargo ship and comes up with a plan to meet her father. Once she meets him she demands he give her a ship and teach her to fly since it is his fault her dreams were crushed. 10 years later, Shay is a notorious pirate in her own right. Her father accepts a smuggling mission to get a special government official's wife off a medical planet and through a barricade. The corp pilot assigned to the mission is none other than Jayce. Sparks fly as he realizes that his Shay is actually the legendary pirate Lin Bailey. This was a novella of a 100+ pages and a quick read. I enjoyed the premise and thought the romance between Jayce and Shay was sweet. There are what I would call tame erotica. There are sex scenes but they are very sweet and loving. I really wanted to give this 3.5 stars. I would recommend it as a quick read for anyone who enjoys a futuristic romance. The only criticism I have is that it could have used some expansion on background for the characters and space society. It sort of felt as the the world was very well though out but I was reading a book that was part of a bigger series that I had picked up out of order. It does stand alone but I wanted more character development of Jayce and Shay. I also would have liked to understand more about the governing body and spokes of the space travel she describes. This is a good start for a relatively unknown author.