Slow Fire (Will Magowan Series #1)
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Slow Fire (Will Magowan Series #1)

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by Ken Mercer

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One morning, Will Magowan opens his mail and finds a mysterious job offer to become the police chief of Haydenville, a tiny town in rural Northern California.

Once a highly decorated LAPD narcotics detective, Will was terminated after a devastating personal tragedy drove him to become addicted to the heroin he was charged with keeping off the streets. Fresh out


One morning, Will Magowan opens his mail and finds a mysterious job offer to become the police chief of Haydenville, a tiny town in rural Northern California.

Once a highly decorated LAPD narcotics detective, Will was terminated after a devastating personal tragedy drove him to become addicted to the heroin he was charged with keeping off the streets. Fresh out of rehab but jobless and estranged from his wife, Will now lives alone in an old Airstream trailer on the fringes of L.A.

Out of options, Will accepts the job. After moving to Haydenville, he discovers that the once postcard-perfect town is being corrupted by a criminal influence that threatens to destroy it.

Haydenville’s normally law-abiding citizens begin to erupt in acts of unspeakable violence. Pets are going missing at an alarming rate. Stately Victorian homes are falling into disrepair.

With only a rookie officer at his disposal, Will risks everything in his quest to save Haydenville—entering a labyrinth of dark secrets that have remained buried for almost 40 years.

An emotionally complex and literate page-turner, Slow Fire marks the electrifying debut of a new series featuring Will Magowan.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"SLOW FIRE is without a doubt violent... but exceptionally well-paced

and carefully plotted... and, we hope, the beginning of a fine new

series." -BookPage.

"SLOW FIRE is a fast-paced rural police procedural that shines a

spotlight on the small town meth problem that has not felt the impact

of the recession... Will is a fascinating hero." -The Mystery Gazette.

“Vulnerable and deeply damaged Magowan makes for a compelling protagonist in this crisp, well-written debut...” -Booklist

"... both his prose and his hero are refreshingly honest and direct." - Kirkus Reviews

"Dark and twisted, Ken Mercer's SLOW FIRE starts fast and burns bright. I couldn't put it down." -Robert Ellis

"Not one word wasted...writing as taut as stretched hemp."  - Ted Bell, New York Times Bestselling author  

"In SLOW FIRE, Ken Mercer's suspenseful, atmospheric, and emotionally raw debut, the author skillfully takes us beneath the peaceful facade of a seemingly idyllic town.  Haydenville looks like the perfect place for disgraced and grieving cop Will Magowan to find redemption.  Instead, he finds a labyrinth of dark secrets, lies, and crime that he must navigate — while keeping his own demons at bay.  With it's gripping plot, colorful cast of characters and shocking ending, SLOW FIRE will definitely have readers looking for more from Ken Mercer." — Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of DIE FOR YOU

"A stellar debut. In Will Magowan he has created a hero we care about and fear for, a vulnerable and flawed man plagued by addictions, obsessions and his own shortcomings."-Louise Ure, Shamus Award-winning author of Liars Anonymous and The Fault Tree

Publishers Weekly
Mercer shows promise, but succumbs to clichés and the implausible in his debut about a former LAPD narcotics detective trying to rebuild his life after being a heroin addict. Will Magowan's new job as police chief in the tiny rural California town of Haydenville is his chance to show that he's again ready for police work. Far from an idyllic town, Haydenville has a thriving meth industry that's made addicts of many residents. “Nice place to live, if it wasn't for all the tweakers,” thinks Will, who suspects convicted murderer turned famous author, Frank Carver, who often acts as the town's patron, is up to no good. Mercer explores with finesse Will's past, the loss of his son, and his desire to reconnect with his wife, Laurie, but he uses the mayor's threat to fire Will too often, and as the most casual viewer of police dramas knows, even a smalltown cop can't just shoot a criminal or have someone die on his watch and expect to be at work the next hour. Author tour. (Feb.)
Kirkus Reviews
An unpopular new sheriff learns that the drug kingpin he's been hunting may be one of the town's most eminent citizens. Leaving behind the gritty streets of Los Angeles and a heroin addiction, former LAPD narcotics detective Will Magowan takes a job as chief of police in the small Northern California town of Haydenville. His advanced skills are required almost immediately, when the body of young Caitlyn Johnson is discovered near an abandoned kayak. But a controversial shooting at the town's only bar puts Will in the cross hairs of local enemies like Frank Carver, transformed from a Hell's Angel and convicted killer into philanthropist and literary lion. Will's pending divorce, his eager but bumbling deputy Thomas, as well as the effort of staying clean pile up the stress, and Mayor Bonnie Newman, who hired him to clean up Haydenville's blossoming drug trade, warns that his days may be numbered. Will catches a break with the discovery of a meth stash at the remote cabin of skeevy Henry Bell, but Bell kills himself before he can name his criminal boss. Will's instinct tells him that Carver heads this massive drug operation, a suspicion confirmed when he snags a flashy out-of-town dealer named Glen Sexton who agrees, after much legal wrangling, to help catch Carver. But like many of Will's efforts in Haydenville, this plan hits more than its share of snags. Mercer's debut is full of familiar plot elements, but both his prose and his hero are refreshingly honest and direct. Author tour to New York, Los Angeles, Portland, New Jersey

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Will Magowan Series, #1
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Her skin was the first thing he noticed.

Already deeply tanned on only the fifteenth day of May, it was flecked here and there with droplets of water from out of the river.

She wore a pair of green board shorts, stripes down the sides featuring some kind of exotic Hawaiian foliage. Above the chrome snap of the waistband, her stomach was undulated with small hills of muscle. The angle of her body caused the fullness of her breasts to spill from beneath the nylon triangles of her bikini top.

She lay on a bed of cobbles that thrust out into the rush of the river. The morning sun flashed off the water in discs of light, wrapping about her head like a halo.

Will Magowan stood over her, studying her youthful face. Just beneath her hairline was a purplish bruise, circular in shape. She stared up at him, as if asking for some kind of assurance, her eyes not blinking. A milky white film covered the pupil and iris, robbing them of color.

The air vibrated with the mournful drone of blowflies, their metallic green bodies swarming over her nose and mouth. The insects had already managed to fill her nostrils with tiny white eggs.

He began to feel as if he were looking down at her from a great height, like a stilt walker. All of a sudden, there was the sensation of having too much saliva in his mouth. When he swallowed, the sheer volume of it surprised him.

Somewhere within his abdomen, his stomach shifted, making him conscious now of its weight. He forced himself to take a deep breath, to try and calm it.

Then, before it was too late, he spun away from her, hunching over into the willows just as the spasms began.


He could hear them laughing.

“...supposed to be some big kahuna, just moved up from L.A.” It was the one called Thomas, the police officer who seemed young enough to still be in high school.

“Don’t exactly look like it right now,” said the older one, the Forest Service ranger.

Will’s back was to them. He was still folded over at the waist, staring at the remains of his breakfast strewn on the sandy ground. A Balance Bar and black coffee. He thought the energy bar looked pretty much the same way it had when he’d eaten it, only deconstructed now, no longer in its original rectangular form.

He remembered how he used to brag about how his stomach was bombproof. He’d eat anything with impunity, would even risk the cabeza and lengua from the illicit taco trucks parked in the shadow of the 710 Freeway.

But all of that was before Eucalyptus Knolls, with its vinyl covered mattresses and echoing hallways that reeked of Pine-Sol. Before seventeen straight days of detox. No Methadone, no Lofexidene. Nothing but a molded plastic vomit pan.

“Shit,” Thomas said. “It’s like the dude’s never seen a dead body before or something.”

Will ripped a sheet from his pocket notebook and used it to wipe his mouth. A second skin of sweat clung to him, the temperature already in the high 80’s, so early in the morning.

They were staring at him.

Thomas and the ranger, waiting for him to say something. The ranger puffed at a slender cigar with a white plastic tip, his Smokey the Bear hat casting a semi-circular shadow down across his face.

Will realized that they were waiting for him to tell them what to do, and he experienced a momentary pang of panic. What was he supposed to say? He’d never been in charge of anything like this before. He’d been around enough crime scenes, seen his share of DOA’s, but he’d worked Narcotics ever since getting out of uniform.

He looked around, searching for the usual crush of activity—evidence techs, photographers, patrolmen—but this appeared to be the whole show. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a leather badge holder. He flipped it open to expose a brass shield, and slid it down into the waistband of his jeans.

Chief, the badge read. First day on the job. At this rate, he thought, probably his last.

An orange whitewater kayak was sitting on the stones next to the woman’s body. Scattered around the kayak were various articles of paddling equipment: a neoprene spray skirt; a personal flotation device; a sparkle-painted red helmet with a spider web crack in the front. He had the nagging sense that something was missing, but at the moment couldn’t put his finger on what it might be.

Red earth rose up steeply from the aquamarine river, nothing but the empty road above them on one side, dense Northern California forest on the other.

They were staring at him.

The young officer, Thomas, wore his full dress uniform despite the heat, his black boots shined so they reflected the corona of the sun. His braided leather garrison belt sagged with the weight of what appeared to be every accessory that could possibly be ordered from the Streicher’s catalog.

Will tried to figure out how he might proceed here. He flipped through his memories of homicide detectives past as they arrived on scene, mustard stains on their ties, the reek of Cutty thick on the breath.

When Will began to speak, he tried to channel those rumpled men, to somehow transplant their tone of bone-tired boredom.

“All right,” he finally said. “So what’ve we got?”

Meet the Author

Ken Mercer was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1962 and began writing professionally at the age of 17. He has written for newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and feature films. Slow Fire is his first novel. He lives in California with his wife and daughter. For more about Ken Mercer, please visit

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Slow Fire (Will Magowan Series #1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
You would think it's another bad cop from the city trying to survive as the law in a small town when you start reading Slow Fire by Ken Mercer. It is more than that. Will Magowan has demons of his own when he took on the job as police chief of a Haydenville. He has to deal with drug crazed citizens, missing pets, and secrets that everyone seems to want to keep hidden. Mercer debut novel is well-written, full of suspense and drama that keeps your emotions on edge as you turn each page. I enjoyed this novel immensely.
AllPurposeMonkey More than 1 year ago
"Just a few hard knocks. That's what he'd kept telling himself, these past couple of years, but now he had to consider a more disturbing possibility. That perhaps the circumstances were not to be blamed, but only himself." - Will Magowan Former LAPD narcotics detective Will Magowan has pretty much hit rock bottom. Having been fired because of the heroin addiction he picked up while working undercover, he's estranged from his wife and living in a beat up Airstream trailer at the opening of author Ken Mercer's debut novel, Slow Fire. Still unemployed and trying to get his life together two years after his firing, Magowan's prospects for another job in law enforcement are looking rather grim. Until, that is, he gets an offer from the Mayor of Haydenville, California to become their Chief of Police. Located far upstate and deep inland in National Forest territory, the once idyllic town is suffocating under a growing methamphetamine problem, one so bad that the Mayor is willing to overlook Magowan's current baggage in favor of his past expertise. Magowan accepts the position, and in relatively short order identifies the person he believes to be the source of the meth; Frank Carver, a man who served time in the 1970's after being convicted of the voluntary manslaughter of his wife. Unfortunately, Carver also wrote a bestselling book shortly after his release from prison which, in conjunction with his generous patronage of the town's library, makes him `hands off' as far as the Mayor is concerned. It's not giving anything away to mention that Magowan identifies Carver as his main suspect (it happens early on), as Slow Fire is arguably more of a character study than it is a mystery in the strictest sense. It's Magowan's interactions with those around him - be it mentoring his earnest and painfully naïve young deputy, trying to reconnect with his estranged wife, playing politics with the Mayor, or butting heads with Carver - that truly fuel Slow Fire. Carver, who presents an unnerving combination of brute force and intelligence for Magowan to square off against, is one of the more disturbing antagonists you'll find in current crime fiction. Magowan is such a wonderfully well-developed character, however, that he's more than up to the task. Mercer has, in fact, hit a stride with Magowan right out of the gate that many authors take two or three books into a series to find. Considering that Slow Fire is Mercer's debut, I can only image the heights he will be able to hit with Magowan as this series unfolds... and I greatly look forward to it.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Knowing he needed a change in location to kick his heroin addiction, narcotics detective Will Magowan leaves LAPD to take the position of police chief in Haydenville, California. His wife chose divorce rather than accompany him to the northern rural part of the state to reside in a trailer. Will almost immediately needs to apply his homicide detecting skills when the corpse of Caitlyn Johnson is found near a kayak. Soon afterward, Will gets involved in a bar shooting, other violence, and an incident with former Hell's Angel convicted killer Frank Carver who has become a writer and philanthropist. He also struggles with the town's greatest growth industry, meth production; the reason Mayor Bonnie Newman hired him but threatens to fire him as instead of abating the flow, it has increased. Will finds a meth stash at the cabin of Henry Bell, but the mark suicides rather than provide Will with information. The police chief believes good citizen Carver is the drug king, but proving it is difficult as nothing works to catch him. Slow Fire is a fast-paced rural police procedural that shines a spotlight on the small town meth problem that has not felt the impact of the recession; in fact is a growth industry. Will is a fascinating hero who struggles with addiction, his wife leaving him, and the threat of losing his last chance job. Fans will enjoy his stressed out life although some spins seem a bit over Mount Shasta. Harriet Klausner