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Smart Mom's Baby-Sitting Co-op Handbook: How We Solved the Baby-Sitter Puzzle.

Smart Mom's Baby-Sitting Co-op Handbook: How We Solved the Baby-Sitter Puzzle.

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by Gary Myers, Patty Barthell Myers (Foreword by)

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Smart Mom's Baby-Sitting Co-op Handbook: How We Solved the Baby-Sitter Puzzle. 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A coop is so easy to do and makes a huge difference. I have a sitter every time I call. It takes one hour with three friends to start. It is no extra work to do.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've written two reviews for this book so far, giving it one star. Yet for whatever reason, neither review has appeared thus far. Does BN censor low-rating reviews, but let good reviews fly by the review process? let's find out shall we?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Smart Mom's Baby-sitting Co-op Smart Mom's Baby-sitting Co-op, by Gary Myers, is a must have for Mom's with kids 12 and under. Any Mom who has fought her way through a grocery store or gone months without seeing a best friend because of children, will value the freedom a babysitting co-op can bring. Gary and the University Place Babysitting Co-op, give you the necessary planning tools to begin a co-op that will last generations. From your first meeting with three close friends, to how to invite new members, Gary shows you the values the co-op will bring to your community. Covering safety issues, tips on creating a welcoming environment for new members, guidelines for keeping the members involved, and inspiration for taking time-out, all lead anyone who reads this book in the right direction. Whether you have one or six children, you can get time away for a cup of coffee, or watch another Mom's children while she is at an appointment. With one simple phone call you will have a babysitter anytime you want, for any reason. No more feeling guilty because you want time with a friend, no more worrying about having to make 10 calls before you find someone that's available, no more expensive teenagers who are inexperienced. Caring, trusting Moms who have been invited by close friends, gone through safety inspections, and developed a relationship with you, will be available.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I did a Baby-sitting Co-op in one hour with three friends using this handbook. (it has everything you need already laid out). We have invited ten more moms to join us. We have time-out because a sitter will always be available--I can schedule a doctor's appointment on the spot. I only do sits in my home when it fits my schedule. We make one call to the secretary serving her turn--no hunting for a sitter. The book is well writen, easy to follow and provided everything I needed. I serve as secretary one-month in rotation with 12 other moms. I started the co-op but I am never asked to do anything more. It works on autopilot. I cannot say enough about how the Co-op has helped--step-by-step. My kids have playmates and I have time out when I want it. I love my new friends. This is a great thing for any mother of preschoolers!