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Smart Moves, Vol. 2: Preschool Thru 1st

Smart Moves, Vol. 2: Preschool Thru 1st

by Abridge Club

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Cd Baby

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  1. Build a Bridge
  2. Takethat Rope (Letters)
  3. Step on the Stones (Colors)
  4. Show Me Your Middle
  5. Dance Freeze
  6. We Are Rolling
  7. How Low Is Low?
  8. Play in the Band
  9. Can You Find the Shape?
  10. Chuggin' Down the Track
  11. Go '˜round the Village
  12. Balance It on My Head
  13. Keep It Up!
  14. With a Letter or Two
  15. Bounce That Ball to Me
  16. Step on the Stones (Color Patterns)
  17. Build a Bridge (Warp Speed)
  18. Keep It Up!
  19. Step on the Stones (Colors) - Spanish
  20. Take That Rope (Letters) - Spanish
  21. Chuggin' Down the Track - Spanish
  22. Roll That Ball to Me - Spanish
  23. Play in the Band - Spanish
  24. Take That Rope - Spanish
  25. --- The End ---

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