by Rebecca Olien

Explains the sense of smell and how the nose work as sense organs.See more details below

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Explains the sense of smell and how the nose work as sense organs.

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Children's Literature
It is really amazing that one can smell something before even seeing it. Enter a house and you might smell some delicious foods baking or roasting. Walk past a garbage pail and the smell may not be so pleasant. Scent particles are what we smell. Our noses are designed to pick up those scent particles which are trapped by mucus, and then signals are transmitted by sensors to the brain through nerves—complex, but remarkably efficient. Descriptions and diagrams explain how our bodies work to smell, how important it is to protect one's nose, and how other animals also have a sense of smell, many of which have more sensitive olfactory senses than humans. The book contains lots of fun facts, some of which could be considered a bit gross. Part of a set entitled "The Senses," which is part of the "First Facts" series. Each book follows a similar format—table of contents, the description of the sense, a hands-on experiment, a glossary, bibliography (not particularly current), fun fact, an index, and access to Internet sites using the publishers "FactHound." 2006, Capstone Press, Ages 5 to 8.
—Marilyn Courtot

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Counting Books Series
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6 - 9 Years

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