Smetana: Short Orchestral Pieces

Smetana: Short Orchestral Pieces

by Robert Stankovsky

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Marco Polo

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  1. Minuet for orchestra in B flat major, JB 1:10
  2. Bayadere Galop (Galop bajadérek), for orchestra in C major, JB 1:11
  3. Festival Overture in D major, for orchestra ("Revolutionary"), JB 1:39 (Op. 4)
  4. Doktor Faust, prelude for small orchestra, JB 1:85
  5. Nasim devám (To Our Girls), polka for orchestra (or piano) in D major, JB 1:86
  6. Pochod k slavnosti Shakespearove (Shakespeare Festival March), for orchestra (or piano, 4 hands) in E major, JB 1:90 (Op. 20)
  7. Slavnostní predehra (Ceremonial Prelude), for orchestra in C major ("Festive Overture," "Solemn Prelude"), JB 1:95
  8. Der Fischer (Rybár), for harmonium, harp & strings, JB 1:97
  9. Libusin soud (Libuse's Judgment), for orchestra, JB 1:98
  10. Venkovanka (The Country Woman), polka for orchestra (or piano) in G major, JB 1:115
  11. Louisen-Polka (Louisina Polka), for piano in E flat major, JB 1:1
  12. Hochzeitsszenen (Wedding Scenes) (3), for piano, JB 1:44
  13. Suite for orchestra from Smetana's Sketch-Book "Orchestral Exercises" (reconstructed by Jaroslav Smolka)

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