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by Doranna Durgin, Vicki Hinze, Meredith Fletcher

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Signature Select Ser.
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Smokescreen 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
SMOKESCREEN is a book of three short stories in the Silhouette Bombshell tradition. You won't be disappointed with any of the three stories, and might, in fact, have only one complaint-that they had to end at all.
Guest More than 1 year ago
CHAMELEON by Doranna Durgin Samantha Fredericks has a very rare talent. Unlike most people, who sometimes imagine that they are someone else-anyone else-Sam has the ability to actually make others believe that she is whatever persona she wishes to put on. Sam wants to be a gothic punk-rocker on a skateboard? Sam pictures it in her mind, and everyone who glances her will see that girl on a skateboard with the multiple piercings, black eyeliner, and constant sneer. Or maybe Sam needs to get somewhere without anyone knowing there's another presence in the room. With her abilities to go unnoticed or even unseen, Sam can infiltrate any type of situation. The only time where her façade fails is in photographs-pictures don't lie, even for a woman who is every bit the master of disguise. When Jethro Sheridan shows up not once but numerous times around a secret shelter for battered women, Sam uses her special abilities to warn him off. Not one to take the hint easily, Jeth becomes a thorn in Sam's side. As the stakes are raised to do a dirty mob boss intent on bringing his abused wife back home, Sam and Jeth find themselves in danger-from outside forces, and from the attraction that's brewing between them. Romantic suspense with a paranormal twist, CHAMELEON is an engaging story with remarkable and memorable characters. Maybe if we all send Ms. Durgin an email, she'll write a follow-up story starring Sam I Am and her 'Holy Batman' beau. One can always hope. UPGRADE by Meredith Fletcher In the year 2052, many things have changed in the way of technology and bioengineering, especially when it comes to advances made to the human body. For FBI Special Agent Christie Chace, advancement has brought change in the form of her special enhancements-vision, hearing, strength, adrenaline, speed. You name it, and Christie's probably had it enhanced-upgraded. The enhancements help her do her job, but when a blackmailed scientist is murdered right before her eyes, Christie gets caught up in a dangerous game of hide and seek-and search and destroy-with a terrorist group known as Bronze Tigers. Thanks to the help of former Master Sergeant Dalton Geller, Christie escapes the set-up that claims the lives of several of her fellow agents. But now she's determined to bring down the Bronze Tigers, and she needs the ex-Ranger's help to do it. But Dalton has his own problems, the least of which is his growing attraction to Grace. Ever since the death of his best friend, Mac Reynolds, was killed in battle, Dalton has made it his mission to protect Mac's widow, Dr. Grace Reynolds, and his son, Michael. Now that the Chinese Triad is after Grace and her research, and threatening her son to get it, Dalton has no choice but to work with Christie to protect everyone he loves. Fast-paced action adventure with a strong romantic subplot, UPGRADE is the best of suspense, sci-fi, and medical thriller all in one. You won't go wrong with this strong, factually based story. TOTAL RECALL by Vicki Hinze Captain Darcy Clark, who works for the top-secret government agency known as S.A.S.S., has the unique abilities that require her to work alone. After a devastating fire in which she suffered a traumatic head injury, Darcy has the rare talent of total recall-everything she reads, hears, smells, tastes, or senses is immediately-and forever-imbedded into her brain. When her commanding officer, Colonel Sally Drake, is ordered to put Darcy undercover as a customs agent alongside Agent Benjamin Kelly, things really start to get interesting. For Darcy, a self-imposed hermit since her accident, learns that she must not only work side by side with Ben, but at a very busy border crossing where she's bound to be inundated with an overload of sensory input, panic sets in. But Darcy is above all else a professional, and she sets out to do her job. This job is beyond important, and failure is not an option. GRID-Group Resources for Individu
harstan More than 1 year ago
¿Chameleon¿ by Doranna Durgin. Samantha ¿Sam I am¿: Fredericks can change into any disguise including becoming a street hooker or invisible. She is the only hope to keep a battered women¿s shelter safe when a mole reveals its secretive location on the Underground Railroad. However, only Jethro ¿what you see is what you get¿ Sheridan can keep her safe as he seeks his missing sister. --- ¿Upgrade¿ by Meredith Fletcher. In 2052 bionic superwoman FBI Agent Christine Chace is assigned to uncover the identity of who is leaking classified information to the enemy Bronze Tigers. Anyone including friends and peers she has known for years might be guilty so Christine trusts no one. However, her investigation spins out of control with an innocent young life potentially becoming collateral damage with her only help coming from security expert Dalton Geller, but can she trust him? --- ¿Total Recall¿ by Vicki Hinze. The terrorists plan to bring their trademark destruction to the United States by bombing the White House during a Fourth of July fireworks gala. U.S. Customs Agent Ben must stop them because cancellation is not an option because that means giving in to the terrorists. He turns to incredible photographic memory Special Agent Darcy as his only hope to stop a catastrophe. --- These three novellas star courageous strong women with a special skill each and the men who love them risking their lives to try to keep them safe in precarious situations. Each exciting tale is high octane super fast so that fans of romantic suspense with a touch of sci fi will want to read supercharged SMOKESCREEN.--- Harriet Klausner