by Laura K. Egendorf

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VOYA - Catherine Gilmore-Clough
This new addition to the world of issue-based series for teens is a weak offering at best. With neither strong content, great design, nor a particularly unique selection of issues from which to choose, these books are a resource few young people are liable to find engaging or useful. The content consists chiefly of previously published articles, speeches, excerpts, and other materials, many of which appear to have been retrieved from online sources. Teens could probably find the same—or equivalent—information by expending some effort on Google. Chapters are frequently paired in pro and con arrangements; for example, in Smoking, "Movies Encourage Teenagers to Smoke" is followed by "Movies Do Not Encourage Teenagers to Smoke." This lends a certain sense that all the information provided, despite sometimes being diametrically opposed, is equally valid regardless of its original source—which is frequently an organization or person with an ax to grind. Both Smoking and Date Rape contain some original material, including further reading or a bibliography, organizations to contact, and several pages of unaccredited and sometimes confusingly written facts. For instance, when writing, "Ninety percent of college women, for example, report knowing their attacker," the editors presumably do not intend to imply that ninety percent of college women have been attacked. According to the back blurb, the series is intended to help students "make informed opinions" on "serious issues that will affect the course of their lives." Perhaps giving young people credible, genuine facts and information and allowing them to draw their own conclusions will achieve that goalbetter than supplying them with a wealth of possibly biased, contradictory opinions and suggesting they choose one. Reviewer: Catherine Gilmore-Clough

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Greenhaven Publishing
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Issues That Concern You Series
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9.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)
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13 - 16 Years

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