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by Mike Sanders
Capone and V have been on the run from the Feds since June their ex-partner in crime snitched on them to have his own sentence reduced. While June is eventually released from prison and able to again walk the streets as a free man, Capone and V are forced to be away from their home and families….
Branded as a “Snitch”, June knows he has to


Capone and V have been on the run from the Feds since June their ex-partner in crime snitched on them to have his own sentence reduced. While June is eventually released from prison and able to again walk the streets as a free man, Capone and V are forced to be away from their home and families….
Branded as a “Snitch”, June knows he has to survive by any means necessary! After years of being away, June finally resurfaces back in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina to try to once again take over the game. Labeled “once a Snitch always a Snitch “, June knows that respect won’t be given – He’ll have to TAKE it!....
When Capone and V learn that June’s back, living the life that they’ve been denied due to his betrayal they are willing to risk everything in order to exact revenge! Being detected by the Feds and facing the charges they’ve spent years evading become no longer important when they subsequently discover the new dirt June has done! Will the end finally justify the means? Will being willing to risk it all be worth returning to mean streets of Charlotte to seek revenge? Take a ride on this wild roller coaster with your favorite characters from “Hustlin’ Backwards”! Who knows where the ride will take you?

Editorial Reviews
Please go get this book and Hustlin Backwards, you will not be dissappointed!!!!!!!!!! ”

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I am the author of "Hustlin' Backwards", "Snitch", and "Thirsty 1 & 2"!

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Snitch 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
Capone and V are back and not a minute too soon.

Charlotte, North Carolina...

The Queen City is under new management. There is a new HNIC, or more like an old one that's undergone an extreme make-over. Gone is the once plump physique. In its place now stands a chiseled hardened convict. Determined to reclaim his street cred, June know he must strike hard and fast.

Meanwhile, on a tropical island...

Capone and V are restless. They miss the life and the loved ones they were forced to leave behind. Both have a burning rage that can only be extinguished one way the death of June, their former friend turned SNITCH. He is the same man that has them in their current predicament, longing for the streets of Charlotte.

Every dog has his day and June's day is going to come sooner than later if Capone and V have anything to do with it. They wait anxiously for the right time to make their presence known. That time quickly approaches after June is released early from prison as a result of his snitching. Capone and V can't believe how the streets have accepted him and that he is the man while they are living lives of fugitives on the run. Craftily sneaking back into the states, it's about to go down! The court of Capone and V have found Jared "June" Wilson Jr. guilty of deceit, betrayal, murder and above all snitching. It's time for his sentence to be carried out. SNITCHES get STITCHES!

I can't tell you how long I waited for this sequel. Mike Sanders put it down in Hustlin' Backwards, so the same thing happening in the sequel was a given. While Snitch doesn't pack the fire of its predecessor, it's definitely a worthy contender. Sanders has a wonderful flair for writing. He keeps it gutter. He keeps it grimy. He keeps it gangsta. He even keeps it comical at times (inspectilatin'). And with the number of casualties, he keeps it real. In two books, Mike Sanders has done for urban lit what some haven't managed to do with several books under their belt. He demonstrates once again that his pen game is tight.

Reviewed by: Toni

***In light of recent allegations regarding Black Pearl Books, OOSA Online Book Club cannot in good conscience continue to support Black Pearl Books. As readers and reviewers we wish to further promote AA literature but we cannot do that when the publisher themselves do not support its authors. We made the decision to post this review because the book was chosen as one of our selected reads before we became aware of the current situation and we believe in this author's talent. We wish Mike the best in his future endeavors. Support the AUTHOR, not the PUBLISHER.***
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mike Sanders is an excellent writer. He has a way of brining his characters to life. In this novel Capone and V are living life on the run, while June (a friend turned snitch) is living life anyway he wants to. Once Capone and V learn that June is back on the street, they will stop at nothing until they make him pay for all of the pain he has caused. As stated in the book 'There's simply no rest and no sleep for a SNITCH'! After reading the book I would like to add 'There's simply no rest and no sleep for those SNITCHED ON'! You will not be disappointed when you read this novel. Mike Sanders makes you feel like you are there watching everything that goes on. This book is truly a page-turner. As for those ladies who never thought she could fall in love with a 'gangsta' think again. You will fall in love with Capone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Capone is back! We first got to know Capone, V, and June in Hustlin Backwards, now the story continues.....Capone and V have been on the run for the last 5 years after their former partner and friend June testified against them to have his own sentence reduced. Finally, all of June's snitching is about to pay off as he is released from prison early. Now labeled a 'snitch', June is determined to regain his status and take back his respect. Meanwhile Capone has started a new life in Puerto Rico while V has been island hopping...both have been keeping tabs on June. Imagine their shock and surprise when they learn June is out. They get together to formulate a plan to get revenge while back in Charlotte, June is quickly making a name for himself back on the streets as an ruthless killer. It isn't until the murder of V's brother JayQuan that Capone and V decide it's time to return home despite knowing there are warrants out for their arrest. It all leads to the ultimate showdown and heartstopping ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Drama, Betrayal, and Non-Stop Action..this book has it all! When it comes to Urban Fiction, Mike Sanders is at the top of his game! He has written a sequel that is just as good, if not better than the first one. Reviewed by Shay C of PeoplewholoveGoodBooks.