Snow Dance, Vol. 3

Snow Dance, Vol. 3


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Black Hole


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Maria Nayler   Vocals
Josh Gabriel   Group Member
Synkro   Vocals
Tom Taylor   Background Vocals,Group Member
I-Kay   Vocals
Dave Budgen   Group Member
Mavie Marcos   Group Member
Carmen Forbes   Vocals
Captain Crunch   scratching
Sulaiman Gaye-Clarke   Vocals

Technical Credits

Ashley Slater   Composer,Writer
Tom Young   Composer,Producer,Writer
Tim Fitzpatrick   Composer
Maria Nayler   Composer,Writer
Josh Gabriel   Composer,Producer,Writer
Lee Potter   Composer,Producer,Writer
Danny Byrd   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Writer
Robert Preston   Composer,Producer,Writer
Mick Park   Composer,Producer,Writer
Synkro   Additional Production
Threnody   Composer,Producer,Writer,Remixing,Additional Production
L Plus   Remixing,Additional Production
High Rankin   Remixing,Additional Production
Hugo de Graaf   Artwork,Concept
Deadcell   Remixing,Additional Production
Tom Taylor   Composer,Producer,Writer
DJ Zen   Remixing,Additional Production
Nic Britton   Composer,Producer
Tom Kelsey   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Writer
Alfie Granger-Howell   Composer,Producer,Writer
Nick Harriman   Composer,Producer,Writer
Dave Budgen   Composer,Producer,Writer
Mavie Marcos   Composer,Producer,Writer
Dave Dresden   Composer,Producer,Writer
Pierce Warnecke   Composer,Producer,Writer
Coco Bryce   Composer,Producer,Writer
Alex Brown   Composer,Producer
Pixel Fist   Composer,Lyricist,Remixing,Additional Production
Piyush Bhatnagar   Composer,Writer
Janset Sayer   Composer,Writer
Anton Flanders   Composer,Writer
Lephen   Remixing,Additional Production
Mark Varlashev   Composer,Producer,Writer
Lennert Van Loo   Concept
Bas Kruijssen   Concept
Roman Lobanev   Composer,Producer,Writer
Ami Carmine   Composer,Producer,Writer
Peo De Pitte   Remixing,Additional Production
Colin Ikenga   Composer
Sickflip   Composer,Producer,Writer
Captain Crunch   Additional Production
Rich Budgen   Composer,Writer
Frank Notenboom   Composer,Writer
Stephan Lo Jacomo   Composer,Producer,Writer
Stinkabell   Producer
RT   Composer,Producer,Writer
Roughmath   Producer
Phoenyx   Composer,Writer
Missil   Composer,Producer,Writer
La'Reda   Composer,Producer,Writer
Diccon Mayfield   Composer,Producer,Writer
Dave Edit   Composer,Producer,Writer
Chris Van Etten   Composer,Producer,Writer
Barbara E. Kennedy-Argyropoulos   Composer,Producer
Alan Lawther   Composer,Producer,Writer
Marcus Burton   Composer,Producer,Writer
Leighanna Allen   Composer,Writer
Kyle Mackenzie   Engineer
Graham Warnock   Composer,Producer,Writer
Tim Van Etten   Composer,Producer,Writer
Takafumi Sakurai   Composer,Producer,Writer
Simon Tagg   Composer
Neil Paul Geoffrey Mason   Composer,Producer,Writer
Miroslav Nikolov   Composer,Writer

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