Snow Day: A Novel

Snow Day: A Novel

4.6 23
by Billy Coffey

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In this debut novel, Peter is a simple man who lives by a simple truth--a person gains strength by leaning on his constants. To him, those constants are the factory where he works, the family he loves, and the God who sustains him. But when news of job cuts comes against the backdrop of an unexpected snowstorm, his life becomes filled with far more doubts than…  See more details below


In this debut novel, Peter is a simple man who lives by a simple truth--a person gains strength by leaning on his constants. To him, those constants are the factory where he works, the family he loves, and the God who sustains him. But when news of job cuts comes against the backdrop of an unexpected snowstorm, his life becomes filled with far more doubts than certainties.
With humor and a gift for storytelling, Billy Coffey brings you along as he spends his snow day encountering family, friends, and strangers of his small Virginia town. All have had their own battles with life's storms. Some have found redemption. Others are still seeking it. But each one offers a piece to the puzzle of why we must sometimes suffer loss, and each one will help Peter find a greater truth--our lives are made beautiful not by our big moments, but our little ones.

Editorial Reviews

author of the Defiance Texas trilogy and Thin Plac Mary DeMuth
"SNOW DAY is the kind of book you savor, then read again. Simple, yet profound. Spare, but beautiful. I loved this book."
1985 American League MVP Don Mattingly
"Everybody needs a snow day! To slow down and take a breath of what really is important."
author of Stuff Christians Like Jonathan Acuff
"With SNOW DAY, Billy offers further proof that the blogger-turned-author is a trend we've barely touched on. Honest, insightful, and packed with the writing people fell in love with online, SNOW DAY makes me proud to be a blogger."
author of I Became a Christian and All I Got Was t Vince Antonucci
"Billy Coffey has a way of writing that draws you into his story, which then allows you to find yourself in it. In this book he'll encourage you to pay attention, to laugh, and to wonder."
Laura Cross
"Author Billy Coffey weaves a poignant and poetic tale of a man rediscovering his faith and purpose. Told with charm and humor, SNOW DAY reveals how unexpected detours, 'chance' encounters, and everyday experiences lead to life's most valuable insights."
author of Parting the Waters: Finding Beauty i Jeanne Damoff
"Set against a Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop, peopled with a colorful cast, and seasoned with small-town Southern charm, Billy Coffey's SNOW DAY will make readers want to live aware--to discover the divine in ordinary places among common folk. Each chapter is a story in itself, a jewel sparkling with wisdom. Strung together, the shimmering strand adorns simple truth: Life may be hard, but God is good. Detours happen by design. One way or another, the road leads home. So pay attention. Laugh. Wonder. And, sweet fancy Moses, don't forget to pick up the bread and milk."
author of Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Ann Kroeker
"SNOW DAY invites readers to shift into slow gear and engage in people's lives. Through the narrator's charming, disarming personality, I'm reminded how important it is to ask good questions, listen closely, and see beyond the surface talk into a person's heart and soul. Billy Coffey has created a town full of winsome, appealing characters with strengths and struggles, faith and foibles-they're so realistic, I wish I could pick up and move to that fictional town in Virginia in order to get to know them better. But the message of this novel is that no matter where we live, those people and their insights are all around us; meaningful stories are just waiting to be told. All we need to do is slow down enough to pay attention . . .all we need is one good snow day."
From the Publisher

"Tim Gregory draws listeners into the poignant story of Peter Boyd. He contrasts Boyd’s lifted spirits when an unexpected storm gives him a “snow day” with his ongoing fear of a factory layoff at Christmas. Sounding personally involved, Gregory recounts Boyd’s chance meetings with family, friends, and strangers in the park, the grocery store, and other locations in a small Virginia town. Gregory engages the listener with Boyd’s inner experiences—from his renewed sense of faith and purpose to his rediscovery of the wonder and magic of Christmas. The exquisite portrayal of the importance of life’s simple virtues quietly dramatizes how one man learns that what’s “under the Christmas tree is not as important as who’s around the tree.” 
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Billy Coffey and his wife, Joanne, live with their two children in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. A product of his small-town locale, Billy counts as assets his rural authenticity, unwavering sense of purpose, and insatiable curiosity—all of which tend to make his front porch a comfortably crowded place. Snow Day is his first novel.

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Snow Day 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
LisaLisaLisaAnn More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best books I have read for quite some time. It was beautifully written and I found myself wanting to hilite certain sentences and passages because they spoke to me. This book will stay with me for a long time... it really touched my heart! I have been a bookseller in a B&N retail store for 10 years... I read LOTS of books... and I consider myself a "picky" reader. I like a story that makes me think about things... and this one did not disappoint! Thank you, Mr. Coffey, for sharing your talent of writing with us! I will be recommending this book to the customers in my store, who are looking for a great story!
Ausjenny More than 1 year ago
This is a very good read. Peter wakes up to snow the schools have called a snow day and Peter decides to take one also. Peter is looking at maybe having his job cut or decreased and things look bleak. Being as I have never seen snow fall I found some of the things in this book interesting one being how everyone wants milk and bread. This leads to encounters with many different people during the day and little life lessons happen with many of these meetings. I found the insights and truths he found from the different encounters quite interesting and ones that can be applied to my own life. The different perspectives on the same idea, item or thought can be interesting also. Alot happens in one day but it was a day of discovery and a really good read with alot of humor in the story telling. For a debut book this was excellent would love to read more stories by Billy.
kittycrochettwo More than 1 year ago
Snow Day is Billy Coffey's reminds us that the important things in life aren't things at all, this little book reminds us of what is important. Filled with little stories about faith, wisdom, and kindness, and the overwhelming Love of God. Peter Boyd is just your average man, he has two children, a wife who works as a teacher, and a good job. But when the company sends a memo stating "Exciting Announcement" he fears the rumors that have been spreading are true, that he will be laid off at work. A major cause to worry when your job brings in 3/4ths of the family's income. So when the little town of Mattingly VA is blanketed with snow he decides that for one day he doesn't want to think about work, so he takes an emergency snow day. As with any major weather issue bread and milk are a must so his wife sends him off to the super center, which sound suspiciously like my Super Walmart, to do a bit of shopping. We follow him on his shopping expedition as he meets a cast of characters that reminds us of little life lessons. So Peter spends his snow day taking stock of his life, and realizes what is most important. Billy Coffey is a writer who was able to draw me right into the story and make me feel like I was right there with him, I could easily imagine him vying for the last loaves of bread, or the elderly gentleman yelling for help, I could just imagine the mad dash the workers made and the EMT hustling down the aisle to be of assistance! This story was written like several mini stories, the one thing that tied it together was Peter.While beautifully written this story doesn't tax the brain, it is very easy to follow and somewhat predictable, but the lessons in this book are priceless! I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading more from this talented writer! Even though I was provided a review copy of this book by Faith Words it in no way influenced my opinion of this book!
LizM More than 1 year ago
Billy Coffey has written a touching and wonderful book. It is hard to believe that this is only his first book. He writes from the heart and touches on what life is really about. It is about being happy and being close to God. Material things are not what life is about. It's about having faith and seeing the silver lining that every cloud has.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Peter Boyd is your typical family man. He works hard to support his family of four living in a small Virginia town nestled against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Peter learns from a company wide memo that "Exciting Announcement!!!" is taking place tomorrow even though through the union grapevine there is speculation that is means lay offs. This just weeks before Christmas. How does a man get through the day, wondering how he is going to provide for his family when in this economy, jobs are hard to come by. Especially a job that he's been at for some time and is making enough to support his family pretty well. In this day in age where jobs are a dime a dozen. Peter decides when he woke up that morning and found out that the weather man was wrong big time, that he too, could afford to take a "Snow Day", and just enjoy this one day while things in his life were still the way he left them last night. Little did Peter realize how God would play out in a variety of roles through various people, Peter would encounter that day, to show him just what is really important in life and that worrying about them changes nothing. Peter's life on this day will never be the same but profoundly changed forever by an unexpected snow fall. In his debut novel, Billy Coffey once more takes his readers on a magic journey into the various lives of the people we will meet through Peter Boyd and the need to venture out in search of "bread and milk" for his family and neighbors in "Snow Day"! At the conclusion of each chapter, Peter reflects what the purpose of his encounter means to him and this is where we catch our "Billyisms" or pieces of wonderful wisdom that embed themselves in your heart! If you haven't heard of Billy Coffey, then you have been missing out of one of the finest writers that is guaranteed to not only touch your heart, but change your life forever by the words he uses to take us on the ride of our lives. I've known Billy Coffey for quite some time as a writer who was hoping one day to share his love of story-telling on his blog, "What I Learned Today" and have a book published. For all of us who have believed that Billy Coffey was a star just waiting to be discovered, this diamond is truly shining in his first book. His down home charm and virtual porch allows the readers to share a piece of Billy's heart as he shares his personal story through the life of Peter Boyd. This is by far one of the best books I have read to date and once I had the opportunity to review it, I knew I had received a true gift. I received Snow Day compliments of Hachette Book Group for my honest review and for me this one rates off the scale. It's worthy of 10 stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An uncommon look at a common day that makes the reader stop and think.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a really great book. I plan to read it again, it was that good. I hope Billy Coffey writes some more books. I really hated for the end to come. Thanks Mr. Coffey for a really easy to read and a really great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Snow Day is a delight! A great reminder of what is important in life and to slow down and enjoy the journey. I can't wait to read it again and really soak in the application for my life. Great Christian principles wrapped in a warm hug of a story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very inspirational read. His encounters offer reminders of life's lessons.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Debut Novel Faith Words A Division of Hachette Publishing Release Date: TODAY When you think of Snow Days you think of kids having the day off from school due to a heavy snowfall. In this book, father of two Peter Boyd decides that since his teacher wife will be staying home will his two children, he will take a snow day too and calls in to work to stay home. Things haven't been going well at work, a lot of layoffs and there is a rumor of an "Exciting Announcement" coming soon and Peter knows that is going to mean more layoffs and he will probably be losing his job. As everyone knows in times of major disaster the rule is to stock up on supplies. It seems a snow day in Virginia qualifies as one of these times, so Peter is sent out into the storm to the local superstore with quite a list. This story follows Peter on this journey where he runs into old friends, finds out there really is a Santa Claus, and observes different things throughout his day that helps him not only rediscover the real Peter Boyd but also reaffirms his faith in God and the hope he needs to move on through his life. I LOVED IT!!!!! Snow Day is a beautifully written book, that shows us God is everywhere and loves us all no matter what we do, or who we are. It also shows us that sometimes we need to take time to slow down, get out of the daily grind and open our eyes and our hearts to the world going on around us. To truly listen to each other as God's message for us can be found anywhere from an aisle in a huge super store, to the pure joy heard as a little boy sleds down a hill. Sometimes our lives take unplanned detours and it is important to realize who really has control of our personal road map. You don't need a snow day to reaffirm your belief in God, but sitting down and enjoying this wonderful book gave me the virtual "snow day" I definitely needed. Maybe you need a Snow Day too! Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Faith Words, a division of Hachette Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
Hans55 More than 1 year ago
Actually it's a collection of stories woven into one to show us life in all its frailties, but how faith can help us overcome.
PeaceG More than 1 year ago
What a nice read! I really enjoyed this book. It was a lovely escape from the trauma evident all around us. The character is very insightful, one can easily relate to many of his observations. Its a quick read that leaves you very satisfied and rewarded having read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is packed with life lessons and gives a fresh new perspective on how we all should look at our lives. I thought it was wonderful :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Elsie_Brooks More than 1 year ago
Snow Day made me stop and reassess my priorities and my attitudes. The entire novel takes place over the course of one snowy December day. Peter Boyd calls out of work for a snow day - something he likely wouldn't have done had there not been uncertainty and turmoil at the factory where he worked - and he spends the day, unintentionally learning from the people he sees. Though Peter lives in a small town and knows many of the people he comes in contact with he also meets new ones. There is much we can learn if we open our minds and our hearts to those around us. Snow Day helped me open my heart and my mind. This is not the style of novel that I normally read, yet, it touched me in a way that no book ever has. Snow Day is the best "feel good" book I have read in a long time. Billy Coffey may be the next Mitch Albom. His writing style is plain and his language conversational.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Snow Day by Billy Coffey is a thoughtful novella about a single day. Pete Boyd is content for the most part with his life until his job at the local factory is threatened by a possible lay-off. Over the course of a single snow day, Pete takes a good look at his life and makes some major realizations. Most people spend their lives caught up only in their own heads and lives, but Pete is forced to really see the world around him. While shopping for snow day necessities of bread and milk at the Super Center (a thinly disguised Wal-mart), he meets a couple who force him to look at more than the exterior, a suspicious man who shows him the real meaning of Christmas, takes an enlightening trip around his yard while pulling his children on their sled, learns that sometimes life is worth the risk from the local sledding hill, and realized that his life is more than just the information on a job application. Coffey's writing captures the wonder and joy of a snow day as well as the creeping fear of a thirty-something man trying to do the best he can for his family and wondering if he'll every do anything worthwhile. Snow Day is a thoughtful essay about what's truly important in life. Pete makes discoveries about life that will make readers smile and nod their heads in understanding. This thoroughly enjoyable slim volume will be sure to thrill readers looking for a great holiday read.
CarlaStewart More than 1 year ago
From debut author Billy Coffey comes the tender story of Peter Boyd who wakes up one morning to a snow storm. But this isn't the only storm in his life. He's in danger of losing his factory job and doesn't know how he'll care for his family with Christmas just around the corner. He takes a "snow day" and as he ventures through the day, his interactions with family, neighbors, and strangers remind him life's simple virtues-family, laughter, kindness, and faith. Coffey weaves gentle humor into prose that had me smiling one minute and teary-eyed the next. Peter Boyd is a man we'd all be fortunate to call friend. I'm looking forward to more stories from this author. A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.
katdish More than 1 year ago
Simply yet beautifully written, Snow Day reminds us that the most important things in life aren't things at all. Peter Boyd awakens to find one of his constants--the mountain view outside his bedroom window--masked by an unexpected snow storm. Facing his own internal storm, the possibility of a lay off at the factory where he works right before Christmas, he decides to call in well. He takes a snow day. As you follow Peter around that day, you will meet an array of colorful characters who remind him of his real constants. Billy Coffey is a gifted storyteller, the best I've read in a very long time. I look forward to reading more from him in the future.