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So Easy Baby Food Kit: Make It Natural, Make It Fresh

So Easy Baby Food Kit: Make It Natural, Make It Fresh

by Joan Ahlers, Cheryl Tallman

An award-winning, all-inclusive solution for making baby food in less than 30 minutes per week, this kit will help parents prepare healthy, natural, age-appropriate foods at home. Following the easy, month-by-month cookbook that calls for using fresh ingredients with no additives, parents will nurture their growing baby with a balanced diet and provide the


An award-winning, all-inclusive solution for making baby food in less than 30 minutes per week, this kit will help parents prepare healthy, natural, age-appropriate foods at home. Following the easy, month-by-month cookbook that calls for using fresh ingredients with no additives, parents will nurture their growing baby with a balanced diet and provide the foundation to a lifetime of healthy eating. The kit includes the cookbook featuring 43 recipes and hundreds of serving suggestions, specially designed freezer trays for storing baby food, a how-to DVD, and a nutrition card with helpful tips on the best sources of nutrients and other important information, such as baby ailments, potential choking hazards, and more.

Editorial Reviews

Organic Style SEP/OCT 2003
Bringing Up Baby: Homemade baby food is healthy, inexpensive, and contrary to popular opinion, easy to prepare. Need proof? Check out the Fresh Start Kit. A step by step guide to making vegetable and fruit purees at home. A boon to first time parents, the foolproof program contains a how-to video, covered freezer trays, and a cookbook - everything you need to create nutritious dishes for kids four to six months old. The article goes on to review two other books - Feeding Baby and The Baby Bistro Cookbook.
Fit Pregnancy (OCT 2003)
Gourmet Baby Food: You don't need a degree from Cordon Bleu to create wholesome homemade baby food. You need a Fresh Baby Fresh Start Kit. Designed for introducing solid foods at 6 months, the kit includes a how-to video, a recipe book for preparing more than 40 fruits and vegetables, a laminated card with safety and nutrition tips, and 2 plastic snap-cover trays to hold 1-ounce servings of the tasty purees you cook and freeze.
Veg News (Sept/Oct 2003)
Fresh Baby natural food kit: The Fresh Start Kit from Fresh Baby is just the thing I have been looking for. When my daughter, Emily, was ready for solid food I had this great plan to make fresh baby food for her and store it in the freezer. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. Most of the time she got jarred organic baby food (please don’t throw tomatoes at me). At 50 cents or more per jar, and with her appetite, well, let’s just say we were spending a small fortune on the convenience of baby food in jar. I’m now pregnant with baby number two. I really want to make fresh baby food for him and store it in the freezer. How hard can it be, right? SO along comes this Fresh Start Kit, which makes it easy to prepare “healthy, all-natural baby food at home in less than 30 minute per week”. That all sounds great to me! But I really wanted to try it out for myself. The kit comes with an instructional video, so I watched that first. I love this video. Boy do they make it look easy. Next cam the real test: Could I do it myself? I decide to try 2 of the suggested recipes: applesauce and sweet potatoes.I washed, peeled, sliced, microwaved, and ran the apples through the food processor until they were the right consistency. I spread the mixture into the two freezer trays the kit provides, and stuck them in the freezer. The whole process took about 8 minutes and the next day I had 24 one-ounce servings of pureed apples!I repeated the process using the sweet potato recipe and got equally amazing results. It really wasn’t hard. I’ve gained a lot of confidence, and I know I can make a ton of food for my baby in very little time.The kit also comes with a cookbook that contains recipes for babies just starting solids and all the way up to 12 months. You’ll also get a card with nutritional info, ideas and tips, and safety advice.The bottom line on this kit is that it makes food preparation easy and healthy. You’ll save time and money over expensive organic jars of food. I can’t wait to feed my baby fresh, organic, and homemad
Baby Years (APR/MAY 2003)
When you make it yourself, you know it’s better. Every parent wants the best for their baby, especially when it comes to eating. That’s where The Fresh Start Kit comes in. It is an all-inclusive, instructional guide to making all-natural baby food at home in less than 30 minutes a week. The Fresh Start Kit contains a book that offers the ideal education to your baby’s introduction to solid foods; a quick reference card with essential facts; a video with step-by-step instructions; and freezer trays for making baby food in single serving sizes. The Fresh Start Kit contains over 40 recipes from apples to zucchini that enable you to create well-balanced meals that nurture healthy eating habits. Not only it is better when you make it yourself, you can save money too.
Toy Tips Delicious and Nutritious Guide (Fall 2003)
A child should eat 3 snacks and 3 meals per day. Every day a child's body is consuming, storing, utilizing and excreting essential vitamins and minerals that attribute to healthy growth. The key to good nutrition for children is to provide a wide variety of foods all in moderation. With so many choices to pack in a brown bag lunch, serve as an after-school snack or for breakfast, we all know kids have an influence over what we choose for them. Toy Tips conducted a triple-taste test with kids to find out their best tasting choices from over 50 products However, there is a twist. We also teamed up with Monica Holt, M.S.R.D. a pediatric dietician with Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. Under her guidance, we looked at the nutrition in each of our top contenders of the taste-test to make sure they offer an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals and are not just empty calories. Parents should be the final decision makers on what to serve their children for meals and snacks but allowing kids to be involved in the shopping and teaching them that their choices should provide nutrition for their body to grow, they will learn that their opinion counts, strengthening character skill. Below is a list of our findings of the final 15 choices that pass the kid-taste approval and also have nutritional value over similar products on the market. Fresh Start Kit (Infants): Learning to serve healthy natural foods as young as the age a child begins to eat them will introduce a variety of tastes and textures and also train you as the parent to prepare healthy food. This kit teaches you to pre-make all the food and then freeze cube for later use. Instructions and materials are included. Equally nutritious and cost effective, this is a fresh alternative to jarred foods without added preservatives. This makes a great baby shower gift!
Scholastic Parent and Child (APR/MAY 2003)
It’s Fresh, Baby: If you love the idea of making your own baby food, The Fresh Start Kit offers you everything you need, including a how-to video, a cookbook, quick reference cards, and a freezer tray that allows you to store individual baby-size meals. Choose form over 40 recipes that will help you safely introduce solid foods to your baby. All you need are the ingredients and 30 minutes for a week’s worth of food.
ePregnancy April 2004
Fresh Idea! When it comes to baby food, many parents resign themselves to store-bought for simplicity and variety, but homemade baby food can be simple, quick and relatively painless according to the folks at Fresh Baby. Want Proof? Their Fresh Start Kit includes a step-by-step guide to cooking, pureeing, and storing as well as an instructional video, covered freezer trays, and a cookbook. With over forty recipes to choose from, you can experiment with everything from acorn squash to zucchini. It’s designed to be fun, easy and quick, says CEO Cheryl Tallman. "If you spend 30 minutes per week, you can easily make enough food to feed one baby".
E The Environmental Magazine (May/June 2004)
Best for Baby. Moms and Dads interested in an even more back-to-basics approach will find assistance in the form of books, supplies and tips at Fresh Baby’s web site. Expert advice guides parents through the process of making homemade baby food. And the company’s Fresh Start Kit includes everything — instructions, recipes and materials — a parent needs to produce fresh, delicious and low-cost baby food in a mere 30 minutes per week (excerpt from article)
Pregnancy Buyer’s Guide (2004 Annual)
Fresh Start Kit: The Fresh Start Kit details how to make store and serve delicious and wholesome homemade baby food and includes two freezer trays with lids (that make 12 1-ounce servings each), a handy "cworkbook"( a combination cookbook and workbook) full of helpful information and recipes, a sturdy reference card with nutrition and safety information, and an instructional video/ It takes about 30 minutes to prepare most f the food in the Cworkbook and, if you spend that time only once a week, in a matter of just a few weeks, you can have a frozen supply of a variety of foods that look and taste better than any jarred food you would buy at the store. I found it especially helpful that the recipes in the Cworkbook are divided by age, with a list of appropriate foods to introduce at the beginning of each section. Of our taste-testing babies, one had only recently started on solid foods, and his mother was finding little success with the jarred varieties she was feeding him. He tasted the Fresh Baby food and the same variety of jarred food, and Fresh Baby food won hands down. His mother was so thrilled that she rushed to purchase a kit for herself.

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Fresh Baby LLC
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2 - 3 Years

Meet the Author

Joan Ahlers is the cofounder, with her sister Cheryl, of www.FreshBaby.com, a site dedicated to raising children with healthy eating habits. She lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Cheryl Tallman is an authority on the subject of healthy eating habits for infants, toddlers, and children, and the author of So Easy Baby Food Basics. She lives in Petoskey, Michigan. They are the coauthors of So Easy Baby Food and So Easy Toddler Food.

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