So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974

So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974

by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
In 1992, Polydor released two double disc retrospectives of John Mayall's career on the Decca, Deram, and its own imprint. The first, entitled London Blues, covered the years 1964-1969; the second, Room To Move, picked up at the end of 1969 and went through to 1974, his final year with the label before departing for ABC. For those who own those two


In 1992, Polydor released two double disc retrospectives of John Mayall's career on the Decca, Deram, and its own imprint. The first, entitled London Blues, covered the years 1964-1969; the second, Room To Move, picked up at the end of 1969 and went through to 1974, his final year with the label before departing for ABC. For those who own those two collections and wonder if 2010's four-disc, So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 is worth owning, the answer is a qualified "yes." Of course there is overlap so you may not want to replace them only with this. But this box goes deeper and wider in an aesthtic sense -- its track choices are arguably better, and the sense of flow is less fragmented. And of course, the audio is far better here. The previous collections sought to showcase the many dynamic shifts in the evolution of Mayall's approach to blues rather than focusing on its incremental changes. What's portrayed here is more organic and subtle. Certainly most expected tracks are included, from his first single, "Crawling Up A Hill" and "Mr. James," from '64; and "I'm Your Witchdoctor" b/w "Telephone Blues," (the latter was first 45 by the Eric Clapton-era Bluesbreakers and was produced by Jimmy Page) from 1965. Disc one covers album up to A Hard Road; disc two from that album to 1968's Blues From Laurel Canyon; disc three from 1969's revolutionary The Turning Point through Back To The Roots; and disc four from there through The Latest Edition in 1974. There are many LP cuts obviously , but also live material, compilation tracks and singles -- 74 tracks in total. While some are not obvious choices, virtually all are essential for Mayall enthusiasts. His high standards as a a recording and performing artist, are underscored by his role as mentor to younger talent-- Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Aynsley Dunbar, Keef Hartley, Jon Mark, Johnny Almond, Harvey Mandel, Larry Taylor, Steve Winwood and Brad Resnick all passed through his ranks. Also notable are Mayall's collaborations with established jazz and blues artists such as Freddy Robinson, Blue Mitchell, and Fred Jackson. The package also includes an exhaustive and engaging liner essay by Mark Powell, loads of rare photos, and complete discographical information, making it the definitive compilation.

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Hip-O Records


Disc 1

  1. Crawling Up a Hill
  2. Mr. James
  3. When I'm Gone
  4. R&B Time
  5. Runaway
  6. What's the Matter With You
  7. Crocodile Walk
  8. Blues City Shake Down
  9. I'm Your Witchdoctor
  10. Telephone Blues
  11. On Top of the World
  12. They Call It Stormy Monday
  13. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
  14. All Your Love
  15. Double Crossing Time
  16. Steppin' Out
  17. What'd I Say
  18. Key To Love
  19. Parchman Farm
  20. Looking Back
  21. So Many Roads
  22. Long Night
  23. Dust My Blues
  24. The Stumble

Disc 2

  1. You Don't Love Me
  2. It's Over
  3. The Super-Natural
  4. Sitting In the Rain
  5. Ridin' On the Rain
  6. All My Life
  7. Double Trouble
  8. Suspicions
  9. Oh Pretty Woman
  10. Snowy Wood
  11. Checkin' Up On My Baby
  12. No More Tears
  13. Brand New Start
  14. Picture On the Wall
  15. Look In the Mirror
  16. No Reply
  17. Hartley Quits
  18. 2401
  19. Walking On Sunset
  20. Medicine Man
  21. Miss James
  22. Fly Tomorrow

Disc 3

  1. The Laws Must Change
  2. California
  3. Room To Move
  4. Sleeping By Her Side
  5. Don't Waste My Time
  6. Something New
  7. Waiting For the Right Time
  8. Counting the Days
  9. Off the Road
  10. Crying
  11. Nature's Disappearing
  12. Accidental Suicide
  13. Prisons On the Road
  14. Unanswered Questions

Disc 4

  1. Television Eye
  2. Memories
  3. Nobody Cares
  4. Good Time Boogie
  5. Got To Be This Way
  6. Mess Around
  7. Country Road
  8. Moving On
  9. Things Go Wrong
  10. High Pressure Living
  11. Driving 'til the Break of Day
  12. Burning Sun
  13. Little Kitten
  14. Gasoline Blues

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers   Primary Artist
Paul Butterfield   Harmonica,Vocals
Jon Mark   12-string Guitar
Jack Bruce   Bass
Harvey Mandel   Guitar
John Mayall   Organ,Bass,Guitar,Harmonica,Piano,Rhythm Guitar,Keyboards,Tambourine,Vocals,12-string Guitar,Slide Guitar,9-string Guitar,Mouth Percussion
Mick Taylor   Guitar
Steve Winwood   Organ
Red Holloway   Flute,Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Blue Mitchell   Trumpet
Henry Lowther   Trumpet,Violin,Cornet
Charles Owens   Flute,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Alan Skidmore   Tenor Saxophone
Fred Jackson   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
John Almond   Baritone Saxophone
Mick Fleetwood   Drums
Keef Hartley   Drums
John McVie   Bass
Freddy Robinson   Guitar
Larry Taylor   Bass
Aynsley Dunbar   Percussion,Drums
Colin Allen   Drums
Eric Clapton   Guitar,Vocals
Hughie Flint   Drums
Victor Gaskin   Bass,String Bass
Peter Green   Guitar,Vocals
Don "Sugarcane" Harris   Violin
Martin Hart   Drums
Dennis Healey   Trumpet
Dick Heckstall-Smith   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jon Hiseman   Drums
Rip Kant   Baritone Saxophone
Paul Lagos   Drums
Jerry McGee   Guitar
Chris Mercer   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Nick Newell   Tenor Saxophone
Tony Reeves   Bass
Randy Resnick   Guitar
Soko Richardson   Drums
Ron Selico   Drums
Clifford Solomon   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Nigel Stanger   Tenor Saxophone,Slide Saxophone
Steve Thompson   Bass
Ernie Watts   Tenor Saxophone
Bernie Watson   Guitar
Paul Williams   Bass
Roger Dean   Guitar
Johnny Almond   Flute,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Mouth Percussion
Hightide Harris   Guitar

Technical Credits

Willie Cobbs   Composer
Freddie King   Composer
Ray Charles   Composer
John Mayall   Composer,Producer
Jimmy Page   Producer
Mick Taylor   Composer
Mose Allison   Composer
Albert Collins   Composer
Jimmy Forrest   Composer
Lionel Hampton   Composer
Don Nix   Producer
Mike Vernon   Producer
T-Bone Walker   Composer
Dan Burley   Composer
Sonny Thompson   Composer
Eric Clapton   Composer
Peter Green   Composer
Elmore James   Composer
Jimmie Lee Robinson   Composer
Otis Rush   Composer
James Sims   Composer
Steve Thompson   Composer
Johnny "Guitar" Watson   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson   Composer
Eirik the Norwegian   Producer
Billy Myles   Composer
Richard Penniman   Composer
Joe Bihari   Composer
Steve Anglo   Composer
Oscar Washington   Composer
Marshall Paul   Composer
A.C. Williams   Composer
Tim Wilson   Producer
Lewis C. Simpkins   Composer
James Bracken   Composer
Mark Powell   Producer,Liner Notes
Fischer Thompson   Composer
Michael John Taylor   Composer

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