So You Want to Live in Hawaii: A Guide to Settling and Succeeding in the Islands

So You Want to Live in Hawaii: A Guide to Settling and Succeeding in the Islands

by Toni Polancy, Matt Thayer, G. Brad Lewis

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Hawaii. Paradise. Gentle breezes, sunshine, coconuts and bananas falling into your lap, beautiful scenery, great recreational opportunities. All true (well, almost all), and all there for the tourist. But what about permanent residents? Polancy's guide is essential for anyone seriously contemplating relocation. A Kauai entrepreneur learned only after the fact that her home-operated business would be severely hampered by the limit of only one telephone line in her condo and the absence of home postal delivery, with a year-long wait for a P.O. box. While a military assignment can be considered a transfer to paradise, the financial realities, including higher rent, insurance, utilities, and food, may cause a plunge into personal bankruptcy. Polancy provides useful information on the pluses and minuses of each island, facilities for children, and such delights as tsunamis and hurricanes, rats, head lice, roaches, crime, and DUI penalties. Read this first if you're thinking of moving to paradise. Highly recommended for large public libraries.--Thomas K. Fry, Penrose Lib., Univ. of Denver

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