Social Brain: Discovering the Networks of the Mind

Social Brain: Discovering the Networks of the Mind

by Michael S. Gazzaniga

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This book presents a new and valuable approach to understanding the brain , both physically and psychologically. Gazzaniga, a former student and colleague of Nobel Laureate Roger Sperry, was a pioneer in studies of the separate hemispheres of the brain. The brain, he concludes in the course of debunking many of the misinterpretations of the right-brain/left-brain studies of the past 20 years, is made up of independently acting modules that, almost in a social way, interact to bring about mental and physical behavior. Extrapolating from findings in brain-damaged and ``split-brain'' patients, he discusses how the left brain's ``need to interpret'' may be applied to explaining such topics as prejudice, evolution, and religion. A fascinating excursion into the ``higher'' reaches of mind-brain by a witty and clear-thinking neuroscientist. Highly recommended for general and university collections. George Adelman, formerly with Neurosciences Research Prog., MIT

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