Social Issues In Sport - 2nd Edition / Edition 2

Social Issues In Sport - 2nd Edition / Edition 2

by Ron Woods

Social Issues in Sport, Second Edition, is an outstanding introduction to the multifaceted roles of sport and physical activity in society and the perfect tool for examining sport from a critical perspective.

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Social Issues in Sport, Second Edition, is an outstanding introduction to the multifaceted roles of sport and physical activity in society and the perfect tool for examining sport from a critical perspective.

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Table of Contents

PART I. Studying Sport in Society

Chapter 1. What Is Sport and Why Do We Study It?

Sport Through the Ages

Definition of Sport

Study of Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 2. How Do We Study Sport?

Research Methods

Social Theories

Current Status of Sport Sociology

Chapter Summary

PART II. Scope and Effect of Sport on Society

Chapter 3. Participants Versus Spectators

Sport Participants

Factors Affecting Sport Participation

Trends in Sport Participation

Sport Spectators

Trends in Spectator Sports

Marketing to Participants and Spectators

Chapter Summary

Chapter 4. Business of Sport

Sport and the Economy

Ownership of Professional Sports

Sport As a Monopoly

Collegiate Sports As Moneymakers

Recreational Sport As a Business

Chapter Summary

Chapter 5. Media and Sport

Evolution of Sport Media

Interplay of Sport and Media

How Sport Affects the Media

Ideology of Sport Through the Media

Careers in Sport Media

Chapter Summary

PART III. Sport As an Institution

Chapter 6. Youth Sport

History of Youth Sport

Sponsors of Youth Sport

Current Status of Youth Sport

Organized Youth Sport

Why Kids Play Sport

Burnout in Youth Sport

Reforms for Youth Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 7. Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Sport

Interscholastic Sport

Collegiate Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 8. International Sport

Globalization of Modern Sport

American Influence on World Sport

Olympic Games

Effect of Media on the Globalization of Sport

Nationalism Versus Economics

Athletes and Coaches as Migrant Workers

Using Sports for Better World Understanding

Chapter Summary

Chapter 9. Olympic Movement

History of the Olympics

Effect of the Olympic Games

Nationalism and the Olympic Movement

United States Olympic Committee

Athlete Development

Chapter Summary

PART IV. Sport and Culture

Chapter 10. Sporting Behavior

Sporting Behavior at Different Levels of Sport

Youth Attitudes

Development of Moral Values

Moral Values Applied to Sport

Moral Values Taught Through Sport

Strategies for Good Sporting Behavior

Chapter Summary

Chapter 11. Race, Ethnicity, and Sport

Classifications of Race and Ethnicity

Sport Participation Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Sport and Promoting Equality

Minorities As Sport Leaders

Chapter Summary

Chapter 12. Women and Sport

Historical Role of Women

Women and Sport Before Title IX

Title IX

Women and Sport After Title IX

Social Issues in Women’s Sport

Global Status of Women in Sport

Barriers for Women in Sport

Golden Age of Sports Reborn

Chapter Summary

Chapter 13. Social Class and Sport

Social Classes

Social Class and Sport Activity

Control of Amateur and Professional Sport

Class Mobility in Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 14. Special Populations and Sport

Americans with Disabilities Act

American Association of People with Disabilities

Sport Participation for Athletes With Physical Disabilities

Sport Participation for Athletes With Mental Disabilities

Sport Participation for Older Athletes

Issues for Special Populations in Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 15. Religion and Sport

Religion and Sport in History

Christian Influence on Sport

Sport and Religions Other Than Christianity

Use of Religion by Athletes

Use of Religion by Coaches, Organizations, and Owners

Using Sport to Promote Religion

Using Sport to Promote Christian Colleges and Secondary Schools

Conflict Between Sport and Religion

Chapter Summary

Chapter 16. Politics and Sport

Government in Physical Activity and Health

Government in Sport

Government in Promoting Identity and Unity Among Citizens

Nationalism and Sport

Sport in Promoting Social Values

Politics Within Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 17. Development Through Sport

Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity

Distinct Benefits of Sport at Various Ages

Types of Education-Development Programs for Children and Youth

International Outreach through Sports

Peace Initiatives Through Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 18. Deviance and Sport

Rule Breaking

Emotion and Deviant Behavior

Violence in Sport

Performance Enhancement Through Drugs

Eating Disorders in Sport

Hazing in Sport

Gambling and Sport

Chapter Summary

Chapter 19. Coaching Sport

Influence of Coaches

Status of Coaching

Coaching at Different Levels of Sport

Coaching Personality

Challenges for the Future of Coaching

Chapter Summary

Chapter 20. Future Trends in Sport

Social Trends

Conflict Between Performance Sport and Participation Sport

Effects of Social Changes

Effects of Spectatorship

Effects of Technology

Effects of the Electronic Media

Will Sport Change?

Chapter Summary

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