Social Networking

Social Networking

by Kenneth Partridge

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VOYA - Stephanie Petruso
Social Networking is a collection of essays and news articles exploring both the opportunities and pitfalls of sharing our most personal of information in the Web 2.0 world. Chapters cover a wide range of topics, from social networking in the business arena to the prevalence of cyber-bullying among teens to predictions for the future of the medium. The essays, from 2009 and 2010, represent a moment in time in which Myspace is losing its luster, Facebook is king, Twitter is Facebook's only real competitor, and Foursquare is just beginning to turn heads. Social Networking is interesting and relevant to an information professional, but many of the articles read like conference presentations and will most likely lose the interest of a teen reader. Business acronyms like "ROI" and "CMO" are used without explanation, indicating that the original essays were not directed at a teen audience. If your library serves a school with a strong business program, this book may be worth the hefty price, but know that this information will be outdated almost as quickly you receive it. A quick search engine check verified that most of these articles are available for free in full text on the Internet, or can be accessed through readily available databases. Compiling essays about Web 2.0 from the Internet and publishing them in a reference book for the most Internet-savvy segment of our population seems to defy logic somehow. Reviewer: Stephanie Petruso

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