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Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students / Edition 4

Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students / Edition 4

by Cynthia L. Garthwait

ISBN-10: 0205501796

ISBN-13: 9780205501793

Pub. Date: 12/25/2006

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

The Social Work Practicum offers a unique workbook format designed to facilitate the integration of social work theory and practice during field work.


The Social Work Practicum offers a unique workbook format designed to facilitate the integration of social work theory and practice during field work.

Product Details

Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date:
Pearson Custom Social Work Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
8.30(w) x 10.84(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword   David Schantz     xi
Preface     xiii
The Purpose of a Practicum     1
Background and Context     1
How to Use This Book     2
How the Chapters Are Structured     2
Practicum-Related Strengths: A Workbook Activity     4
How Do We Learn? A Workbook Activity     8
Suggested Learning Activities     10
Additional Suggestions and Hints     10
Selected Bibliography     10
School, Agency, and Student Expectations     11
Goals for Learning     11
Background and Context     11
Guidance and Direction     14
Clarifying Expectations: A Workbook Activity     17
Suggested Learning Activities     19
Additional Suggestions and Hints     19
Selected Bibliography     19
Planning to Learn     21
Goals for Learning     21
Background and Context     21
Preparing a Plan for Learning     22
The Generalist Perspective and the Plan for Learning     24
Guidance and Direction     25
Planning to Learn: A Workbook Activity     29
Suggested Learning Activities     31
Additional Suggestions and Hints     31
Selected Bibliography     31
Getting Started     33
Goals for Learning     33
Background and Context     33
Guidance and Direction     35
Basic Information about Your Practicum: A Workbook Activity     39
Suggested Learning Activities     42
Additional Suggestions and Hints     42
Selected Bibliography     42
Learning from Supervision     43
Goals for Learning     43
Background and Context     43
Guidance and Direction     46
Using Supervision for Learning: A Workbook Activity     50
Suggested Learning Activities     54
Additional Suggestions and Hints     54
Selected Bibliography     54
Personal Safety     55
Goals for Learning     55
Background and Context     55
Guidance and Direction     57
Reducing the Risk of Harm: A Workbook Activity     62
Suggested Learning Activities     65
Additional Suggestions and Hints     65
Selected Bibliography     65
Communication      67
Goals for Learning     67
Background and Context     68
Guidance and Direction     71
Developing Communication Skills: A Workbook Activity     74
Suggested Learning Activities     78
Additional Suggestions and Hints     78
Selected Bibliography     78
The Agency Context of Practice     79
Goals for Learning     79
Background and Context     79
Guidance and Direction     84
Agency Analysis: A Workbook Activity     86
Suggested Learning Activities     93
Additional Suggestions and Hints     93
Selected Bibliography     94
The Community Context of Practice     95
Goals for Learning     95
Background and Context     96
Guidance and Direction     97
Beginning a Community Analysis: A Workbook Activity     101
Suggested Learning Activities     109
Additional Suggestions and Hints     109
Selected Bibliography     109
The Social Problem Context of Practice     111
Goals for Learning     111
Background and Context     112
Guidance and Direction      113
The Problems and Needs Addressed by Your Agency: A Workbook Activity     117
Suggested Learning Activities     122
Additional Suggestions and Hints     122
Selected Bibliography     123
The Social Policy Context of Practice     125
Goals for Learning     125
Background and Context     125
Guidance and Direction     128
Social Policy Analysis: A Workbook Activity     132
Suggested Learning Activities     136
Additional Suggestions and Hints     136
Selected Bibliography     137
Diversity     139
Goals for Learning     139
Background and Context     139
Guidance and Direction     143
Identity and Self-Awareness: A Workbook Activity     147
Cultural Awareness in Your Agency: A Workbook Activity     150
Diversity in Client Behavior: Situations to Discuss     154
Suggested Learning Activities     161
Additional Suggestions and Hints     161
Selected Bibliography     162
Professional Social Work     163
Goals for Learning     163
Background and Context     163
Guidance and Direction      168
The Image and Impact of Social Work: A Workbook Activity     173
Suggested Learning Activities     178
Additional Suggestions and Hints     178
Selected Bibliography     178
Social Work Ethics     179
Goals for Learning     179
Background and Context     179
Guidance and Direction     182
Values, Ethics, and Your Practicum: A Workbook Activity     185
Suggested Learning Activities     189
Additional Suggestions and Hints     189
Selected Bibliography     189
Legal Concerns     191
Goals for Learning     191
Background and Context     191
Guidance and Direction     194
Legal Issues and Concerns: A Workbook Activity     197
Suggested Learning Activities     202
Additional Suggestions and Hints     202
Selected Bibliography     202
Social Work Practice as Planned Change     203
Goals for Learning     203
Background and Context     203
Guidance and Direction     207
Social Work as Planned Change: A Workbook Activity     212
Suggested Learning Activities      214
Additional Suggestions and Hints     214
Selected Bibliography     214
Evaluating Practice     215
Goals for Learning     215
Background and Context     215
Guidance and Direction     219
Examining Your Performance in the Practicum: A Workbook Activity     222
Suggested Learning Activities     230
Additional Suggestions and Hints     230
Selected Bibliography     230
Merging Self and Profession     231
Goals for Learning     231
Background and Context     232
Guidance and Direction     233
Merging Self and Profession: A Workbook Activity     236
Suggested Learning Activities     238
Additional Suggestions and Hints     238
Selected Bibliography     238
Leadership and Social Justice     239
Becoming the Social Worker You Want to Be     239
Becoming a Leader and a Seeker of Social Justice     242
Becoming the Person You Want to Be     247
Suggested Learning Activities     249
Selected Bibliography     249
Sample Learning Agreement     251

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